Thursday, June 30, 2005

Yay! The contest has ended!

Ah, for my final post of the day (well, not really, I'm going to try to post tonight when I get home of my screenies from Gunz Online), the contest has ended! Congrats to all of you that entered and got the questions right! I've forwarded the participants with the correct answers to the 3rd party and I hope to hear back with the results later this evening or tomorrow morning. You all did GREAT! I'll also post the correct answers tomorrow!

Good job and I'll catch ya later! Ciao! Wickedy Wacks

A few shots of EP4 for Lin

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I checked out Gameabout and I saw some gif's of some of the new mops being released for Episode 4 - you can also check them out on LoA's Lineage Uncensored site as well - as usual, they look pretty cool; here are the links to them:

Lineage Uncensored


Last day of the contest!!!

Well hell, how did the last day of the contest come up so quickly??!! You have 5 hours left from this post to submit your answers to the questions - I have recieved quite a few answers, but only a handful have been 100% correct, so you still got a legit chance to WIN!!! Go to my archives from June and you'll get all the questions - tick tock tick tock!!! Hurry hurry! Good luck! Ciao! Wickedy Wack

PS - VOTE FER ME!!! --------------------> (THAT BROWN BUTTON! HEHE)

Fighting on Dep reminds me of..........

Woohoo - the saga continues!!! Posted by Hello

So, who's been keeping up with the fighting on Dep? I sure as hell haven't. Till now. And I must say, it is quite interesting - on par with a 6 week mini series from the Lifetime Channel (not that I watch that station - fuck you man! lol).

For those of you who have no idea what's going on, I read through a couple of blogs - a few quoting other blogs and screenshots and reading the chatboxes. I would like to recommend the following if you have no idea what's going (hey now, it's what I had to read to understand 'da shit).

DisOwned Yer Ass
Popobiggy Smalls House of Whup Ass
Lineage WWE Crewz Smack Down
Amphetamines Cure for Drug Addiction
Fields and his Band of One (hi Alleah!)

These are just a few, but worth the attention. Now, lemme have a second to say this: DO NOT spend to much time consuming yourselves on the main posts - but DO read the chat boxes and comments - quite the read; contains vibrant, colorful language not for the faint of heart. The only 2 FOUR letter words that have NOT been said is "dork" and "nerd," know what I mean?

On a personal note, from what I've read, there's a lot of accusations of botting, hacking, and just overall cheating. Bots have been around forever and as many that have been reported, NC takes just too much time to resolve the issue, if they do at all. As for hacks, I think most have been removed from the game with the exception of a few minor ones (all the hacks I've seen have never really improved gaming or leveled you faster - think of it as only minor perks if you will).

Lastly, as for account sharers - pffffffttt - they been around games like Lineage BEFORE there was Lineage and they'll be more AFTER Lineage. It's up to NC to take care of all that shit. But we all know where that's gonna end up, don't we? I've been on Dep for so long, I can't even remember when I started for sure, but I noticed that most players that play the game now, especially the high levels, have been around for quite sometime and we have one distinct advantage over the newer players; we all know who the original users were. Like Fields mentioning in my chatbox about a post I made about Ancid - when you've been around long enough, you know who's who - I won't get into detail, but I think what pisses a lot of players off in this game, ulitmately that is, is hypocrisy and just flat out lying - you preach one thing while practicing another or extending the truth to what benefits you; and my mom wonders why I refuse to go to church lol! Hey, what can I say, funny how games end up mirroring real life, don't ya think?

So, read up boys and girls and enjoy the drama! You never know what's going to happen next week! But I guarantee ya, same Bat Channel, same Bat Time!!!

Ciao! Wickedy Wacks

As from my previous post, I'm still playing that real life, cabbie on a mission, Monopoly game - and I'm up to $313 million buckaroos!!!! (OMG, did I just say buckaroos?? Sigh..........will the nerdiness and dorkiness EVER end??!! As Mercutio would say, "A plague on my coolness!" Posted by Hello

I'm going out on a date tomorrow night with some chick that tried to buy one of these last night ~~~ how hot is that??!! :P She's a pimp. Has to be. I'll keep ya'll updated on that hehehe Posted by Hello

Gunz Online

I played this last night and I must say...FAST! This game is NOT an mmorpg, so if you're wanting to play something like WoW or Lineage, it's not this game. Check it - this is how it works: Posted by Hello

Leveling: You level not be killing mops - you level by killing OTHER players - you start off as level 1.

Playing: The keyset is just like WoW (WSAD). Have you guys ever played games like Rainbow 6 on Playstation or Xbox? It's JUST like that! When you have enough player kills, you gain exp and level up - each game is very fast and there are a certain number of rounds, depending on the person who set up the room that you choose to play in. You gain better equipment by using your bounty money - this goes from pants, swords, gunts, coats, etc etc. Kill more players = level up and more bounties.

