Monday, February 27, 2006

Boobs, I SWEAR! Lineage, I SWEAR! Myah, I SWEAR! And other crap!! I SWEAR! This is going to be a very long post with a lot of stuff !!!


Kind of. Blah. Take it or leave it. And if you take it, you'll enjoy it and if you leave it, fuck you. Go die. Awwwww lol that's just not nice and shit, 2 lines into my megapost and already I'm swearing like a drunken sailor. But you all like that abuse, right? Right. Good. So, let's begin, shall we? I got lots to write about so I sincerely encourage that you kick back, grab something hot to drink, and read, ok?

Episode 5!

Yes, I said episode 5. I thought they weren't making anymore for Lineage, but either I was grossly mistaken, or I just flat out didn't know. Anyway, before you, I submit pics of a few of the Lastabad based mops. I got these from Gameabout and they're suppose to be in GIF format, but I have no earthly clue if they are going to transfer correctly or not. If not, then I'm sure you all will be able to live with it. If not, then you may go to this link: I like Michael Jackson (LMFAO - ok, which one of you fags clicked the link?)

I was just kidding about that link thing above - it really does take you to the proper Gameabout Link.

Ahhh, must be tournament time somewhere - thought I'd share a few snapshots of some insane tournament play - I wish Dep or Ken or that Server that shall not be Named could do a tournament - that would be some insane fun!

Boobies? Boobies? Ah yes, here are 2 sets - fake blondes? Check. Fake tits? Check. Fake tan? Check? Don't give a fuck? CHECK!

I definitely owe this one to you guys - yes!!! Girl fight!! The pic above doesn't actually represent the link to the cheerleader fight, but I'm willing to guess that's not going to stop you from clicking it anyway, huh? It's a short clip and one chick just gets knocked the FUCK out....hehehe Click this link if you want to see Michael Jackson fighting little boys

ONE more set of boobies just to let you all know I haven't forgotten!


Like the title says - my return...KIND OF... I came back for 2 reasons - a good friend is about to hit DK, after playing I think for something like 18 years AND I wanted to check out the new area because everyone's been talking about it. And yes, I'll be canceling my account next month!! hahahaha!! But in the meantime, I been doing a little playing so you can see what all I've been up to. You'll see Phoenix below. Dropped JUNK!

I will not forsake the boobies, so before any of you think I've forgotten, THINK AGAIN!! NOW GO GRAB THAT LUBRIDERM , GO TO THE BATHROOM, TURN ON THE SINK, AND GET TO WORK!!! YOU GOT 10 MINUTES BEFORE DINNER!!! (I only take 2 minutes - haha! nana-booboo - you suck!)

I took a stroll to the old stomping grounds to see if I could find the ho with the SECONDEST biggest ass in the game. Drop junk . Waste my time. Yet I find her addicting........

Ya see, somethings very wrong here: 3 uni's up and no one camping? In fact, I find this daily on Lineage - I've gotten most of the DI bosses alone and I decided against posting a single drop because they were pretty bad - I actually LOST money hunting there, even tagging all the bosses alone. The many times I've gone, I've counted a total of 6 different players that TOTAL from - that's like one player going there per real life day. I dunno - I thought that place was a money maker - now it's just a waste of space on my fucking hard drive.

Ass shot!! Woot! Fooled ya! Boobies coming the next round!

You're thinking, "ZQ AGAIN???!! BUT YOU JUST GOT DONE SAYING YOU WASTE YOUR TIME ON HER!!" My response? Shut da fuck up! IGNORE ME, OK??!! hehe - if you all made it this far into my post, then clearly you enjoy the abuse! Yah yah yah, so I went to hit up ZQ again, she dropped a little better this time - what is this Mass Slow book thing? What it do? What it worth? Hello? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? You mom.

I'll be the first to admit, I like the sound effects in the game - I actually enjoy hearing that shit. I like to crank it up, then when you go by a waterfall or something, you hear the water! And that shit makes me wanna pee!!! So when I'm on the boat going to wherever, I turn that down because I don't wanna be getting up every 2 minutes. (And you homo's that don't know how to step away from the comp - we all KNOW why you have that oversized 7-11 Slurpee cup next to your desk. Nasty bastards.) Oh yah, the screenshot. RDS! Woot! What that worth? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Your mom.

If you're getting tired of these gratuitious tit shots..................then go read someone else's blogs. Titties rule. Like your mom.

Spent a little time up in Ivory Tower and got this as a drop. Immune to Your Mom. What this worth? Anyone know? Price check please!!! Seriously, what this worth? On Ebay. Give me EBAY prices ONLY!!

Ok ok ok I swear this is my last tittie picture. I'll stop now. I have a wholesome, family oriented blog to run and it's quite important that I do not upset the right-wing, southern baptists that read my blog.

Yah, ok, I lied.
I was hunting in Fire Valley, killing golem after golem after golem after golem and one of them decided to be nice and shit out a spell crystal thingy that elves used, called Earth Bind Your Mom. Anyone know what this worth? Anyone? Again, ONLY EBAY prices please!

Oh yah, found this douche bag too. I think he drop some candy or something. Oh hell, I don't know - go ask your mom, she knows.

