Saturday, November 26, 2005


haha! Are YOUR users STUPID? LMFAO!

Sigh...ok, so anyway, I'm trying out a ton of new games, cool right? No, not cool. I am concurrently downloading 2 games - the original number was 8. So why the difference? Because some fucking assholes out there are using MY name. How dare they??!!! Those mutherfuckers.........rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Be original and pick your own damn name.....idiots.......

Ciao! Wicked "me me me me me" Liquids

Friday, November 25, 2005

Fudge....sigh....does Lineage EVER stop??!!! Ever??!! Sigh.............

Well hello again! Still here I see. Fine, I might as well make it worthwhile for you -.-

I was reading some blogs today and ran across RiffRaff's site - she posted the publish update from NC back on November 11th - it was for the test server and it has Episode 4 material. So if you all recall the timeframe that NC US releases their shit, you can expect the update to come in January or February of next year.

So what's the point of my post? This:

*Re-enabled Valakas (non-death match version); updated dragon lairs, strengthened, and added new abilities for Antharas, Fafuron, and Valakas (non-death match version).

Yeah yeah yeah, the rest of the shit is there too, the new areas, new maps, re-adjusted shit of this and that, new drops, new camping grounds, new places for the bots to hide.

But the dragons are BACK (they say that they were always there, just a rare-spawn - I'm assuming that they mis-worded that and got that confused with NC customer support). Anyway, one of the biggest ORIGINAL draws to the game is being put back in and that shit makes me as excited as a giddy little school girl, know what I mean? Sigh....should I open my account for one more month? We'll just have to wait and see about that.........

Anyway, you can go to RiffRaff's site (off to the right) or the the NC site - go to Riff's site - the font is bigger and way prettier than the mundane Lineage site.

Oh, and I also took a peek at Fieldsofloves site - he mentions the movie for Episode 4 - which is linked via the Japanese Lineage site. OMG the freaking Japanese Lineage site ROCKS - it's the prettiest Lineage site EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hell, now that I think about it, the Flash based Sesame Street site is hella sharper than the Lineage site. Now that's just sad.

Ciao! Wicked "Yes, I've been to the Sesame Street site -.-" Liquids

Here's something for you all to chew on.....

Ahhhh, some more Lineage news for your newbs! I'm sorry if I taint my news with, um, my style, or as I like to say, MY SHIT, but I'm sure you'll get over it. So, shall we being (not to worry, it's not long and it gets right to the damn point!). Pic above and below - the new maps for the Dragon Valley caves when it gets altered on the next episode - click on the pic to enlarge and then save it to your hard drive so you'll have something to reference later - yes, this means moving all your fucking porn so you can make room for Lineage. BUSTED!

I had to cut and paste this shit, so you better like it and if you don't, you can just go die. I don't mind. Really. Go for it. Here are some of our counterparts in Korean showing off their shit - starting from top, then left to right:

Two-handed bullshit, Great Sword +5 (wooooo WTF-ever), +9 Sayha, +7 Gold Dagger, +11 Rapier (neat-o), and my favorite, +10 Deathblade.

See? Nothing special. Just something to stare at :)

Next up? Hmmmmmmmmm......

Oh yah!! muwahahahahaha

Damn, that chick in the very top pic must be in pain - a straight shot right into her boobie :(

Well now, since I have ya'lls undivided attention, remember a few posts ago (ok, a LOT of posts ago) I had mentioned to you all that I had found the MECA of fight sites with all the fighting you can possible shake a finger at and not have it bitten off by your mom?



Here ya go kiddies - enjoy it - it's called COME GET YOU SOME!

Scroll down and enjoy the whup-ass! When I initially found the site, I sat for a good 2 hours watching almost every fight they had on there - and it's where I got most of my fights :)

Also, check out the pimp links on the right - I've updated them and....AND...I'm doing this for you guys ONLY ~~ I've pulled a few sites from my secret stash! Ok, they're not MY sites, but ones that I would use quite often to entertain you all. But now you can go entertain yourselves. Which I know you all do. Using Lubriderm. And for you rich guys, Lubriderm with Aloe. Don't lie.

Ciao! Wicked "You know you'd hit it" Liquids

Gig'em who? Huh? WTH is a "gig'em?"

Texas wins again! Light up that tower in Austin boys 'n girls!!! Hook'em Horns!

Next? Punk-ass USC......

Ciao! Wicked "dun like USC" Liquids

Can't sleep..... SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

*ahem* um....all my brothers out there - repeat after me....HELL YAH! muwahahahahahaha - Happy Birthday to me, indeed :)

Ciao! Wicked "I want a bite of 'dat cake :) "liquids

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hello and here's my post for Thanksgiving!

Ok, there, I'm done.

Shit that was hard.


Just kidding :) I think I've had my plans for this weekend completely altered, so I'll prolly do some hella updating tomorrow - unless my plans workout the way they're suppose to (it's ME here, so they won't - I, and YOU, know this).

So I hope you all are fat and happy and ate tons for Thanksgiving - I'm going to go make some ramen for my meal, with a side of carrots! Woot! I rock. -.-

I'm also going to be updating my links - I believe some are dead links and I'd like to add a few more - and...AND...if you're NICE to me on my birthday (yes, I said BIRTHDAY) I'll do some links for my post.

Ciao! Wicked "Loves turkey-flavored ramen" Liquids

Monday, November 21, 2005

What the.......................

