Saturday, October 29, 2005

Vroom Vroom!

I'm about to take off for class again - I'm going to try to score a Ninja to ride on today - but I dunno yet - definitely not one of the 150cc bikes, that's for sure - hoping for at the least a 250 or 350.

I DID log onto the game last night - for about 15 minutes - you guys having fun with the event? I killed a few of those bad-guy skeleton things. Lame. But I didn't expect much - we probably get about 3 days worth of legitimate fun stuff out of the year - the rest is pretty much ho-hum. But regardless, I hope you all score some cool loot!

Aight, imma go do some bike riding!

Ciao! Wicked "Burn baby burn" Liquids

Thursday, October 27, 2005

LMFAO! haha - this is great!

Ooooooo hopefully the thugs at LucasArts won't try to sue me - again! Anyway, check it - everyone knows that Revenge of the Sith is coming out in 4 days - next Tuesday - so here ya go: I found a clip of the easter egg that's going to be on the dvd - it's Yoda break dancing and rapping with Stormtroopers in the background, bobbin' their heads! Woot!

Pop 'n Lock Yoda and his crew of Clone Troopers!!!!

*rolls eyes*

Remember this worthless movie? The Blair Witch Lame-O Project? Well I'm watching the sequel now on Sci-Fi Channel while doing the Ebay thing., and I was just wondering - what's the scariest movie you all have EVER SEEN?

Just wondering.

Mine? Hands down: The Grudge.

I went through 20 pairs of boxers watching that shit!

Ciao! Wicked "Scurry!" Liquids


A suicide was thought to be a Halloween deocration - so some woman was hanging from a tree for hours before anyone thought otherwise. Oh yah, she was clearly visible from the road. Gruesome!!!

Hey, that ain't no pinata!!!

Anyone know.......

......what the so-called Halloween event is going to be? I got about 2 weeks left on the good 'ol Lineage account so I thought I might log in this weekend. Anyone?


And I quote, "I don't really feel I ended on a bad note, " Lidge said. "They got the run and that was the game. Put it this way: I'm real happy with the year I had."

OMFG!!!!! THIS mutherfucker....can you BELIEVE that came out of his MOUTH?

Imma 'bout to fill that fool's mouth with something else - MY RIGHT AND LEFT NUT. Bitchass.

Ciao! Wicked "I lie to much" Liquids

Repost Repost!!

Ok, just so you all know I wasn't fucking around. Here it is:

I will give anyone - ANYONE access to that page as a poster - just mail me or leave a comment with your email.

Ciao! Wicked "No really, I'm going to bed now" Liquids

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Forgot about this one..

Ok, I'm about to go to bed. Anyway, I'm about a week off from being a guest at the next American Music Awards - don't ask how - just know I can hustle. I'm waiting on a bit of information to float my way and then I can get confirmation. I'm not quite sure that I want to go - it was more like a challenge to me to see if I could get in. Anyway, who wants to be my date? Oh and the seats are not in the way back - they're near the front - by the singers and celebrities and shit. Oh, haha - and backstage passes.

Any takers?

Ciao! Wicked "I'm going to bed now" Liquids

Thank god for class!

Congratulations to the Chicago White Sox! You boys earned it. I still hate you though. And my jihad is effective till the start of the next season.

As for the bunch of mutherfuckers..............AND BRAD LIDGE, YOU STUPID, WORTHLESS FUCK-ASS...I GOT A SPECIAL JIHAD FOR YOU, YOU PIECE OF SHIT. The Astros didn't deserve to win because they sure as hell played like they didn't give a sincere fuck - hands down, the Sox wanted it way more than the 'Stro's - hell, I could FEEL that shit over the damn TV screen.

'nuff said. Moving on.........

I JUST got out of bike class and it was "interesting." It was filled with as many girls as guys (score!) so that's hot :P I almost killed my cellphone because I was checking the score throughout class on the net. I'm just glad I wasn't available to watch the game - I HATE YOU BRAD LIDGE. Waitaminute - I thought I said I was moving sec......I HATE YOU BRAD LIDGE YOU SORRY SACK OF SHIT! Dear god man, I'm so happy that jerk-off didn't go to the armed forces - he would've just fucking GIVEN AMERICA to Iraq - on a silver platter! Idiot.


Aight - I'm sleepy - peace!

Ciao! Wicked "I FUCKING HATE BRAD LIDGE" Liquids

good luck babe

Here's to watching you go from this...... to this.......

to this.....

then this.....
you prankster you!
I've been told chicks dig motorcycles and guitars, so if you carry a guitar on your bike then BAM! you got it! hmmmm wonder if that's true..... anyway, keep your shoelaces tied and don't spit straight ahead cause, that's just nasty...
Have fun and good luck!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


*whispers* knuckle up kids - they're about to get harder ^^

Ciao! Wicked "Shut yo' mouth fool!" Liquids


Ok, I know this cup has nothing to do with coffee, but I had to find one really quick - I'm gonna run out and get some caffeine in my system (this is, I think, my 9th or 10th cup today) so bear with me. I'll be right back and look at some Gameabout junks for you.


Ciao! Wicked "I'd hit coffee if I could" Liquidz

I had to post this to offset the pictures I posted before it!

