Thursday, July 19, 2007

Harry Potter, Video Games....and...huh?

Yah, I know, right? I'm not even going to begin to apologize for not posting...but I'll try now.......

Here's the Cliff's notes, condensed version - work has been hell and video game time has been super limited.

I was going to download Lineage and log on for a month because my friend Muyo informed me of the event going on and all the cool stuff that's dropping - I thought it would be hella fun to give it a shot again. Well, my girlfriend was on my comp looking at myspace and proceeded to spill water all over my keyboard, so now my comp, at the touch of a few buttons, simply shuts off. Not to worry, I bought a new keyboard and it's in the trunk of the BMW now. I'll plug that in later tonight.


As if you fools care, our fun loving Wizards...actually wizardess (I know that's not a word, but it IS a word in Wicked's World!)...

By the way, if you want to see the REST of these pictures, go here....Hermione chugs and does porn!

Anyway, all has been good for the most part - but really, it's work that's been busting my balls. My creative side is still with me, but moves in slow motion sometimes, so just deal with it.

For those of you on my stupid myspace, I go to that thing everyday, but I left my GF handle it - kinda of, not really, but some parts of it.


Lineage lineage lineage - I've been to a few blogs, but no good screenshots of anything. That's what I'm hoping if I restart my account - to get a few drops, say hello to some old friends, check out the fighting, if there's any left, and post all that shit on here.

So anyway, hopefully I haven't forgotten my password and if time allows it, I'll try to get on tonight!

And all of you with a blog - FUCKING UPDATE!

(excluding yours truly, of course - hehehe suckah's!)

Ciao! Wicked "Yo' momma's bringin' me BACK!" Liquids