Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Nerf test as done by GideonsCross

A kindly elf has opted to help with my nerf test - GideonsCross. His link can be found to the right. His test is fairly impressive and very thorough. I strongly recommend you guys check out both sites and both tests and make your own evaluations.

Using Gideon's results and then Tainted.......arg..........knights get shafted big time. Using my results, I would have to hunt 3 times to garner what an elf or mage can make in ONE hunt.

Knights, dark elves, and princes not only ride the short bus, we ride in the VERY back.

Oh well, what can I do? Maybe I should put my focus into making the perfect bloody mary.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Dear NC Soft, Did I....

DK END. Posted by Hello

Did I PISS YOU PEOPLE OFF? No, really, this is a legit question. None of my items ever overchants but once a year and my drops have been...well, to put it nicely, pretty %&@$%^ bad. 12 Mgems? 12 Mgems??!! That's it??!! 12 Mgems??!!!!!! I am so sorry, I did not mean to upset you people. But don't worry. After these drops and nerfs, I have every intention to piss you people off even more. So hey, don't worry, keep giving me shit-ass drops. And I'll continue to wreak havoc on you people. Objective criticism? Yah, &$%@$% right. Subjective all the way.

Bored again and out of all my infinite boss checking, I run into Zenith Queen. That was a b-dai. By the way, when I check TOI bosses, I don't run all the way through those Giants, then up to ZQ - come on kids, use your heads. I start at 11th floor, then go up, up, up. When I'm done checking the upper floors, I just restart and end up at the bottom of TOI. So FYI - stop running through those Giants already, k? hehehehe - have a good day! Posted by Hello

If you feelin' like a pimp, go on brush yo' shoulders off....

P I M P Posted by Hello

Mage test as done by Tainted from...

Mage test as done by Tainted from Classic Lineage Pledge - the link can be found to the right. He made double what I did in 2 SHORTENED hunts due to Ifrit than I did in 3 total hunts in FV.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Dark Elf Test

Dark Elf Test Posted by Hello

As stated in my previous post, here is my results for the Dark Elf hunting grounds test.

But before I start, let me apologize for temporarily turning this blog into a crude Lineage economics class. But the only way to prove something is test test test.

Parameters: I only hit up the following mops: Dark Elves, Werewolves, Arachnevils, Arachnevil Elders, 1 dire wolf. I took 250 red potions, 10 braves, 2 ghastes, and 30 twigs.


Made $8,080 - $8,140(230 red pots used) - $8,000(braves used) - $3,000(ghastes used) =
-$11,060 lost money.

I lost money, big time. As you can see, I only used 230 reds, not all 250 - I kept running around looking for mops, but could not find any. Also, I kept items I would normally have discarded, like wooden shields and studded leather armors. The only item I did discard was an Elven Bow as I am sure it would be near impossible to sell and stores do not purchase them.

So in conclusion, even in easier spots, using DK morph, with decent AC, you STILL can't make money.

There is one more test I could run but it would be a near joke - same potions, but different area = I could go back to the beginning - Silver Knight Town. But by doing so, I would feel incredibly insulted. A straight smack in the face from NC. So no, I won't be doing that test.

Again, these last few tests I have done have been in prespective of a knight. Tainted (link can be found to the right - Classic Lineage) has been kind enough to offer to do the FV and DV portion of the test as he is a mage. I look forward to his results very much. In the meantime, is there an elf out there that would be willing to give it a shot? The parameters would be changed and the elf would have to be a water elf. Please whisper me or letter me in-game and we can set something up.

And NC, when you read this blog Monday morning, no, I do not want to start a new character only to have that character created solely to feed my knight. If I ever need to do that, then I would have never started the Knight to begin with.

Have a great week Lin players! Good drops to you guys!

Shout out to CR0W! Thanks for the props yo! Posted by Hello

An extremely interesting...

