Saturday, March 17, 2007

I don't think I can keep it.....

I love my truck, but I don't think I can keep it.

It gets a whopping 13 miles per gallon city and a whopping 14 miles per gallon highway.

I'm from Texas and I've always been a truck guy - but at the rate that I use gas, the cost of gas going up, I average around $65 per fill up - and to make it sweeter (sarcasm), several times, I have to fill up two days in a row - THAT'S how much I drive. AND to top that, I average a fill up every 3 days. That translates into about $400 to $500 in gas alone every month. That's another fucking car payment.

I've contemplating changing cars for a few weeks now, but last weekend, I filled my truck up on a Saturday, then had to fill up AGAIN on Sunday.


Just stupid.

I dropped $90 in two days on gas.

I LOVE MY TRUCK......but I knew I had to give it away and pick up something else.

WHAT is that "else?"

Well, I knew I needed something that wasn't going to devour gas like my precious truck, it had to look sexy, and fun to drive.

No offense to Honda or Toyota owners, but that shit won't cut it for me.

So, I did some searching, took a deep breath, and got rid of my truck.

In return, I picked up this............

Sweeet? Bet your ass.

Drives well? Of course.

Sexy? Hella sexy.

The cars great and it only cost me $39 to fill up. So I'm happy, got a good deal, and a sexy ass beast to go with it.

Aight guys, I'll hit ya'll up later (I need to learn how to use the navigation system and the XM Satellite that came with it - haha!)

Ciao! Wicked "BMW" Liquids

Thursday, March 08, 2007

I read through some old Lineage blogs and I keep picturing this....

....and I repeat to myself (in my head), "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?"


Anyway, I was reading some blogs on that stinker of a game and well, what the hell.....looks so much fun! And with all the new stuff coming out, looks to be even better!

But knowing my luck, I'd re-activate my account, play 15 minutes, then become insanely bored again :( Sigh......

And freaking Warrock keeps locking up on me and booting me!!


My eyes are doing ok - surgery went well and I should be up to full vision in a couple of weeks. Job's being a bitch right now, so I'll let you all know how that goes.

Ok, I'm out - have fun kids!!

Ciao! Wicked "It's Sexytime!" Liquids