Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Some funny pics!

Why yes it IS....Paradise indeed. (VOTE FOR ME OVER THERE DAMN IT!~~~>)
Aight, someone tell me where I can get one of those. PLEASE!

hahahaha! Suckah!

Don't forget to check out the mpeg clips I posted below! Enjoy! I'm outta here!

Ciao! Wicked "Gonna stick it" Liquidz


Huh? What the hell is this shit? Is this shit for REAL? Noooo, can't be. Is it? All I have to say to this is "........................." Who thinks of this shit? IF this is real, you know this is some sicko's dream come true, right? At first I was reading the page thinking this has got to be some kind of joke - guess what? I don't think it is. They ramble on about how they screen each "client" before allowing the kids to be rented (oh yah, it's not just rent my daughter, but rent my son too). I will tell you this, read some of the comments the kids have underneath the pics, they're absolutely hilarious. But what on EARTH would a parent even THINK about "renting" their kids out. Personally, I think this shit is a bit freaky.

Rent my MONSTER!

Ciao! Wicked "No way in hell I'm hitting that, cuz I dun wanna go to jail" Liquidz

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


This is a pretty tight clip - crank up your speakers!!! A group of Lionesses (girl lions you babos) are grabbing a bite to eat when a bunch of nasty ol' hyena's decide to take their food. Well who do the girly lions call? Their PIMP of course!
Wicked Lays the Smack Down - "Don't touch mah ho's!"

O.O! A Katana vs a Bullet! Wanna guess who wins?

Katana Vs Bullet - that Kat is definitely +9

LMFAO! Watch this shit - it's the PIMPEST kung fu I've EVER seen hahaha!!!!

Scream like a dog - it'll work, I swear! And don't hit anything, but pretend, cuz that'll work too!

LOL! This one is just funny - watch the expression on her face!

Fake Snake Does Her In!

........................................... wth ...........oh..........hahaha...this is so wrong in SO many ways, but I find it amusing - for a second. Not quite sure what he's trying to accomplish, but this fool is gonna get his ass beat in.

Some white guy trying to be funny. Works for about a second.

What? You REALLY thought I was going to end this post without a SINGLE fight??!!! This is a fight compilation - enjoy it damn it!

Fight fight fight at top drake!

I'd definitely go....... this theater! Hmmmm....imagine a gamers paradise.....wait...someone did! Some very game-oriented business people are putting together the ultimate PC cafe - but I'd rather call it a PC Theater. Imagine playing WoW or Lineage not on a 17 inch LCD or 19 inch CRT monitor - or even a Sony 27 inch widescreen bad-boy; how about playing it on a screen the size of a theater screen??!! See, that's what I'M talking 'bout!!

Gaming on the big screen!


Found this while I was trolling due to the fact that I have about a 15 minute reprieve before going back to work. Look at the spells on the ss above - notice anything? First off, you can see the image of the spells that have yet to be released. The other thing about these screenshots? They're from the year 2000!!! WTF??!! Some of you who can manipulate the resource files have already seen them, but if you look below.................... can see FireWall was already in effect back in the day! Makes you wonder what in God's name took them so long to figure out what was wrong. Mind you, this was PRE-Lineage II, so there was no reason for them to not have this shit in game at that time. Stupid twits.

Oh, and this screenie is a repost - just thought it looked cool :P

And this one - what spell is that on the ground? Anyone know?

Ciao! Wicked "Is tired" Liquids

What?? More Elf stuffs??!!

The GIF prolly isn't going to work, but meh; check it - elves get MORE??!! Shit, when do the knights get the hook up??!! We haven't gotten a fucking update in like 2 to 3 years - absolutely, totally, fucking LAME NCSoft assholes! Sorry, went off there for a second.

Ok, here it is - the new Elf spell - Triple Hell or Triple Arrow (don't know the exact name - we'll let the dumbshits in Austin figure that out). I don't have a mac, so I couldn't take a screenshot of the damage table, but all I have to say is "OW." This spell is gonna hurt and a severe advantage for elves in PvP!

Want to see the damage chart? Check it out HERE! (scroll down, you'll see it)

Yeah, so what?

I totally have been sucking on posting lately and I'm not going to say why because I've said it a dozen times already. Anyway, I did like a billion loads of laundry last night and proceeded to ruin my favorite pair of shorts anyway, after I do my shit tonight, I'll come back and post guessed it - video clips - my favorite! I've found some funny stuff and I'm sure you'll all dig it and I do have some Lineage stuff to update as well - from Gameabout! And then some rambling about disgruntled Lin players.