An extremely interesting question was asked to me by a player and I would like to share that question. He had read my blog and took note of my nerf test using the various potions. He asked the following(round about manner):

"If all the areas have been nerfed, then wouldn't it be impossible to make money anywhere?"

That question struck me in particular, because my answer is "yes." But how do I know that for a fact? Well, I don't. And with that said, I am going to partake in another test. And I look very
forward to the results.

They took the money drops out of TOI and decreased overall drop in the game - you and I both know this. But what about the other areas? You guys have seen my screenshots and know that I bounce around all over Aden.

So here's my test - I'm going to take 10 braves, 250 reds, and 2 ghaste pots and go hunt the Dark Elf area east of Girin. As before, I'll deposit all my money into storage, so when I get there, I'll have no money.

Now, I know most of you are thinking, "Oh, he'll lose money for sure." I don't doubt that at all. That's not going to be my point. What I am going to try to do is prove my theory that if all drops have been nerfed, then there is no theortical way to make money as a knight except in FV, and even there, it's not guaranteed.

I'll post shortly. I need to shave first. :)

Ah, the Pacific Ocean. I went for a quick errand run (I know, it sucks living a block from the beach :P) and said to myself, "What a nice day. Hmm....girls in bikini's....what the hell am I doing driving around doing errands??!!!" I live in Huntington Beach, not LA(Thank God!). Woot! Beach!!!!!! Posted by Hello

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Fire Valley Banana Juice test

Nana Test Posted by Hello

Ok, here are my results for Fire Valley using Banana Juices as opposed to Red Potions. The middle picture is incorrect as I in advertantly purchased potions before taking the screenshot, but I'll adjust the figure to reflect that below. Remember, the actual amount will be adjusted to reflect incidental drops as well.

1st Test = $34,000(total made) - $14,400(banana juices) - $4,000(braves used) - $1,500(ghaste used) = +$14,100 money made on this hunt

2nd Test - $48,000(total made) - $14,400(banana juices) - $4,800(braves used) - $1,500(ghaste used) = +$27,300 money made on this hunt

3rd Test = $35,000(total made) - $14,400(banana juices) - $4,000(braves used) - $1,500(ghaste used) = +15,100 money made on this hunt

So, to tally up, it goes as:

$14,100 + $27,300 + $15,100 = +$56,500 money made

Without a doubt, if you're gonna hunt Fire Valley, as a knight, and assuming you're not warring to much(lol), using banana juices will net you a significant amount more adena than using red potions.

Yes, variations can exist depending on drops. However, this is why I hunted there 3 times, as opposed to only once.

As stated in my previous post, I use about $17,500 on nteles alone, so I would still have to hunt Fire Valley 3 times in order to net 1 hunt in another spot.

Also, as Plouks mentioned in the chatterbox to the right, I was using Death Knight morph with
decent AC. Had I not been able to use dk morph or have decent AC, then these tests would have been WAY off.

Any other classes that try this test, please let me know what your results were. Obviously the parameters of the test have to be changed to accomodate the differences (princes are unable to carry 300 pots with them), but variations should exist as each class has a different hunting style.

NC, cut us some slack guys. 3 hunts??? This is why I chose Fire Valley and Dragon Valley - there is no way in hell I would run this test in TOI as it would be a SURE bet in loss of adena.

Also, I'm going to pull out and disregard the DV portion of this test as I am almost 100% sure it will be a complete loss of adena.

Not Lineage Related. Tough. Get over it.

Not Lineage related. So what??? OMG this girl is hot.......owch....... Posted by Hello

Friday, August 27, 2004

FV test. Posted by Hello

Ok, here is my test results for the the Fire Valley portion using the Red Potions.
As before, I took 300 reds into FV. I also rounded the amount up to represent the incidentals that you don't see here - wis pots, haste pots, etc.