I have to admit, I was fairly addicted to this game and it's SO fast, that when I finally logged on to Lineage last night, I used 2 ghastes and 3 braves because I thought that for some reason, I was moving too slow LOL!!! That's how fast this game is.

I play on server 3 and my best moment from last nights game was when a clan of girls (GIRLS~~~!!!) attacked me and killed me in every round for 26 rounds. I don't think they liked me or I was just too noob. Stupid girls!

I have screenshots and I'll be playing again tonight. I'll post those tonight when I get home.

Ciao! Wickedy Wack

You guys rock! And for that, I post this pic!

hahaha! I made to number 4!!!! HELP ME GET TO NUMBER 1!!!!!!! KEEP VOTING!!! Also, for those of you that have blogs, you can get the same button - when you click to the right, go there and look up near the top for a sign-up html: sign up (super easy) and you'll get a code - put it in your blog - and let me know if you get the button so I can vote for you too!!!

Let the posting begin!!!! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Downloading this game now - damn this shit is HOT - looks totally PIMP! And please please please click that link on the right and vote for me!!! I promise, with candy on top, that I'll do the same for YOU! You have my word! :)Posted by Hello

Vote for my blog!!! ~~~~~>>>>

See that little button on the right? Click it for me and you've voted for me!!! You can do it!!! :P

It's official.....

Ok, it's official; I just do NOT have enough time to post today - I'm just gonna have to hold off till later on tonight or tomorrow, so I hope the puppy holds you over. All Lineage posts and unrelated and related shit will come at another time - sorry to let ya down kids, but shit happens. I barely had time to sneak this post in. Ah, but you guys know me - I could easily go back on my word and grab a hypodermic from another blog junky and shoot up a ton of posts into this arm known as the Chronicles of Wicked muwahahahahaha Peace! Wicked Posted by Hello
This is what I think about the stupid cloak event from NC............ Posted by Hello

NC's having a 4th of July event and the pic? Well...'s what I felt like after reading it. It's stupid. I mean really stupid.

Here's the link: NC's stupid-ass event

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I'm really slacking on the posting guys...

....and for that, I apologize. My morning has been super-crazy and it doesn't look like it's going to let up any soon, so I may need to wait till this afternoon to start posting OR wait till I get home, which would mean a late night posting, which I don't like to do. Therefore, hang with me and hopefully I can start posting shortly.

Oh, tick tock tick tock - one more day to submit your answers to the contest so pick it up boys and girls!

Ciao! Wicked

Mupet!! Look~!!

I left that monopoly game on overnight- I'm up to $169 million!!! hahaha

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My never-ending saga to obtain an asword continues. Saucy, MadeinBrazil, and I hit up FI again - and I will continue to go to FI till I get that damn sword, solo if I have too! Actually, I did end up soloing for awhile, but still no loots! As Charlie Brown would say, "Arg!!!" Posted by Hello

OMG Tiff? hahahaha - I wonder who has your account NOW hehehehe Posted by Hello

Last post of the day (or at least till I get home and if I'm not too tired from lifting)! Forgot to mention this comes out tomorrow and it looks pretty good, so I'm going to try to catch it this weekend. Posted by Hello

Now, here is my color commentary for this portion of the post. If some alien baddies came to earth, then Texans wouldn't stand for it. I really cannot, nor will not, speak for other states (sorry, Idaho and Wyoming, but your screwed) but if aliens came reigning down on to our planet, you damn well better believe every Texan that can lift a trigger finger is gonna lay the smackdown on those fools. Hell, we got our shotguns mounted - all those years practicing on beer cans and bambi's made us pretty good shots (ya gotta remember, Texas is one of those states that's self sustaining, at least that's what those wacko's that have petitioned every year to have Texas secede from the United States believe - really, Texas could sustain itself). Anyway, no little punk ass aliens is gonna run through OUR house and get away with it (unless the alien's are super sizzling models like from that one Super Bowl episode from that comedy 3rd Rock from the Sun - John Lithgow, that Neuman dude, etc etc). Then we'd be mostly helpless at that point.

Why am I making this up? *rolls eyes* I'm done.

Ciao! Wickedy Wacks

This is quite interesting - you guys try this with me - I signed up and I'm playing it now...

haha! This is COOL - you guys have got to try this: It's a real life type of Monopoly game based on cab drivers in England, each equipped with a GPS system. It's quite interesting really and I've signed up to give it a go. You can win prizes only if you're in the UK, but meh, I just wanted to try it. Follow the directions, sign up, and just wait - it's all in real time!!! Here's the link:

Real Life MonopolyPosted by Hello

I got him I got him!!! Finally, after 3 months, I ran out to Walmart to get a new mouse for my work computer and saw him!!! His deadly, beady eyes were staring at me, so I stared right back at him and then proceeded to check out! Now, Mr. Tater, lets see if the force will keep you afloat while I toss you into my bathtub!!! Posted by Hello

Turn your speakers up when you get to the site!