I hope one day when they stop Lineage, they let a few players keep the code so we can run our own servers - I'll definitely take advantage of that and my server would be UBER cool. Ok, Now I'm rambling.

Heavy day today with lots of manual labor - won't get into it - so I'll post when I can, but I'll definitely hit it tonight.

Ciao! Mistah Wicked

Monday, August 29, 2005

Cute Puppies and Kitties Monday!

Suck it up boys 'n girls - Yes, Wicked continues to be insanely busy - and when I get home at night, I got shit to do, so no real time to update - argh - I have no idea when it's going to slow down, but hopefully.......blah.....who knows! Thanks again to Rachel for helping me out posting (where are the rest of the guys? Who knows) Aight dudes - holla at ya later!

G'morning boys and girls!

Wanted to give you all a freaking AWESOME link to something - I know I'm slow, so some of you have already got this shit.

Google Earth!

Now you all know I like to link only the cool stuff and this thing is INSANE! haha! You have to download it, then run the exe. file - trust me - it's hella cool! Use your mouse and go pimpin' all over 'da world - just trust me guys - try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Will You Have My Sheep Child?

I thought this was an interesting story, and it goes to show that drunk people can be extremely f'ed up! Saying he's three sheets to the wind is an understatement for this guy: According to 19-year-old Mr. Intoxicated, he was sleeping peacefully when a pregnant sheep just snuggled up right beside him. I mean, he just knew she was pregnant. He's that good. Oh, yeah.

Well, he's quite the gentlemen, so he let the sheep sleep in his bed while he took the couch. I can only imagine what he would do for a woman. He would probably literally sleep out in the doghouse. I wouldn't put it past him.

Anyway, he went to check on the sheep in the morning to find that she was gone, so he evidentally called the police, and they checked it out. Well, they were smart enough to find that there was no trace of a sheep anywhere, but they were dumbass enough to even respond to that call. This guy did admit to being intoxicated that night, but I'm sure he swears up and down that there was a sheep.

Oh, sure. I believe ya, buddy. Must be desperate for a female of any kind...even if he has to resort to beastiality. Ick...

Yo, if you're in Louisiana............

I know this might be too late for some of you in Louisiana, but it's my bit to urge some of you super stubborn people to try to at LEAST get the hell out - shit, this storm is going to be BIG - I've been through MANY hurricanes before, hail storms, tornados, and even an earthquake or two - but this fucker of a storm is going to be massive - Category 5 - as high as the scale goes - and look at the size of that fucker - almost bigger than the entire state of Texas.

For those of you who can't make it out, I wish you the best.

And many of the people from Louisiana are making their way into Texas, so all you fellow Texans out there, especially Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, please show your true Texas kindness and take care of our neighbors.


Saturday, August 27, 2005

eh? Lineage?

Quick post for you guys - sorry if the gif's don't work - blogspot can be a little buggah' when it comes to gif's - a new spell on test server - Circle Stun - you might be able to see it on the gif, but if not, when cast on a target, a circular icon appears over your head and................. (I wish the gif would work, grrrrrrrrr) the target takes a significant amount of damage - a level 55 con knight against a level 52 knight - the level 55 knight completely obiliterates the target in about 4 hits - EVEN WITH IMMUNE -.- Neat spell can be found HERE!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Aight, you all got me fiending...........

..........raaaawrrr! Yesterdays post about missing food prompted me to continue on that them because I frankly don't want to argue about politics, religion, gas, etc - cuz EVERYONE loves food- even those anorexic people like food - so here it is - my post of restaurants that I miss!!! Again, this is a repeat warning - if you are hungry, then forgo the rest of this post - if you LIVE in Texas and have this food readily attainable, then I hate you. Really. I envy you too. Then I hate you some more. Blah! (Some of you may find this post more belonging on the travel channel. So what? I don't care. It's what I miss!)

This is Chuy's in Austin. You're gonna see me talk lots about Tex-Mex and Seafood - my all-time 2 types of favorite foods. I don't want no fancy shit - other than the crem bru le - but the stuff I like to eat, you have to get a little messy. Chuy's is straight up, one of a kind Tex-Mex; if you're ever in Austin, give them a shot; or if you prefer the old fashion stuff, give Kirby's a ring, they're all right too - anyone know which Kirby's has the all-lesbian staff? I can't remember which one that was (all the waitresses were lesbian, which I don't believe, but meh - I just went with it cuz I frankly don't give a fuck - just gimme my damn food!