1st test = $15,000 made - $11,100(red pots used) - $3,200(braves used) - $1,500(ghaste used)
= lost $800

2nd test = $25,000 made - $11,100(red pots used) - $2,400(braves used) - $1,500(ghaste used) = made $10,000

3rd test = $27,000 made - $11,100(red pots used) - $3,200(braves used) - $1,500(ghaste used) = made $11.200

So, from the total of all 3 hunts, the results are as followsl:

-$800 + $10,000 + $11,000 = $20,200 made

In regards to using red potions, Fire Valley is undisputed in regards to making money. I chose not to include the bdai as it would have seriously skewed the results. And quite honestly, how often does one get a bdai every time they hunt Fire Valley?

So, Fire Valley is the place to go for money right? Wrong. Read the results again. For a knight, it took THREE hunts to garner $20K. This is really not acceptable. Why? Well, when it comes to boss hunting, like Death Knight, most veteran players who are experienced at hunting this boss, usually takes anywhere from 200 to 300 nteles with them. When I hunt DK, I take no less that 250 nteles. Thats $17,500 PER hunt on nteles ALONE.

So hunting in Fire Valley may net a knight some money, but for the veteran players who still love boss hunting, it's not enough. Some of you may be wondering, "Well, sell the Bdai." Why should I? Knights are not allowed to use what they've earned? And anyone knows, when hitting up a boss, you don't take red potions - you use clears. Clears??? Yes, clears. Know what NC?

1 red potion = 37 adena x 100 = $3,700 adena
1 clear potion = 600 adena x 100 = $60,000 adena

I KNOW NC can do math.

But then again, I've been wrong before.

Test Results Posted by Hello

OK, here are my test results using Red Potions (300)
Dragon Valley.

1st test = made $14,056 - $11,100(red pots used) - $4,000(braves used) - $3000(2ghaste) =
-$4,404 = lost money on this hunt.

2nd test = made $16,698 - $11,100(red pots used) - $4,800(braves used) - $3,000(2ghaste) =
-$2,202 = lost money on this hunt.

3rd test = made $24,209 - $11,100(red pots used) - $4,800(braves used) - $3,000(2ghaste) =
+$5,309 = made money on this hunt.

As you can see, I lost money 2 times out of 3 hunts. Now, if I take the totals from all 3 =
-$4,404 - $2,202 + %5,309 = -$1,297

I lost money overall.

Next test will be in Fire Valley - same number and type of potions to be used.

Demon End. Demon Drop Junk.  Posted by Hello

Addendum to previous post

I forgot to mention that I'll be carrying the same number of braves and hastes per test. Since I am a knight, this test is not really functional for elves, mages, etc. So if there is an elf or mage that would like to try it, please let me know and post on your blog so I can link it. If you don't have a blog, whisper me in-game and you can send me screenshots and I'll be more than happy to post here. Thanks!

Nerf Test - 12 samples

Out of boredem and a certain degree of frustration, I am going to conduct the following test:

How has the drop nerfing affected the overall economic capacity.

I will be performing the following test using 12 test samples:

3 Hunts using the Banana Juices in FV
3 Hunts using the Red Potions in FV

3 Hunts using the Banana Juices in DV
3 Hunts using the Red Juices in DV

Just to be fair and to know for sure the amount of money that can be made, I will be following the rules:

1. Any drops that can be sold to the store will be sold, with the exception of Mgems, wis pots, prats, ress scrolls - these will be calculated hypothetically on a monetary basis and added to the final amount.

2. Any drops found on the groud that can be sold will be picked up - inlcuding ring mail, shields, helmets, cloaks of magic resistance.

3. An equal number of potions will be used in both FV and DV. For example, if I can carry 300 reds into FV, then I will be using the same number of banana juices.

4. Prior to every hunt, ALL monies will be deposited into storage so that I will have a more true value at the end of the hunt.

I will post results as soon as I finish.

