Sunday, December 25, 2005

Thursday, December 22, 2005

My Year End Post!!!!

Sup boys 'n girls? Been busy? Yeah, well so the hell have I, so wah wah wah whatevah! Here's my post - it's a mix of pretty much everything you can think of and I'm known for - kick back, grab a beer and a boob (preferably NOT yours and NOT your mom's - in other words, a GIRL - know what I mean? No? Didn't think so muwahahahahahahahhahaha!). Let's begin!

I'm going home to Texas for a week, so I really won't have any computer access. Unlike most of you all, I have manual labor set up for me to perform when I get home (mowing the lawn and chopping down various parts of a freaking tree!). I'm actually going to attend the CES Show (The Consumer Electronics Show) where the rest of nerds gather other than for the G4 Show, once I get back, but more on that later. By the way, if any of you guys are going to the CES and wanna hang for a bit (I'll limited time) give me a holler and we meet up. There's another part to this post I'll get to below (look for the Sprint picture)

See that??!! SEE THAT??!! Boobies and cowgirl hats. Life is gooooooooooooooooood!

Sorry for the lack of puppies and shit. So you'll see them randomly on this post!Ok, back to the CES show. If you want to hang, I think Hansolo is the only person I can think of that's going - holler at me - email me or you can text message me - but in order for that to happen, you need to call me right? RIGHT? Well I sure as hell am not going to leave my number here, so email me and I'll mail you my number and by the way, I screen my calls, so all you dudes pretending to be girls, go die!

Ahhhh, here's the fun part of my post. PAY ATTENTION!!! Obviously I'll be gone, but the Sprint logo above is important - ya see, although I have a decent phone, it's got a pretty shitty camera. So anyway, blogger has this set up where I can take pics and DIRECTLY send them to my blog. So guess what? Yuppers - beginning this Saturday, I'll be sending pics directly to my blog - and you all can consider that shit my posts while I'm gone. The whole time I'll be sending pics so you all have to pay attention. You can see some of the real life shit going on. On top of that, I'll be taking pics while in Vegas for the CES as well, so literally, for 2 weeks, you guys are going to get to follow me along on my adventures - of coffee, boobies, slots, boobies, bikes, and boooo........books! Suckahs! You thought I was going to say boobies again didn't you? hahahaha!

So play along, check the blog, and you'll be able to see direct pics of what's going on with me - I CAN add messages, but damn it, hitting the "4" button down 8 billion times to spell the word "hi" is too fucking tedious, so I may not be posting the pics with text. Besides, you all come here to look at the damn pictures. Hmmmmmm, maybe I would have passed more of my classes if I didn't do the same shit with my textbooks......................

Yah, so now I'm kinda addicted to Netflix - I took Nordians advice about the scariest movies ever and have the Audition coming. We'll see.........

I saw this shit in the theaters. It's Lord of the Rings for kids. Seriously. And those english accents started getting on my nerves by the beginning of the 2nd hour -.-

Lineage!!!!!! I went on Gameabout to check shit out for you guys - seriously, nothing special - just watch out for the lesser dragons - the breath attack on them has been slightly increased, so all you mages with blizz, run for cover (the attack has been adjusted for MR as well, so careful!)

I have NO idea why I have this picture. But for some reason, I rather like it :)

Oh yah, I typed in the word "busy" to start off my post, but ended up with this chick instead. I'll take the chick. :) If I can think of anymore before I head on back to Houston, I'll post, but I think that's it.

Oh yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gaming. Ain't doing none at the moment. I do have a question though - have any of you gotten the Xbox 360 yet? Is it as glitchy as they say? You guys gotta fill me in on this shit damn it! So stop staring at your mom's bras and beating off and stop and comment something for me.


haha! <---- that's the "Nelson Laugh" from the Simpsons :)

Ciao! Wicked "I'm totally gonna hit it" Liquids

Thursday, December 15, 2005

WTH?!! Why is Brad Pitt on my blog??!!

What the hell?? Why is Brad Pitt on my blog?? Who the hell DID this? haha! This portion of the post is for the ladies! Ya see, I happen to like Mr. Pitt - cuz he's a straight PIMP - PIMP #1 I think. So anyway, I was surfing around and I found this hella cool video clip made by the Jackass guys - and I can't believe he went along with it. What was it? He gets abducted! haha - this is a great clip. I dunno about you guys, but if I was in line on evening just minding my business and Brad Pitt stands next to me and gets kidnapped...........