Over to the right here is what I was drooling over yesterday - Pappadeaux's. Some people don't know what the big deal is with this place. Those same people are fairly stupid. I JUST read an article about a guy from the Netherlands who came to Texas and had his first "cajun" food and he was never the same again. He ended up going there like every other day for 4 months. haha! Crawfish, mud-bugs, call'em what you want - they are PIMP! Here's how to eat them (if you've NEVER had them before, then you're a virgin and you have to suck the head. If you ever come visit me and we go here, be prepared to suck the head - I WILL make you! lol)
Fort Worth!!!!!! Gawd I miss that town - I had some of the best fun of my life in the DFW area - the whole place is a little backward, but the it's unique because you have the high-end city slickers in Dallas, then a short drive later, go across on I-20 or I-30 and end up in old-school Forth Worth with the daily cattledrives through the Stockyards. There are many great places to eat, but one of my favorites - a Fort Worth staple, is Joe T. Garcia's. If you're in the DFW area or ever visited, then you KNOW what I'm talking about - their salsa is to die for. My mouth is watering just thinking about it - fresh, in the kitchen made daily, salsa. Doesn't get any better than that.

Let's step away, albeit very briefly from the Tex-Mex and try some seafood again, ok? No? Well too fucking bad because I can. Joe's Crab Shack!!!!!!!!!! Eat at Joe's damn it! They're all over Texas, but there's 2 in particular that I like - the one Kemah, which is by Galveston, and the one in Arlington, Texas - ugh - it's off the 20, but I can't remember the cross street - it's right by the BallPark. The best food? Simple - the oversized fried shrimp, crawfish, and bluecrab. I remember when it's crawfish/blue crab season, me and Muyo, hell, whoever wanted to go, would go and tear that place up - we'd have buckets upon buckets of crawfish.'s not NEAR lunchtime and I'm hungry again. Help meeeeeeeee!

Aight, this post is gonna have to come to an end SOMETIME...I could go on and on and on about food, but at this point, I'm about 20 seconds away from getting in my truck and driving over to Arizona where there's a Taco Cabana so I can chow down. Sigh......aight, so here we go. What happens when it's late at night, you just got out of a club, or you're drunk, or high - then where the hell do you go? Taco Bell? Jack in the Box? Hell no! You go to Taco Cabana!!! LOL! Great food and it's super low priced - hell, when you're drunk or stoned or both, this place is the shit at 2 am! Plus, all the clubbing chicks go there too - there are some mighty hot girlies that hang there after the bar scene - go try any of the Taco Cabana's off of Westheimer and you'll see what I'm talking about(that's in Houston, or try the one in Austin, which is NW of the campus - you can't miss it).

I better stop. This is getting out of hand. So no one wants to Fed-Ex me some food? I asked nicely, even put the kitty pic up for the "awwww" factor, and Amanda was the only one that offered. t.t!

So...........hun..g..r...y......can..''s gonna save me?

Ciao! Wicked "Get off my craw-fish" Liquids

Thursday, August 25, 2005

So tired and.......HUNGRY! (typical guy, right?)

I've busted my ass today and I'm tired! Not only that, I am just not quick witted at the moment so if any of you want to call me and bust on me, now's the time to do it because the only thing I can respond with at the moment is "........................................" So yah, I'm hungry at the same time but I'm not quite sure what I want - there's tons of food here in SoCal, but I'm talking about REAL food - good, southern food - hell, even the IHOP food here tastes different than from Texas or Louisiana. What am I talking about? (If you're hungry now, please stop reading, you WILL regret this............)

I miss boiled/baked blue crab from the Gulf of Mexico, boiled nice and red, spicy crawfish dipped in butter sauce with some red peppers, corn on the cob, and red-potatos, I miss grilled and blackened Salmon from Pappadeux's and filleted flounder from RockFish and their crem bru le for dessert, I miss good generic cajun food from Razzoo's - 'gator tail fried with a side of tartar sauce, hell, I miss cajun food in general - like gumbo (all types!), hell, you know - Lousiana Creole - jambalaya, red beans and rice, etouffee (OMG!!!!), and my all time favorite - BOUDIN!!!!!!!! (If you don't know what that is, you are seriously missing out!) I FREAKING MISS TEX-MEX, DAMN IT! I went to a restuarant in HB, the only place that's even remotely close to Tex-mex, but not anywhere near it. I miss Chipotle's big-ass burritto (they got them here, but they don't taste right), I miss REAL flautas, tacos, burritos, enchilads (the real ones made with pork and pork grease, not that canned shit), all made with fresh vegetables.

Sigh. Now I'm super hungry. Anyone want to Fed-Ex me some food? I think I miss home. This sucks. :( and t.t!