Whew, I can breath now.


This is some scary shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're mannequins you can buy!!!! I think I just peed my pants..... :(

Just read it......

I hate Brad Lidge (TOOL!) and I hate the White Sox (TOOLS!!!)

Yo Rach!!!!

That header is like Ali-G up above - absolutely fucking PIMP!! I totally dig it babe!!! Hook a brutha' up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Must be that time of the month...........

Sup suckah's! Miss me? Yah, well fuck you too.

I'm slacking and I think in every post I've made, I've made it very evident that I'll continue to do so.

And yet you still fumble your asses to this site. Well GOOD FOR YOU, DAMN IT.

haha! Let mah' bullshit begin!

Oh and this costume of penis' (is that how you spell it in plural form? Quite frankly, I don't spell "penis'" often enough to know how to spell it correctly. Hmmmm.......Anth, you know? :P)

And the below pic is how I feel about myself, mostly due to everlasting shame for not updating the fucking blog. OMG! Did you see that? It was me getting over it...suckahs!

These are the 2 helmets I'm looking at on Ebay. No one better fucking out-bid me, damn it. I'll find you. I will. And you'll be happy you got that helmet on. Fool. :P

And the 2 bikes above are the ones I'd LOVE to have. To bad they're too fucking too expenisve...grrrrr.ggrrrrr and triple grrrrrrr!

fuzzies that make you go awwww......or sneeze :-)

It's not a kitty or puppy but for some reason I think it's cute....
And I bid you good day. GOOD DAY I SAY!!!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Relaxing weekends are what it's all about.....

I'd like to thank blogger-x for letting me hang around and intrude on his chillaxfactor for a bit this past weekend. Breakfast was awesome, movies were great and I hope I didn't yap your ears off but if I did, thanks for not making a big deal about it. If I ever make it back, I'm going to eat every nacho on my plate and we're gonna go back to hang out with "Michelob guy" at the best sports bar ever!! hahaha....that was hilarious. You were a great host so thanks thanks thanks!

After that, well I can't say it was uber relaxing but it was fun to see my adopted family and watch grown men and women make complete fools of themselves. I'm still recouping so I couldn't participate like I would've normally, but sometimes it's awesome just to sit back and watch it all. They had the hammocks out so I claimed mine, fell asleep a few times....cause really tired I was. Painted my goddaughter's toenails and let her "paint" mine (the toenail and the skin look quite lovely painted red, thank you) because she wouldn't go to bed otherwise. Played laser tag with my godson, again to get him to go to bed because it's already midnight and although bedtime on weekends is very negotiable with me, when the whining starts you gotta know it's time for bed sweety.
I knew it would happen, so at 1:30 a.m. when the "I could kick your ass if we played poker right now" talk started, I was ready. They didn't know I've been getting some schoolin from my friends, and although I'm no Joe Hachem I did end up walking away with freaking 302 cents in my pocket thank you very much! We play with pennies because, well because the way these peeps are you could go broke. Finally felt hungry enough to eat some grilled what nots, talked a bit more, then passed out.
At 6:00 I showered, packed up my shit and headed for the beach because dammit!! I haven't been there in too long and wasn't going to be that close and not go. omg it's just so freaking beautiful. Okay, it's not Cali, and it's not Cancun, and it's not Galapagos, but it's beautiful nonetheless. It was about 85 and the breeze was great. I drove down as far as I dared without getting stuck, parked the rental, walked for a couple of hours then laid on the back of the car in the sun. I knew everyone was heading down but they weren't getting there until after noon or so....slackers can't get their asses up....and I thoroughly enjoyed the alone time. Sometimes it helps to be in a place that centers you and the ocean's always been that for me. The water's constant movement and sounds, the breeze on your face and skin, the birds and the occasional passerbys is all so calming. I wanted to stay there but good things come to an end eventually. When everyone showed up, we had lunch at the house and then went to look at sandcastles.
Okay, seriously

It's amazing to see some of those creations. I swear they've used cement but incredibly, it's just the right mixture of sand and water. How do they do that? Damn amazing to me..... and I thought my body sculpted in the sand was cool!! pfft laaaameo...I hated to leave and debated staying another day but I had things to do so I ended up catching the last flight out. It's chilly here! I got to wear my cords and boots today. mmmmm so comfy.

Overall it was a great weekend. Thanks again blogger-x, my renegade family and the airlines for not losing my luggage. And Wicked, you're just too awesome....

hope y'all are having a great Monday. =< ^~.~^>=

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Well, Wicks...'s one idea I have for your header. It's simple,, what the heck.

What do you all think of that? I can whip out different ones if you want. That's the only one I've made for him so far. I hope it's kick-ass enough for you, Wicks. Hehe.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yes wick i'm still alive. I know i been slackin way to much, but been to busy. But imma introduce myself now. About time considerin i was suppose to start postin about a month ago. I could not find anything good to post and tho i am new to it. I am gettin the hang of it fast, so expect more from me. k nice to meet ya all again.
STY... :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Wicked loved this pic so much he begged me to share it with all of you so enjoy v.v

im a big meaniehead im sooooooooo srry!!!!