Saturday, July 29, 2006

LOok CaRefUlLy!

Um....was in the mood to look for scales, so I checked on Val earlier - he was up - no SS necessary cuz we all know the result of that.

So I go DVC, cuz Anth NEVER up. I was wrong. You can see the result below.

Ciao! Wicked "I meant when you put dragons back in game, make them easy to tap like your mom" Liquids

ShOrT UPdaTe!

Played a little bit - mostly messing around and doing some quests - my account is up again in about a week - I have to admit, the game was fun, but I lost interest yet again :(

Did this quest - was fun - Drake attack was pretty cool :)

I went underwater, which I haven't done in quite awhile - what does YOUR milkshake bring?

Coolest spell yet is Earth Bind - from my understanding, it's a very rare spell and quite expensive - I watched a death match - which I didn't think people did anymore, but I saw EB in action - that spell is incredibly dangerous in PVP and if it ever get's to 4 on 1, it's a sure bet of death, regardless of what your AC or HP is.

Ok, more later - possibly from Game About!

Ciao! Wicked "my head hurts - cuz of your MOM" Liquids

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Question about God - for all my readers, please give me your best answer.

I was asked a question recently about God - and I need all ya'lls help answering this question:


I need your best answers please.

And yes, I was laughing my ASS off after reading this question.

Ciao! Wicked "My burrito is sexier than yer mom" Liquids

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Family Guy!!!! Had to make a post after I saw this - for you Family Guy lovers! Like MEEE!!

That's Seth McFarland up above - he does the voice for Peter, Stewie, and Brian - this little clip shows all the characters doing their voices - it's GREAT!

click HERE - Family Guy for you and ME! Who knew Cleveland was white???!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I came. I conquered. And I canceled.

Wazzup playah's??!!

Yuppers, yet another post - wierd huh? Well, don't get use to it - I just happen to have a little time and I was going through blogs and I realized I needed to push my stuff, so here it is.

This little post is a bit of everything - playing, real life, puppies, hot ass girls, and um.....other stuff I guess.

Lezz roll..........................................

Yes, I started my account again. After about 3 hours, I abruptly canceled. Here's why:

I find Dopple-hode; get this - after 4 (FOUR!!) braves, 2 poly scrolls, 350 oj's, and what seemed like a freaking LIFETIME - she finally ended. See her drops. By this time, I was done.

Ya see (this part is for NC) - I TRIED to get with it and enjoy the game again. Nope. Not with this bullshit. Yo Capstrum! I know you read this shit. I STRONGLY recommend you get your shit together. Your lack of regimental control of the ingame concept via the end users (ie, CUSTOMERS, you fucking asshole) and your inability to bring forth POSITIVE changes to a game that has SEVERELY lacked your attention, I wouldn't hold my breath on your future job prospect. The unemployment line isn't very long in Austin. Go check it out.

Found Phoenix. Ended Phoenix. I got shit. NC got my $15. Yo NC, I'll make a trade; you give ME $15 and I'll stop bitching.

Thank you LYTES! I can't believe anyone keeps coming here!! I don't update like I'm suppose to, I only do Lineage stuff once a month........ugh.......... :P

Found Demon. Dropped nzel, belt of bullshit, and a blindpot. I dropped the blinding pot in Oren and people actually FOUGHT over it. Sigh.....................what have you all become???!!! lol

Found Dopple again. Only took 100 oj's this time. Drop was just as bad. Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Oh HELL yes................... T & A for your viewing pleasure.........look carefully, there's a car in the picture below!

I haven't done this in a LONG time! YES! Clips of stupid shit!!!!!

I did find one website that showed some really bad stuff - I mean straight up GROSS shit - like a video clip of a Formula 1 race back in the 70's - some dude was trying to cross the racetrack during the race - he got fucked Well, lemme put it this way, after I saw the clip, I refuse to link it (dude got hit so hard, he broke up into 3 pieces - his upper torso got ripped off the bottom half of himself and his head flew off - thank god I wasn't eating!)

Big dude screams like a little bitch cuz of a cockroach!

Funny and painfull wrecks lol

Turn up your speakers.....dude in the back makes fun of this guys dancing - you gotta LISTEN to the sound of that SLAP when he hits the guy......DAMNNNNNNNNNN - looked like me with one of my ex girlfriends.........

NEXT! Cute puppies :)

Ok, now on for the fun stuff - yes I did cancel my account again - it's all good - I'll make sure to give episode 5 a kick too :)

Oh, and I've updated the links to the right - I've gotten rid of a lot of bad ones and replaced them with some blogs that I never knew existed!