Ciao! Wicked "I'd hit it for a REAL taco" Liquidz

You know, some days, I wish I could just do this......

DAMN......! Sorry for the slow-mo posting action boys and girls but Wickedy Wacks has been INSANE busy. It was slow for 2 months, then BAM - you know how it is - it all comes in 3's. I been working a few 12, 11, and 10 hour days - not a big deal and expected in my industry - but damn that shit can take a toll! So what else have I been up to? on playahs!

I been playing WoW -but not the MMO - the RPG! I LOVE - ADORE - those type of games like Caeser, Dune, etc, where you build your little armies and destroy everything and everyone on the screen - you're god and you make and break these little guys. What's cool is that when I play this game (I had it before I had the MMORPG WoW) there are so many little things that the big WoW game took ideas from - it's pretty sweet. I can play this on and other ways, but I just like to play solo while I semi-watch TV (I have the Jacket and the Hole coming my way - wow, such exciting titles huh?).

haha! You all at home can't see, but I just got busy - I started make this post 3 hours ago and just NOW started typing again lol.

Argh - now I forgo what I was going to write - damn it! bbl!

Ciao! Wicked "......................" Liquidz

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

WTF???@!!!!!! (do NOT read this post if you don't like cussing and swearing)

I had a moment to check the web - sorry guys, been so damn busy - but I ran across a story that hit the line a few minutes ago- gasoline prices skyrocketed again. The next few lines are R-rated or NC-17 Rated, so moms and dads, put the kids away.


Shit, as you guys can tell, I'm pissed. I don't know how many of you read up on current events, domestic and international, or even care, but I do. I'm a news junkie and I like the stuff from around the world - Al Jezeera, BBC, etc etc. I dunno, it's just a thing I have. I think it's extraordinarily wrong for these people to drive up the cost of gas for no legitmate reason - for example, there's a storm brewing off the coast that COULD be big. For that reason, they drove the cost of gas up. There isn't even a storm yet. It hasn't hit the rigs yet. It may not even MAKE it to the rigs. But these futures experts see it as a sign to line their wallets and cause more grief.

Ok, I'm ranting and I'm done. They should make me President of the World. Everyone gets cheap everything.

Ciao! Wicked "You worked me over on gas, so imma find your mom and work her over as pay back" Liquids

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Can you say "Schwing!??"

My, my, my, Hermione has certainly grown up a bit, hasn't she? All imma say is I can only go to jail if I get caught - and even then, I'll continue to swear that I thought she was 18 (or 17 in some southern states). Booyah!

Ciao! Wicked "Don't drop 'da soap" Liquidz

Wicked, Was This You? Hmmm?

Apparently, a police officer (if you wanna call him that, but it could just be Wicked undercover) in Chicago is in trouble for "allegedly" ordering a couple women he pulled over for one reason or another to flash him or "do a little dance" without underwear, and they'd be cleared of their traffic tickets. Well, they didn't give into the charming and tactful offers. So now homeboy is goin' to court.

I don't understand why they didn't accept the offers. I mean, he's a man of the law, and when he says, "Flash me," you do it! I mean, the man probably doesn't get much time in between his shifts for some booty, so do him a favor.

Ok, in all seriousness, Wicks, I'll bail you out this time, but be more careful the next time.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Yes....My Kung Fu is Strong............

I seriously played very little over the weekend - I was so bored, I didn't even bother to check bosses - except for ONE of course :P I actually decided to check him last night before I logged and I found him on 5. I whispered many players that were online, but only found one that was available. And with a little elbow grease, we got good old Death Knight to fall over. As you can see, his drops weren't HORRIBLE but pretty damn close - I think if he had dropped a blinding pot and some n-gloves, I'm sure that would have capped the day. Oh well - I know that Flame Sword of the Death Knight is waiting for me....I KNOW it is...........

Last post of the day???!! Maybe :P

Last post of the day? Hmmmmmm... maybe - we'll see ^^ In the meantime, here is something the boys can play with - use your mouse and bounce Jessica Simpson - know what I mean? :P

Don't have too much fun now, ya hear?

Bounce Jessica, BOUNCE!

Sigh...SHOULD I? Or should I just let it go? (Eric, read this post!)