Now you KNOW Lineage is big in Korea - a TV show based on it? Yikes..... Posted by Hello

Another shot from Lineage the TV show....look behind the girl - ss - doesn't it look wierd? Posted by Hello

Thursday, August 26, 2004

I'm gonna stop complaining and here's why.....

I'm gonna stop complaining about being broke or just about anything else. Why? Read:

NC nerfs/changes the following:

Pots are increased in price(to this day, and I may be the ONLY one, but I'm still uber pissed about that)
Pots are delayed.
Mages can no longer slow bosses.
Bosses break swords.
Mops drops are nerfed.
Toi is nerfed.
Elves have delays in spells.
Soft AC.
Auto loot gone.

What you essentially spend in hunting, you do not get sufficient adena in return.
So, what happens? You're FORCED to hunt Fire Valley. God forbid NC wants you to hunt all over Aden. You have to hunt FV. Period. Even then, you have so so luck.

Elves? Damn good thing they can water themselves therefore minimizing potion use.
Mages? Damn good thing they can heal themselves at will therefore minimizing potions.

Dark elves, knights, and royalty get the to ride the short bus.

You know NC, not everyone has a heal mage or level 50 water elf to tag along with them.
Not everyone has a 2nd account to make a heal mage tag along.

But because I like the camadrie, I stay.

I won't rant about this after this post. I promise.

Once I run out of money, that's it. There's no point in playing. Maybe to talk to online friends, but hell, I can use Yahoo Chat or MSN for that and it don't cost me $15 a month.

I don't use a bot, I don't have multiple users, I don't have adena bots(yes, they exist), I don't buy accounts, I don't have multiple accounts. I'm a legitimate user, a legitimate customer.

Oh well. I got 1.2 million left. For some that's a lot. But not for those who like to hunt other places than Fire Valley. If you want everyone to hunt Fire Valley, then make all of Aden into Fire Valley. You know, Fire Valley Silver Knight Town, Fire Valley Oren Wasteland, Fire Valley Dragon Caves area, Fire Valley Ogre Rock. You get the point.

NC, you got a game on the horizon that will be released soon. It's called World of Warcraft and many current customers are waiting, just patiently waiting for that game to be released. Ken Rahuel server, which never seems to top more than 125 ppls everytime I check, is going to be desolate. So will Dep. I predict a minimum of a 20 to 25% loss in customers over a 2 month period.

This is the American server. Not the Korean. Get right.

N.C. = No Courage.

I don't mean that last line as an insult. I really don't. But what good is a service that no one wants? And business-wise, you have to realize that only so much revenue can be lost before someone raises an eyebrow. I saw the financial statements when Wae had her site up. I know how to read Profit & Loss Variances. You know what I'm insunuating.

Put your balls to the wall and do some head smacking - k?

Undo the nerfs.

And please, for the love of god, don't EVER do an event like the last one again.

/rant off

I'm not commenting any more on this.................. Posted by Hello

I'm gonna continue to test my theory - bzell from these guys - not too suprising. Since they just dropped the cap, I suspect bzells, b2s, ammy's for a little bit. I'll keep u guys updated. Posted by Hello

T.O.I = Trash Obviously Inside

And thus with the title of this post, I can never be an "official" website of NC. So?

Hmmm...question for all...andside note...

I get asked many times, not even logging in for 15 seconds, "Yo, what boss end?" How the hell should I know? I just logged in \./ Anyway, for those of you care, I don't camp bosses anymore - I just hella check them and on occassion, get lucky. For those of you who ask me about taking them boss hunting - sorry guys, I don't "hunt" them per se - I just run and check like everyone else now. But most of you know I love bosses. They're what make the game for me.

My question for you - outside of the Caspa and Dark Elder drops, have any new BOSS items dropped yet? Any of the staffs? Swords? I have several mages who have already told me they would pay me top dollar for 2 of the new staffs - the Ice Queen staff and the Demon staff - the other staffs are so-so. I recall that Beleth or Bapho armor dropped, but that was like a long time ago and they have no uber advantage. Just wondering.