If I've left something out, holla at me and I'll fix it :) Or if you have a blog, lemme know, I'll hook ya up!

PS - Oh SHIT - I hit 100K hits - when the hell did that happen? I really thought no one came to this blog :) haha!

Ok, so what should I do? Contest? What? Gimme some ideas guys - lezze what we can come up with and let's do a fun ass contest!!! Who's in??!!
Ciao! Wicked "I'm looking at yer mom again.................NICE!" Liquids

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

MeGa UpDAte 4 The SuMMeR!!!


Yes, just that. Just hello.

Been awhile eh?

While you're reading this, think "Peter Griffin" from Family Guy. If you don't know who Peter Griffin is, then you're gay.



The point of this post is simple - keep a few people updated as to what's going, what's coming, and what'll never happen again! So a mix of Lineage, Real Life, and Bullshit - you gotta figure out which is which!

Here's a warm up!

Yeah, Lineage is FUNNNNN!! I log on with someone that doesn't play just to hang out, see what's changed because hardly anyone updates their blogs anymore except for Amphetamines and Listerine. Maybe I'm missing a few - I don't know - I don't troll the blogs as heavily as I use too.

Oops! Here, I know I've been slacking so here's a hot chick:

HAHA! Yeah, I had to edit the boobies cuz this is a fucking family oriented blog and I don't think parents would regard me fucking highly if I had tits and ass all over the place.

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Tits and ass..........

So I'm apartment sitting for a friend - she took of on a European vacation for about a month. I think she's in Germany now, or someplace - who knows - all I asked her to do was bring me back exactly two things - a fucking postcard and a bottle of Absinthe. Fuck it. Just give me the Absinthe!

Anyway, I've been allowed to consume all her alcohol and her food. And consume I have!!! I've also taken the liberty to borrow a few DVD's. Before I got rid of cable, I use to watch a little bit of Curb your Enthusiasm. I need to say that that show is about one of the fucking FUNNIEST things I've ever seen. I mean, I was laughing so hard, it hurt. Why? Simply because I AM LARRY DAVID. THAT GUY GETS MORE SHIT HAPPEN TO HIM, SOME OF IT BECAUSE HE DESERVES IT AND OTHER TIMES, GOD IS JUST NOT HAPPY WITH HIM!

Anyway, if any of you fools have HBO, I recommend you check it out.

Lineage is the SEX! And if you fucking believe that, then you CLEARLY need to get laid.

Seriously, nothing super hot going on with Lineage other than the plethora of bots running the server. NC says there's going to be a mass round of "whatever." Right Capsturm. I believe you like I believed Hitler did a good job, you fucking cocksucker. NC banning 100+ players? Ain't going to happen. It's called REVENUE. You know, SOME of us are NOT that stupid.

And to follow up from my story earlier. So anyway, my boss use to go to school (high school) with the CFO of NC Soft Korea - the big dogs, not the shit ass ones in Austin. This guy was there since day 1 and made a boatload of money. My bosses concept was to bring over some of the orignal software engineers to start a gaming "house." Needless to say, these guys also developed Lineage and know the code fairly well. I informed my boss, that because there's a US office in Austin, that probably wasn't going to happen unless he found a way to break them off from the NC team. And? AND?????'s one of those wait and see things :P

I do have more Lineage stuff to update, but I'm hella tired, so I'm going to do it later - maybe megapost number II!!

So let me leave you with this: There was a full moon the other night and I HAD to go to the beach to take some pictures using my shit-ass camera and my tripod. I think the pics came out ok considering I wasn't using my Canon AE-1. Anyway, enjoy the pics and steal them if you want :)

Ok that's it for now. I''ll post more later - I actually have quite a bit more too post, but just am not feeling it at the moment (I know! I meant to add a fight link to end this post, but too fucking tired to do it).

So anyway, I hope you all are doing well, and I'll post more. Oh yeah, I hit 100K hits sometime - don't when - think it's time for a contest? Maybe? Yes? What should I give away? Porn? Toys? Porn-toys?


Ciao! Wicked "I'm done with yer mom, but yer SISTER's looking GOOOOOOOD!" Liquids

Saturday, July 08, 2006

You have new Picture Mail!

Cool, huh? Wish you were here!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Where did I go and where is all the wittiness at?

Um....shit.. I was on gameabout and I didn't see anything that caught my eye. Meh......

More to come!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Sup guys - have a great July 4th and try not to blow yourselves up with the firecrackers. Hehehehe - who am I kidding? I hope you smash yer damn fingers off! muwahahahahahahah JK!

Have fun!

Ciao! Wicks