Brad Pitt Abduction!

Haven't done this in a while - so here I go - a pretty good girl fight compilation (NSFW) - there's no sound, but who cares!

Girl fight girl fight! (I thought I saw boobies!)

Ciao! Wicked "is it Christmas yet?" Liquids

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ice Queen Staff

I checked out Gameabout really quick and only found this worth mentioning - I forgot how to take a screenshot (I called Lindsey, but as usual, she won't pick up her phone -.-) because there's a damage chart showing the critical hits I wanted to post as well. Anyway, the damage test is being done on a +7 Ice Queen Staff. Now, I don't know about you guys, but this thing must be a hella hard drop - it freaking made Gameabout news - so you can just IMAGINE how hard it is going to be to get in the US - what? Maybe 3 in game EVER? Bah - who knows.

Anyways, damage test was done on a level 55 player with -72 AC and 100% MR - max crit damage using COC was 151 hp. Lowest crit damage was 108 hp. Ow. COC if I recall hurts already, especially if you have a group of mages smacking you at one time. I can gather this will cause many people to go red - 151 is not bad using COC :)

Ciao! Wicked "Did DK sword drop yet? hahahaha!" Liquids

He wrote a childrens book and that made everything Ok........

I won't comment about this but this one time; I had to after reading the discussion board. The guy above is Tookie. Tookie something or rather. He was sentenced to death and was injected this morning at 12:01 AM. He was convicted of killing 3+ people. He is the former leader of the "Crips" gang out of LA.

I rarely discuss my political views here - you all know this - and I'm not going to get heavy about on my blog because - well - why should I?

This motherfucker killed several people, led OTHER people to kill, incited violence, drug abuse, and god knows what else, and because of his preaching about non-violence after spending time in prison, people felt that he should have lived.

I guess we should all hope Osama doesn't write a fucking children's book one day, huh? I can see the title of the book, "How to put a Jihad on your 4 year old neighbor Timmy."

I recall watching news footage awhile back ago in which a family in a minivan drove down the wrong street and because of that very reason, a bunch of gang members shot and killed everyone in that van. They just made a wrong turn. That's all.

This is not a race issue, nor is it a believe or don't believe in the death penalty issue. It's my commentary on the belief of one man thinking he could save people by preaching and writing a few books. It's a sad sad sad fact that he had to go and kill several people and incite others to do so to get to that point. I think some may consider it "a little too little and a little too late."

Yeah yeah yeah, there are many counter-points and arguments that are debatable here - hell, who WANTS to see people dead - not me.

This guy was defiant to the end - saying that he never shot the old couple at the motel awhile back. Aight Tookie, I'll give you that man. And I'll give you the fact that you never incited violence, raped anyone, sold drugs to children and got them hooked on it, never made an attempt to stop gang violence, perpetuated a lifestyle that got 1000's killed, never stole a car, never robbed or mugged anyone, and never beat anyone senseless because their favorite color was green.

But it really isn't in my hands, now is it?

Ciao! Wicked "for my last meal, I would like Taco Bell" Liquids

Xena!!!!!!!! Yeah...that Lawless chick is hot......

Chicks in leather, knee high boots, mid-riffs showing, kissing other girls...if they just had a beer with ESPN running in the background.............

Ciao! Wicked "Loves Xena" Liquids

Sunday, December 11, 2005


I went riding yesterday with a friend. I dropped the bike. TWICE.

But DAMN that shit was fun. I now need to replace the side view mirror and the turn signal. Was embarrassing as hell, but SO MUCH FUN HAHAHAHA!

I got road rash on my left knee and the side of my calf - I had gear on :)

Aight, more on that later -.-

Ciao! Wicked "I got dropped this time -.-" Liquids

Friday, December 09, 2005

Yeah, it's the weekend :)

No, my weekend has not started yet, but it will sooner or later. I wanted to make this quick post then off I go :)

First off, I would like to reiterate for the 1000th time how much Cali drives are the suxors. Some idiot, which at the time I could not discern whether it was a man or woman, of a driver was in the next lane to me this morning. Well, this behemouth of an individual - I say behemouth because the driver side of the car was sagging (I'm not kidding folks) - was on the phone chatting away and decides to drive into my lane and slow down. Well, to top that off, he/she/it/grease-stain/nastiness/hasn't showered in 3 years of a mess decides to get on the phone on another call, then roll down the window and hock a big one out. Well by this time I'm utterly disgusted and proceed to go around her/him/large slug, what-have-you, and cut him back off. I'm telling, totally GROSS!