On a side note, and I'm sharing this with all Lineage players regarding boss drops, I've noticed a relatively familiar pattern in regards to what bosses drop and when. And this applies to the Caspa group as well. Everyone knows that the Caspa group drops bzell/bdais, right? Well in regards to rarity, it goes something like this for Caspa - bzell/bdai, amulets, clothing (cap.robe), then the rings (rotc, ropc). Now with the nerfs, I'm almost postive the rings most likely drop only once a year - prior to the nerf, it was about every 3 to 4 months. Anyway, to get on with my point, the decent drops from bosses appear to come every 3rd or 4th week of their spawn cycle.

In other words, let's use today as an example. If today were the start-off example, then bosses would not drop decently for another 3 to 4 weeks. What I mean by decent like ant queen dropping Death Knight boots or Decay Potion spellbook. The last good item that I am aware of from Ant Queen were Death Knight boots - I think Kusang got them as a drop. Prior to that, about 3 weeks, I had gotten Decay from Ice Queen. So definitely, it's cyclical. I'm guessing every 3rd week spawn(+/- 3 days) has the particular spawn that drops well. The others are mostly junk.

Again, this is my hypothesis, but I could be wrong. I just have noticed that this seems to be the rate. For example, I saw some selling a Balthazur cap recently. I know this was a fresh drop. Prior to that, it was about 2 1/2 weeks when Caspa dropped his cap. Everything in between was amulets, zells, dais, and junk.

If you have a different theory, let me know - I'd like to check it out.

I went to DI with Firebug - just a screeny of the drops - best was Bzell. Posted by Hello

I found this to be extremely funny - I named a wolf Wee Wee and I just leveled him to 8 - my Wee Wee increased - level that is!! LOL! Posted by Hello

DCWalker, overall good guy - whispers me and says ant queen up. So I march down there...with many many many pots(ok, not so many), knowing full well the probability of her dropping anything is rare. I was right. See? No drop screenshots. Should be called "Giant Waste of Potions" Posted by Hello

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Here's a LITO screenshot from Korea - they get to fight Fafuron - that is Faf right? But check this - and I really dig this part - look at the top left hand corner. Map of players whereabouts - how sweet is that? Posted by Hello

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Here's a screenshot from the Personal Store option that the Korean servers (test) have at the moment. You can see the macros box opne in the center and to the left, the buy/sell menu. I look forward to this option.  Posted by Hello

Monday, August 23, 2004

LMAO.....hahahhahaha....hmmmmmm Elves vs Mages............. Posted by Hello

Ahhhhhh my favorite homie. Death Knight has always been my favorite boss and always will be my favorite boss and he's my favorite morph as well. So, why are there 2 pics? Cuz I hit him up twice. First time with Gicelee and KarismaGT - ROA best. Second time, some one global. Nzell. Bleh. I KNOW DK SWORD WILL DROP TO ME ONE DAY. IF YOU ROLL THE DAMN DICE, THE NUMBER OF TIMES I'VE HIT HIM, THE PROBABILITY IS UNMISTAKABLE - HE WILL DROP ME THIS SWORD. At least thats what I keep thinking. Fudge. Posted by Hello

Demon end. Damn this mofo rich. NC, I know you check this blog - at least I know Kyzah does - in fact she's reading this and smiling. I know this. I do. Anyway, since you guys are reading this - how about giving me a damn drop? I'm not whining. I'm not. I'm just mad. I'm broke - go look at your little code there and see how much adenas I got. Don't force me to go to ebay. Wait a minute. If I ever go to ebay for this game, my stay here has officially been too long methinks. Ciao! Posted by Hello

Drake end - that's a cdai and bzell by the way :) Posted by Hello

I ended Ice Queen - her drop was so bad I refuse to take a screenshot of it. Just trust me - her drop really suxed. Posted by Hello