Monday, August 28, 2006


Sup? What you guys doing? Slacking off?

Many questions, etc. etc, and because my boss is away, I being the mouse, shall play. Don't ask me what that means, only that I'm doing this cuz I'm bored and my boss is gone and he's not here to micro-manage me or harass me, so here I go!!!!

Oh, before I begin, I heard a whisper about some kind of server merge - what the hell is that all about? I read about it for a long time back in the day, but now I hear it's actually going to go through - or something along those lines. Anyone care to enlighten me? Granted I don't really care, but I like to hear about it every so often. So someone fill me in. In the meantime, here are some shots for you to take a look at.

First up - this bad ass boss. You can see his stats below - he's pretty creepy looking - reminds me of DK's stats, but more MP - I guess we'll find out about him on the US servers soon enough.

And yeah, he's got 2 heads lol - I know I said he reminds me of DK, but I was referring to his stats. He actually reminds me of Pumpkin Head - you know, that freakish monster from the movie. Speaking of Pumpkin Head, anyone want to take a wild guess as to what Wicked's favorite holiday is coming up? Anyone?

The new mops and the bosses - there stats and the pwnage to come!

I found a page on Gameabout with the new mops - MUCH too many to list here, so I took a ss - sorry, too lazy to present it nicer - look below the pic - I put a link so you all can go take a look.

The mops look awesome - many regular mops, but closer towards boss level stats - TOI and the Underground Dungeon are about to get MUCH worse - correction - more of a challenge. The mops are going to be much like upper level TOI mops - item of note - LOOK AT THE MP - these bastards are going to tear through knights like there's no tomorrow. If you had MR before, I strongly recommend you beef up a few notches. Don't believe me? When you go to church, you want to go for a wedding, not a $500K buy-back, ya dig?

Mops at yo' momma's house!!! Click me you bitches!

I'm gonna go play some Wolfenstein and War Rock - I'm out!

Ciao! Wicked "I still can't pronounce 'pwn' correctly, but you're mom can" Liquids

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Um..........I have a reason to live now.............I really really do.......


Hell fucking YAH!!! No more baseball crap, no Olympics (thank God), X-games are fun, but everytime I see an X-Game, I think of those Mountain Dew Extreme guys and I hate those fuckers, so FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL!!! NFL, College Ball (HOOK'EM HORNS!!).

As the pic below implies (biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig sigh...........) God bless football..............

Ciao! Wicked "Move your mom over, football season is hereeeeeeeee!" Liquids

Monday, August 14, 2006

Woof Woof, Muthapucka's!!!!!!! ( I spelled it like that on purpose cuz I'm trying to cut back on the swearing, which is just bullshit).

So, Lineage is out of the way again, at least for the most part, so I've been trying to keep myself pre-occupied. I even thought about buying an Xbox 360, till I saw even more pics of the PS3, so I said, "screw that." I was bored. Still am. Not as much though :P And yes, this is somewhat related to Lineage, so pay attention!

Being a bachelor, one must do laundry for themselves; I don't live at home and my mom hasn't done my laundry in years, so I do my own shit. While I'm waiting, I have the itching to watch war movies - total blast'em, shoot'em, whup'em GUY movies - so I put in Saving Private Ryan, Enemy at the Gates, and Black Hawk Down into my DVD player. And I think to myself, "Ya know, I want to play a game that I haven't played in ages...........WOLFENSTEIN!" Hell yah!

I go to and download this beast - sucker got big! So I start playing..............

Fun fun fun! Whole new maps, quick gameplay, hundreds of servers....................

I just play to play - it really is fun. So here's the Lineage part.

Anyone can host a server to play this thing and I was thinking about hosting a server for JUST Lineage players! And this way, you fools that are fighting can fight in Wolfenstein and not worry about leveling up, or down, dropping gear, having gear blow up, bots, etc etc. If you want to play, just lemme know and I'll start up a server.

This game doesn't require passwords or a login - start it up, type in the name you want to be, and have at it - it's that simple.

Aight, I'm out!

Ciao! Wicked "Panzer shrek your mom" Liquids

Sunday, August 13, 2006

MeGa LIneaGe UpDaTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And quite possibly something with your mom. If you are offended, please stop reading.

I like you guys. Really, I do. I like MOST of you....but not all of you. Some of you, I loathe. I mean, it's a hatred that's quite possibly on the biblical level. Ok, not that much. But if I ever see you, I'll beat your ass down - I don't talk shit - I'll just walk up and put a whup-ass on you.

LOL! Or beat your MOM!!! Fuckah's!!!!!! haha! Ok, here we go!

Pretty damn good Lineage update - I'm doing laundry right now and just bored out of my mind, so since it's a Sunday afternoon and I'm just kicking it, I've done this post for the people I like!

Cuz I roll like that - mira papi! ---------->

Below below - two new pets for the next Episode and their evolution pics. The Jinto is cool - I like Jinto's anyway - but LOVE the Tiger - I'm all about that!

What's so great about this screenshot? Um.....take a look at the open screen on the left - see something strange? See it? Seeeeeeeeeeee it?? Not 1, not 2, but THREE extra slots!!!!!

Next up - take a look at the new morph - the guy in red - looks JUST like the Assassin morph - the difference is that he's got a red cape and I was watching the GIF on Gameabout and he swings MUCH faster than the assassin morph - and he looks pretty sharp cuz the blade is lit up.

Sorry about this next one as I'm sure it'll pain you all that I can't find anymore info on it - try to blow up the pic below if you can - NEW WEAPONS AND GEAR! I may have completely missed it on Gameabout, but they're there - at the bottom of the pic you'll see a row of the new stuff being released.

Personally, I think Episode 5 will have HUGE improvements for gameplay that players have been wating for quite sometime. Once I get more info on the gear below, I'll post it.

Simple siege pic. I wanted to post this because, well, I don't know if you all remember, way back in the baby days of this blog, I use to post a ton of pics of massive sieges and these pics show those sieges have evolved. Still a large number of people attending sieges, but the major difference is that the players are MUCH higher level, in addition to have all the new gear and spells and advancements - definitely makes sieges much more fun and much more challenging.

*ahem, ahem* Something's funny about this guys summons.......hmmmmmm.... I wonder what it could be........

Nice bowgun. Stats aren't that all great, but nice :)

Aight guys, I'm out - I WILL post more as it comes!

Ciao! Wicked "I wish your mom was here to do my laundry" Liquids

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I HaVe DeCideD tO BecOme A CagE FIGhtEr!!

I woke up this morning with amazing clarity that I wanted to become a cage fighter. Not just ANY cage fighter, but a UFC cage fighter. But not JUST a UFC cage fighter, but a UFC DEATH KNIGHT CAGE FIGHTER!!! Hellllllllllllllllllllll yah! That's what I'm talking about! I was going to train, lift MORE weights than I do now (which consists of a 12 oz bottle of Corona), get into hella good pre-governor Schwarzenegger shape (first Terminator) and whup some MAJOR ass!

Then a few hours later, this happened:

I got the WORST fucking papercut - duuuuuuuuuuuuuude..........that shit HURTS!

And thus, my dreams of being a hella awesome UFC Death Knight Cage Fighter, came to an abrupt end.



Wicked "I can kick your mom's ass" Liquids