Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Reutrn of the King....almost....

Hi there.

So, I've been dealing with a lot of personal issues lately - nothing inherently bad, just consuming a lot of my time. I'll be moving from SoCal soon (shhhhhh, don't tell anyone on my myspace cuz I'm keeping it a secret for now :P) and really, between work, finding a new place, the puppy, and trying to psyche myself up for the new job, I haven't really had much time - I absolutely LOVED this past weekend because I was able to completely chill.

Anyway, I'm in the office this morning, doing some bullshit work and I wanted to log onto Lineage.com to check out the boards and see what my old gamer buddies have been up to. Guess what? No one that I know plays anymore. They've all moved on. There are one or two names that I recall, but that's about it.

And yes, I've continued to play Warrock - here's what it looks like, to refresh your memory :)
I've actually made it to level 14 on this game - about to hit 15 - and this game is NOT about leveling at all - it's complete joy for me to go into a game and not worry about leveling. You can die a 100 times and you won't lose exp, you'll GAIN it, albeit just a little bit.

WARNING - if you guys want to play this game, there are hackers on there like you would not believe, so show a little patience and move to a different room. K? Good.

Oh and yes, this game is completely FREE. There's a premium membership you can purchase, but free is just fine :)

I have to go now, but be prepared.....the Lineage bug is starting to set it.....let's see if I pick it up again, or if I just stay away!



Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ok, as promised...........so stop calling me a dick


Ok, as promised, I've decided to do a nifty little post for ya'll, so bear with me.

First of all, lemme start off with something fairly PIMP...a clip of a fight of course!

Watch this shit!!!

A Girl and a Dude Fighting.....TRUST ME! (CLICK ME!)

Ok, as my previous post stated, I've been traveling a lot. One of the new places that I've been able to hang out in, is San Francisco and lemme tall ya'll something.....that place IS THE SHIT! Omg I would love to live there.....the weather is awesome, the people TOTALLY my style...the place is amazing......the only drawback? Not enough girls...the guy to girl ratio in the Bay area is 10 to 1...seriously.


Had an amazing $200 dinner here - and drank so much, I got rocked haha

This is what a mall ceiling looks like up there! NICE!

LV - need I say more?

And the other reason why I've been busy....my two kids....meet Tic Tac the puppy and Skittles the devil cat!

Yes, this is EXACTLY how he sleeps!

They don't fight that much - they play A LOT though :)

See? They sleep like this too - they can't be separated when they sleep - Skittles is the big sister and she watches out for her little, insane brother.

I do have more....as in the pics of the girls, but that's too egocentric so I'll save that for another post.

Be good ya'll - more to come!

Ciao! Wicked "I'm done with your mom" Liquids

I feel like such a dick....

Hi Guys.....

Wow, I feel like an absolute PRICK! I'm at work, hella fucking busy, and I stopped really quick to look at the internet (Ok, I'm lying, I was looking at porn) and I look in my bookmark section and I see something called the "Chronicles of Wicked." I was like, "Oh, what is that? WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE! THAT'S MY BLOG!"

Alas, I actually forgot about my once great blog. I looked at some of my past posts and damn, this shit was rocking at one point. So why stop?

Well, I've written several times in the past why I had to slow down. And honestly, it'll probably be that way for awhile. And to make it more difficult, I'm traveling a great deal. Although, I can say that from now on, when I'm at my hotel, I can do some write ups.

So what have I been up to? Well, let's see, outside the whole "girl" thing (yes, some gamers CAN get a hot girl once in awhile), it's been work and my puppy, and a lot of other shit.

I have a lot of pics and stuff I want to show you guys - I'll tell ya what - mostly cuz I can't access shit at work, I'll take my lunch break downloading a lot of pics....and then I'll do another blog post this afternoon.

How about that? It'll have insane links, real life pics, and blah blah blah.....maybe a few quips of my biting sarcasm...and more about video games! Yes, I DO play them still....just not Lineage.

Ok guys - I'll brb!

Ciao! Wicked 'da Liquid