How you like 'dem apples?

Everyone go to Lindsey's site and post where you live cuz she wants to stalk you. And I'm sure none of you are going to complain about that, now are you? Tools. Haha!

Yah know, I had more stuff I needed to write but for the life of me, can't remember. Oh well, my loss is your agony, right?

hehehe - naw, I got a little time today so if I remember the crap that I need to, I'll post.

Ciao! Wicked "You got a twinkie stuck in that 3rd fat-roll down from the top of your left armpit - I dare you to eat it" Liquids

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

OMG haha I just saw Lindsey's post below mine..

...totally wasn't expecting it there and it scared me when I scrolled down (yuppers, blogs can be SCURRY). I was SO scared I think I peed my pants.

Either that or it's Kool-Aid.

Ciao! Wicked "I miss me too" Liquids

OMG he's....he's.... ALIVEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Yup I'm alive. Been busy illegally downloading movies and music and shit off the net - it's taken most of my time. JUST KIDDING! However, I been HELLA busy at work and haven't been able to update - till NOW!

Aight, so I looked at a few blogs and it don't seem like much has changed and pretty much everyone is bored as I am. No fantastic "Post-Thanksgiving" posts. Meh.

So what ya'll been up to? What? Me? Oooooooooh yah, it's all about ME right? RIGHT? Did I hear someone just think "no?' (yes you read that right - I can HEAR people think - it's the damn California water. Lovely, no?).

Anyway, yah, I crawl my ass outta bed in the morning and if I'm lucky, 9 hours later I get to go home. Do I sleep? Nope, got even more shit to do when I get home. I'm not going to go into details other than it's gonna be hella boring and who the hell wants to read that shit.

Now, this time last year, I had my mega Christmas post - remember that horrendous, monstrosity of blogging from last year? Freaking 30-some odd posts. I dunno - you all can go back to that. Well.... WELLLLLLL... I'm hoping for a big post along those lines this year; yes, I'm going back to Texas, where all my ex's live, for Christmas :) Incidentally, go HORNS - fuck USC up those steroid pumping thugs from da hood - anyone know how much they pay their players there? I bet lots. Most of the guys out here in Cali are metro-sexuals - you know, wanna-be gay dudes that just quite haven't made it there. You're telling ME that SoCal produces the number 1 college football team in the US with THESE "saddle-bag on the outside/Gucci on the inside" sissy-boys?


Let's move on:

I went on Gameabout, yet again to feed you info about "THE GAME THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED" and I found nothing. Nothing spectular. Oooooh - look around on my links and you'll see a post from one of my fellow bloggers about the players in China that have some pretty damn decent hacks.

Yo NC, good luck busting all 8 billion of THOSE players over there HAHAHAHAHAHA! Suckas!

As you saw on my chat box, I'll be going to the CES show - I'm serious - any of you tools going? You BETTER holler at me so we can at least meet and eat a $10 fucking hot-dog. I swear if I see an NC booth there...................................

As you all can see, Orchestra is posting here and he should have pics from Episode 4 up soon, so check back often - if I understand correctly, he plays test quite a bit, so you guys who don't want to spend the time opening your own test account can check here for those screenies.

Aight, I'm done. For now. Trust me, I'm saving up those damn posts for the mega post to keep you all busy - and a few of my posts will keep your right hand busy - assuming you are right handed, then it'll be left hand busy. Whatever. Go download your own damn porn then. Leave my shit alone - cuz it's GOLD!!!

Ciao! Wicked "I'd hit you" Liquids
I've just got one thing to say and i think i can speak for everyone when i say........

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What's Up?

Hey all, what's goin on? I hit 45 today and did my quest.. This guy in my bp died all three times for me o.o ... We had a fight with some 52+ guy on FV Beach sunday, I'll post some pictures If i could ever figure them out. Started saving for ASword... I'm back to 15k now :/ Oh well, I'll get it sooner or later....


