Saturday, October 07, 2006

Oh Goodness...........

Well golly gosh! Yuppers, that little DK running around killing the dumbest things in Lineage has been ME! In Yoda talk, "Busted, I am." lol!

Sup fools!

I'm back for awhile - why? Because I was reading the boards and someone was talking about the upcoming Halloween event. That did it in for me - I was coming back FOR THAT EVENT! For those of you that weren't here two years ago, the upcoming event is to mirror THAT event from 2004 - that event was FUCKING AWESOME! Destroy dropped like crazy then and overall, it was an awesome event - 100's of zells, SUPER rare gear and weps - by far one of the best events EVER! There, I gave you a heads up - so let's talk about ME - ME - ME! It's all about ME!

This is what happens when I come back to the game - EVERYTIME!

Actually, I come back to game and in about 2 hours, I'm immediately scolded..........

Yuppers, Tracy, Imma updating RIGHT NOW!

Was very curious about the LOA ruleset - I played a little bit, but not that much of LOA because I could not handle global - I enjoy reading the mindless banter and lack of grammar on Dep and could not tolerate LOA.

One of the first minor bosses I hit up was Revenant. He's found in the Girin Dungeons, 3rd floor - pretty neat mini-boss, doesn't really hurt, and can drop ok -

Revenant dropped more, but I'm too lazy to post it.

Oh, before I go a little further, here below is a shout out to a good Lineage Buddy - Firebug01!!!

Congrats on DK! Only took you 3 years!!!!!! Way to go - and dial up is the ROXORS!

The boss below is my favorite - she's actually a mini boss and read below for a hint; this chick drops lines and lines - granted, most of it is not really worth your time, she's fun to find on occassion. I was down there looking for an Orcish Bume Smache drop, but ran into her - she's relatively easy and drops a lot of junk BUT...................

A quick warning to knights that hit her up - she casts weapon break and apparently I've been out of touch because I was unaware how much damage weapon break does now - I was hitting and hitting her thinking she should have ended , but I opened my menu and took a look at my weap - her wep break had done 9 damage - OUCH!

Oh, and out of curiosity, I wanted to check for RDS' - LOL!

Got a little bored and had to get my little noob elve's exp back up so I took the kids out and went hunting - nice little drop.....haven't gotten a set of these in a long time.......

Ok, check it - so I heard about the new weps from LOA, like Paagrio's Hatred, Maphr's Retribution, and the Orcish Bume I wanted them all! I had most of the material to make both, but I still needed some main ingredients, like Thors Hammer and metals and stuff - follow along here cuz the next set of screen shots tell a little story.

Ok, so I get on the mage after spending a week trying to get a Thors Hammer drop - good god that thing would NOT drop and it was too expensive for me to buy, so I let my mage try - I went to the Giants area and did some mass killing.......and finally I got.........

I saved myself several millions of adena, so I thought that was awesome. Well, as I'm doing mass kills, my summons had the Hammer on them, but I had no idea. I ended up venzing pretty damn quick and releasing my summons, which gave me Hammer - but I venzed quickly because while doing some mass kills, I found...........

Called pledgemate Styler and although Ancient Giant was tough, it was super hard because the ton of giants we had to get rid of before we could focus on AG - was great 2 on 1'ing - brilliant actually because we had a game plan - we took turns; one would hit AG, while the other would hit and end the roaming giants, then when hp ran low, would run back in TOI and the other would hit AG, while the person that ran in TOI would come back out and hit up the roaming giants - we did this for about 3 minutes and it worked - we cleared all the giants and worked on AG. Drop wasn't great - but the challenge is always fun!

I spent the next two days hunting metals and green dragon scales - I had everything else already. I FINALLY GOT THE DAMN METALS.......and with that said............headed down to DVC 6 for this.............

This thing is my new FAVORITE WEAPON. Holy cow - yes, it's two-handed, but for a knight, it nearly mimic's DE's hit rate AND damage - in addition to casting something similar to Earthquake, and doing twice damage. I tested this out in FV and was killing mops like there was no tomorrow with 3 to 4 hits - bam bam bam. I did some damage testing with Styler and there were some random damage hits of 100 HP! As my girlfriend Paris Hiltion would say, "That's hot." And yes, I know Paris is a ho. Dun tell me about it.

Finally, thanks to Willowmyst for hooking me up with the last little bit of metals - metals are not hard to get, but like irons, a little annoying! Thanks Willow!!
Ciao! Wicked "Your mom is my Retribution!" Liquids (that made NO sense - whatever, deal with it)