This is just part of the pic that goes along with the game - totally hot - read my post below - someone that plays this or can get me in, please IM me or email me! tyvm! Posted by Hello

OMG! Holy SHIT I think I found the game that I want to play!!!!!!!

I was looking around as my previous posts stated and I think I found the game I want to play - OMG this fucking game looks SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!! The only downfall is that it's an NC Soft game, but I'm not too overtly worried. I tried super hard to get screenshots, but can't because the gallery is in Macromedia Flash, so sorry about that - but dear god, check out this website - TOTALLY HOT AND TOTALLY PIMP!!!

The game is called ZerA and the teaser site is just absolutely beautiful - the game is uber detailed like Lineage II, but I believe it plays like WoW (I'm creaming myself right about now)

Does anyone play the beta at the moment?? Email me!!!!!

ZerA - probably Wicked's New Game!!!!!!

Ewww and YUMMY~

I was watching CSI last night (Yes, I'm a CSI junkie) and I saw a commercial for Mikes Hard Lemonade, done at the Salt Lick in Austin Texas!!!!! Shit did I get super hungry after seeing that commercial. If you guys EVER make it to Austin, go to the Salt Lick - forget about the generic restaurants and freaking go to this place - I haven't been here in forever, but it's so damn good - that BBQ is down right deadly. I miss real food from Texas :(Posted by Hello

A screen from Eve online - what do you guys think about this game - I was reading up on it and..............

....It looks pretty pimp - and I like how the economy is set up and you pretty much can build your own ship and..........

...I like the fact that some of the skills that you have to learn, you don't actually have to be online to learn it - you can log of and fiddle around and given enough time, you've learned it! Anyone try this game? Posted by Hello

Good morning!

Good morning ppls, in the great words of the lesser stoned half of Cheech and Chong (Cheech, btw) "wuz happen'in?????" I drink way to much coffee and it don't help that I'm not a morning person.

Ok, looks like the consensus says that Anarchy Online blows, so I'm going to look again. If you go to yahoo and type in MMORPG, you'll get a website that comes up that ranks 90% of the games online at the moment - that's where I looked. Ironically, Guild Wars and WoW are numbers 1 and 2, respectively. I played some Guild Wars while it was in Beta last year and prior to giving my comp the boost that it has now - it looked a lot like Lineage II, which I was playing beta at the time as well, but due to the fact that I lagged so hard, I didn't play it for more than 2 days I'll try to find something else and share with you guys (I like the concept of that pirate game where you have your own boat and go around and pillaging stuff, so maybe I'll try that)

I played Lineage last night and did FI again, trying super hard to score that Asword. No lucks but I did get a couple of screenshots - I'll post those this evening

Contest contest! Don't forget to enter - time's running out!

Be back later with a few more posts :) Wicked ruleraz.Posted by Hello

Monday, June 27, 2005

I know I know - before your eyes begin to bleed and you yell at me, yes that's from Lineage II - I am only posting this simply because of the fact that: THAT'S HOT. There, I said it. Catch you all tomorrow! Ciao! Wickedy Wack Posted by Hello

My boss says, "Hey, we need one of these." I'm like, is that? I dunno what that is. He says to find us an oscillosope. WTF is an oscillocope - yayaya - all you techs and engineers that know about these things, where the hell can I get one? Preferably used cuz I did a check on a new one and holy mother of god, I've seen some of these suckers go for $90,000!!!! Fuck that - I'll MAKE one for that kind of money; yah know, use some aluminum foil, a spoon, some copper, action figure parts, a coca-cola can, etc etc. (seriously, if you guys know of any inexpensive used ones, holler at me please) Posted by Hello

LOL - yup, classic dragon - that level 48 knight got pounded. Do any of you recall fighting Lind? I do - back when this area was first released, there were tons of us camping him - it was SO much fun because he would wipe us all out in one hit with that god-awful lightening attack. I would see the lightening come down and then a mass chorus of "ugh" as we all fell down and the restart menu popped up. I look forward to seeing him again soon!

Oh my oh my, look who just fell from the sky! Out of nowhere, that wind dragon known as Lindvior has suddenly decided to stop flapping his wings and come out and play instead (this is from Gameabout's screenshot list - they were the most recent). I wonder how strong he is now? Posted by Hello

Here's the game I'll be trying - can you dig it?

Some creepy dudes!!!

Some of the weapons that will be available that I can use

Just a pimpin' knight/soldier dude

The world that I'll be entering! Posted by Hello

The game is called Shadowlands - free to download with a monthly fee. The good part is that the initial trial of the game is like Lineage from way back in the day - you get a 2 week trial so if it blows, then you can cancel and you sure as hell can bet that if this game blows (which I don't think it will), then I'll cancel. Keep ya'll updated! Wicked da Liquid