Friday, December 02, 2005

Yo o.o

Hey everyone. I'm Orchestra, a lvl 36 royal on test server. Wicked gave me posting ability a while ago, but I've been sick >< Just wanted to pop in for a minute. I'll show some epi 4 stuff in a little while, once i find out how pictures work and all that.


Saturday, November 26, 2005


haha! Are YOUR users STUPID? LMFAO!

Sigh...ok, so anyway, I'm trying out a ton of new games, cool right? No, not cool. I am concurrently downloading 2 games - the original number was 8. So why the difference? Because some fucking assholes out there are using MY name. How dare they??!!! Those mutherfuckers.........rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Be original and pick your own damn name.....idiots.......

Ciao! Wicked "me me me me me" Liquids

Friday, November 25, 2005

Fudge....sigh....does Lineage EVER stop??!!! Ever??!! Sigh.............

Well hello again! Still here I see. Fine, I might as well make it worthwhile for you -.-

I was reading some blogs today and ran across RiffRaff's site - she posted the publish update from NC back on November 11th - it was for the test server and it has Episode 4 material. So if you all recall the timeframe that NC US releases their shit, you can expect the update to come in January or February of next year.

So what's the point of my post? This:

*Re-enabled Valakas (non-death match version); updated dragon lairs, strengthened, and added new abilities for Antharas, Fafuron, and Valakas (non-death match version).

Yeah yeah yeah, the rest of the shit is there too, the new areas, new maps, re-adjusted shit of this and that, new drops, new camping grounds, new places for the bots to hide.

But the dragons are BACK (they say that they were always there, just a rare-spawn - I'm assuming that they mis-worded that and got that confused with NC customer support). Anyway, one of the biggest ORIGINAL draws to the game is being put back in and that shit makes me as excited as a giddy little school girl, know what I mean? Sigh....should I open my account for one more month? We'll just have to wait and see about that.........

Anyway, you can go to RiffRaff's site (off to the right) or the the NC site - go to Riff's site - the font is bigger and way prettier than the mundane Lineage site.

Oh, and I also took a peek at Fieldsofloves site - he mentions the movie for Episode 4 - which is linked via the Japanese Lineage site. OMG the freaking Japanese Lineage site ROCKS - it's the prettiest Lineage site EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hell, now that I think about it, the Flash based Sesame Street site is hella sharper than the Lineage site. Now that's just sad.

Ciao! Wicked "Yes, I've been to the Sesame Street site -.-" Liquids

Here's something for you all to chew on.....

Ahhhh, some more Lineage news for your newbs! I'm sorry if I taint my news with, um, my style, or as I like to say, MY SHIT, but I'm sure you'll get over it. So, shall we being (not to worry, it's not long and it gets right to the damn point!). Pic above and below - the new maps for the Dragon Valley caves when it gets altered on the next episode - click on the pic to enlarge and then save it to your hard drive so you'll have something to reference later - yes, this means moving all your fucking porn so you can make room for Lineage. BUSTED!

I had to cut and paste this shit, so you better like it and if you don't, you can just go die. I don't mind. Really. Go for it. Here are some of our counterparts in Korean showing off their shit - starting from top, then left to right:

Two-handed bullshit, Great Sword +5 (wooooo WTF-ever), +9 Sayha, +7 Gold Dagger, +11 Rapier (neat-o), and my favorite, +10 Deathblade.

See? Nothing special. Just something to stare at :)

Next up? Hmmmmmmmmm......

Oh yah!! muwahahahahaha

Damn, that chick in the very top pic must be in pain - a straight shot right into her boobie :(

Well now, since I have ya'lls undivided attention, remember a few posts ago (ok, a LOT of posts ago) I had mentioned to you all that I had found the MECA of fight sites with all the fighting you can possible shake a finger at and not have it bitten off by your mom?



Here ya go kiddies - enjoy it - it's called COME GET YOU SOME!

Scroll down and enjoy the whup-ass! When I initially found the site, I sat for a good 2 hours watching almost every fight they had on there - and it's where I got most of my fights :)

Also, check out the pimp links on the right - I've updated them and....AND...I'm doing this for you guys ONLY ~~ I've pulled a few sites from my secret stash! Ok, they're not MY sites, but ones that I would use quite often to entertain you all. But now you can go entertain yourselves. Which I know you all do. Using Lubriderm. And for you rich guys, Lubriderm with Aloe. Don't lie.

Ciao! Wicked "You know you'd hit it" Liquids