Aight, aight, enough of the mom knocks. I do have a little bit of color commentary - actually not much, but I'm going to spit it out here anyway. You guys remember MYAH??

Well, she lost internet access and had very very little time to post, so she deleted her blog :(

Oh well! I guess we're going to have to go to someone elses blogs for the boobie shots, right? Anyone have any suggestions? Please let me know so that I may officially endorse that blog for the boobie-rightousness award (I made that up). Haha! Suckahs!

Oh, one more boobie shot.

To pretty much summarize my return to Lineage, albeit temporary, I hit up Phoenix. And as you can see by the drop, somethings just will NEVER fucking change.

Did you all seriously think I was going to leave you without a decent fight? Huh? Look below the pic and click the link:

Two girls fighting and this has absolutely no relations to Michael Jackson. But it could cuz I could be lying. Or it could be 2 girls seriously whipping the shit out of each other. Or not. Please click at your own risk. Because if it is Michael Jackson, then you all will be mad at me. But if not, then it will be 2 girls really fighting.



Ciao! Wicked "I'd sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking hit it - I'm not talking about Michael Jackson, you fags....I'm talking about your MOM" Liquids

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Due to my laziness.......

I'm so tired! Wahhhhhhh - I TRY to oversleep, but I can't - I sleep exactly 6 hours and then get up!!! SUCKS!! Anyway, I do have quite a bit to post about, but no time to yank it all on here - so instead to make it a little easier, I'm doing the picture mail again all day today - then I'll do a good size post tomorrow. The pic below? That's the time I woke up and the start of my day and.............picture mail time!

PS - Sorry guys, I have NO idea what happened to Myah's blog. I wish I knew - I even called but she never picked up her phone. Oh well :( Get yer porn elsewhere!

You have new Picture Mail!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentines Day??!! Coach purses?? Sushi?? Motorcycle wrecks??!! Lineage? Boobs? BOOBS??!! RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!


Yah, so I've been lazy, but hell, no one's complaining so I'm just going with it - and what's even more puzzling is that people still come to the blog - but whever floats your boat! So anyway, lemme get started while I still have the time - then I gotta log and get the hell outta here for a bit.

Oh yah, someone said today is Valentines Day. For those of you who don't have a Valentine this year (referring to the guys) it's said that today, 28% of single woman go for the one night stand. You all KNOW what this means right?? Put away those 20 dollar bills boys, cuz it's your lucky day, you bastards!! YOU DON'T GOTTA PAY FOR IT!!! SO GO GO GO GO!!! I'm not being an ass, just trying to be helpful. Ok no, I'm really being an ass muwahahahahaha!

I saw a pretty wicked bike wreck a few days ago - some guy in a green ninja was swerving around trying to get to wherever it was he was trying to get to - he had his helmet on, but that was his only gear. In Cali, it's legal to lane-split (drive between the car lanes) and he was whooshing in and out. He made a whoosh to a far right lane, but for some reason, chose not to stop WHEN A LARGE FOR TRUCK F-250 WAS JUST WAITING THERE AT A RED LIGHT and the biker decided to keep going. Outcome? See the pic above - that's exactly the direction his bike took, but imagine the bike being up off the ground about 3 feet - completely airborne, in the same position as the pic. As for the biker? He did a flying headstand, was completely vertical in the air, upside down, and promptly hit the cement in the exact same direction.

The dude was ok, he was going about 15 mph, but that was some wicked shit to see. The fucker should have been wearing gear. Apparently for him, a tshirt was all the body armor he needed.

Incidentally, because of Valentines Day, my Valentine hinted at wanting one of those COACH purses/bags/wallets - whatever. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS H CHRIST WHY ARE THOSE FUCKERS SO EXPENSIVE??!! A purse made of leather and some fiber is $200.00??!!! WTF were those assholes thinking when they made those damn things??!!

FUCK THAT - I grabbed a used, plastic Walmart bag and took a magic-marker and wrote "COACH" on one side and "DULCE & GABANNA" on the other. That's good enough for me and it sure as hell better be good enough for her.

I was in West Hollywood this past weekend and hit up a joint called Tokyo Delves. Whoa. That's all I have to say. Whoa. Damn that shit was hella fun and GOOD. How can a sushi bar be FUN? Well, simply put, there's a show involved. Like the waiters and the sushi chef's all sing and dance in unison to N'Sync's Bye Bye Bye - you just HAD to be there to get it (yah, it sounds gay and it kinda is gay) but still, it was a LOT of fun - everyone was dancing, getting drunk, eating sushi.

Wait a minute. Dancing. Drinking. Sushi. N'Sync.

OMG what have I done????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, I have absolutley nothing new on the Lineage front - well, I have a LITTLE bit, but I'm going to save that update for tomorrow.

Have a great day kids!

Ciao! Wicked "I'm still paying the 20 bucks for my Valentines date" Liquids

Friday, February 03, 2006

I have a bit of time on my hands this evening (I think - I dunno - we'll see). With that said, will come a little update. On top of that, everyone's blog that I have not been able to visit will get tagged by me mwuahahahahahha - so if you on my link list, here........I..........come................

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