Ok, initially, I wasn't going to post about this, but I've been reading a bit more and now I have a conundrum. Ya see, those fine folks at Blizzard Entertainment, whose headquarters are ironically 20 minutes from where I live, are throwing some sort of convention: BLIZZCON at the Anaheim convention center - the same place where I took all those Anime pics. Remember that? Well now, if you go to this page: BlizzCon Info you'll see some of the incentives they are having for those that attend. More specifically, they are giving away IN-GAME items, some of epic quality, at the show - in your goodie bag when you enter, there will be a pre-printed card that you code in and it'll give you some items, one of which will be a special pet - a stupid Murloc -thingy. And of course, other loot like t-shirts, playing cards, and other relative "junk." I'd love to go to this thing, again purely for the cosplay, but then I saw the entrance fee.

Sigh....with that said, no, I won't be going to the convention, although I'm sure you all would have loved to have seen pics from that - sorry to let you all down, but you can blame Blizzards INSANE greedyness for that one. Till next time!

Ciao! Wicked "I know Blizzard likes it in the ass" Liquidz

WMD and Pimpin Around da World....

Oh me oh my! Hmmm....what has Wicked been doing? Oh yah, other than unleashing his WMD's (Wicked Mass Destruction's) and spewing out his pimp juice (that left the WORST visual in my head by the way), I been fairly busy! Aight, so lets get with it eh? See the sign on the left? Yes, they actually made fucking illegal. Now how UNCOOL is that? that's just wrong in SO many ways!

No Sex Around HERE!

And what's with UFO's nowadays???!! You'd think with all this high tech camera gear and high end technology available around the world now, SOME numbfuck out there would at least have the ability to nail down ONE DECENT picture or video clip of something like a UFO - but NOOOOO - lets just conveniently keep that shit on the lowest grade possible, then shake the camera as much as you can for no apparent reason, then call what you got on tape a legit UFO - bullshit. I swear, SOME people -.-

UFO's are fakerzorsz (that's not even a word, but if people can make up UFO's then I should be able to make up words)

Oh yah baby, Wicked got the hook up!!! Check this bad boy out - it's a bb gun - but looks hella real don't it??!! It's 1/1 scale, so it's not some small little boy's toy - this thing is full on scale model and comes with a laser sight - and I just scored one for FREE!! One of my vendors sells general merchandise as a wholesaler and he's got many of these that he just bought - guess for how much? Guess - $4!!!!! This thing is pretty pimp and I'm sure I'd get in trouble for swinging it around outside, but damn, it looks real - check this guys website out - he's not selling at the moment becuase they keep selling out - the prices are different because that's what he sells to you all - retail price. I get this shit at cost muwahahahahahahhaha - check out the AK 47 and the MP5 and the MR-766; you could seriously scare the shit out of your neighbors with all this stuff and the bb guns are all 1/1 scale, so they are very much "REAL" sized. PIMP!

Ciao! Wicked "Imma he-bitch, man-whore" Liquidz

girls do it better

ive also noticed that you ppls seem to like the karate/kung-fu/ ninja thing.. So i got to thinking since ive let Wicked down by not posting( even tho i told him now was a bad time) I would combine his two favorite subjects.. girls + karate.

There I posted!

ok, so ive been thinking about what kinda girl would be perfect for you Wicks.. and i think i found her...And, she looks like she stepped out of a movie and we all know how much you looooooooove movies..and the best part is she super freaky like a horror movie and those are yer favorite i hear =oP
you can thank me later,babe! *smoochies*

So, you want to be part of my Ninja gang and go whoop some NC butt huh?

I meant to make this post last week, but I didn't feel like it, so there! See that? I just ninja'd all of you! See how smooth and effortless that was? That's a sign of a ninja, suckah's!! Now, let's get this straight - as the sign implies, you can't be a ninja, or it's illegal to be a ninja, from 2 am to 5 am - just so we get that part straight.

Anyway, the whole point of the Ninja Gang is go to and gank NC Austin for being little freaking dweebs and not having the balls to fix shit - cuz they must wait on their masters/superiors from across the way. Wut-eva. So I'm recruting Ninja's to bring the pain on them. Here are the requirements for being part of this gang, it's very important and if you can't meet the criteria, then you're out:

Rule #1: Must look good with a mask on.

That's all. Other than that, you don't need to be able to scale walls, or throw a ninja star accurately or even hide that all well. Just look good wearing a mask. ok? Once inside NC Austins office, we'll loot everything - the staplers, copiers, Kyzah's donut seat that she sits on, and Capstrum's enema stash in his desk - all of this WILL be taken and they will suffer sorely for their misbehavior.

If you want to be in my gang, then leave a comment in the second box with "Fuck yah!" which should read "-bleep- yah!"

Then wait for further instructions. Ninja's UNITE!

Ciao! Wicked "Seriously needs to get laid now" Liquidz