WAS about to go to bed, but decided to hop on over the Gameabout. LOOK AT THIS SHIT. These mutherfuckers.......... A player hit level 52, using PURE charisma into his stats. Then put on some charisma gear. So, nothing special, right? RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT? Well SOMETHING has changed over in Lineage-land, hasn't it? What did you say? You don't know what I'm talking about?

Psssssttttt................look below..........and for those of you who are NOT mages NOW, you may start yer bitching...................................

Just a very quick random thought before bed.......



(stop laughing you fuckers - you know you love her!)

Ok, that's it, I'm losing my mind - I'm going to bed.

Ciao! Wicked "Does the Xena yell" Liquids

PS - I'd hit it.

PSS - I'd hit her sidekick Gabrielle too.

I'm not eating turkey for Thanksgiving..........

Sup punks! Whatcha doing? Misbehaving, causing mayhem, and getting laid I hope. If you're not doing one of those 3, then you SERIOUSLY need to......GET THE FUCK OUTTA DA HOUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Ok? Great!

So, what the hell have you guys been up to? All you Lineage dweebs - update yer damn blogs - gimme some good screenshots to look at and I DEMAND that you make me laugh!

Oh yes, ahem, need to do this before I start rambling - Hi Alvi! Hi Rach! Hi Linds! *waves*
I'll write ya'll in a bit.

Ok, now, let me get back to it - seriously - how has Lineage been? Same shit? I think so :P

I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving - I think I actually will have to work - even travel to freaking San Diego -.- But the great part is that I'll be able to update during my short break. So you can look forward to that, ya punks! Oh, and let me leave ya for this:

Thursday, November 17, 2005


I tried to find some pics of the flu to go along with this post, but all I got was some fucked up shit and I wasn't going to post that junk. Don't ask me what's going on in the pic above - I have no earthly clue - I think he's taking a hit of something, but not quite sure.

And no, that's not me. I mean, it COULD be, but naw, I don't got a perm. And that dude way too good looking to be me.

Aight, so anyway, I'm pretty sick and I been working my ASS off. I'm not sure why I been sick other than I know officially that California air quality is quite simply some of the worst in the WORLD - I have been non-stop sneezing, eyes watering, and coughing like you wouldn't believe. I just got my truck washed and it's already caked with dust - that's how bad the air is.

I dunno - maybe I got SARS or something. So, anyone want to come play with me? COME PLAY WITH MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I SAID!

It's my b-day next week and I BETTER NOT be sick for that!

hehehe - ok guys, I'll holler at you later!

Ciao! Wicked "It's my b-day?" Liquids

Monday, November 14, 2005

Nothing special...

Was looking around on Gameabout and didn't find anything major. Here are a few screenies I snagged - the above pic - mage right? Look at his freaking MP at his level - that's insane!

haha - I LOVE this interface - soooooooo old school, it's funny :P

Hmmmm looks as if our counterparts in Korea have a bit more time on their hands than we do -.-

Ciao! Wicked "imma get coffee" Liquids

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I know it ain't Christmas or Thanksgiving....but....

Ahhh the greatness of Lineage!!! This is an actual screenshot - yes I said SCREENSHOT - of my little mage dude playing away during the last gay-ass event. I was there for a moment and I had to take a screenshot for one simple reason; GREED IS GOOD. GREED IS LINEAGE. THEREFORE LINEAGE IS GOOD. With me? Think Socrates and trust me, it'll make sense. Anyway, to you greedy fucks, fuck off! And remember boys and girls - karma. It'll get you one way or the other. Good or bad.

I wanted to do one of my famous DK runs (I call it a DK run because I finally understood how the pattern works with that fucker ). I camped this guy for years and I got my fair share of hitting this guy up. I never really cared about getting scrolls or anything - still don't really, but I really did want that damn Flame Sword of his. So what's the secret with DK spawn? Should I be a greedy jerk like lots of Lineage players and keep it to myself? Or share?

Ah, here we go - that's a screenshot of my mail. Read the title subject of the lone email.

Hey guys - well, what can I say? I will miss you all tremendously - I've had so much fun with this game and never ever really thought it would be one I'm walking away from - I had always considered it this little game that I could play whenever I wanted.


ahahahahahah - what? Want me to get all sentimental? Pfffffffffffttttt..... I've learned ONE FUCKING THING FROM LINEAGE; WHENEVER YOU PLAY AN ONLINE GAME, YOU PLAY IT AS GREEDILY AS YOU FUCKING CAN. I was Anakin Skywalker when I started playing Lineage. Now you can call me Darth. (Ok, that was gay)

Honor? What the FUCK is honor? Honor is what you find in Websters or a movie - but in a video game? Yah right.

Aight, so check it - I'll still do some Lineage stuff from Gameabout for you but in return, all you Lineage bloggers need to update so I can check on you guys.

Really, take good care - my blog will still be going on strong, but I"m going to keep checking other games out for you guys as well.

Peace (I told you it wasn't Thanksgiving or Christmas)

Ciao! Wicked "I'd hit it" Liquidz

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Oh yah, he's back...

You saw my earlier post showing Valakas back in game. Here's one of that fake-ass, wannabe, Godzilla - aka Antharas. Camping for scales anyone? Yah, I'd like to see a level 10 with 80 hp run down there in coi - one hit Succ's will own your ass...hehehehe

Ciao! Wicked "I'm going to cheat now" Liquids

Hmmmm - can you say, "Shut yo mouth, fool!"

Just a quick post for you Lineage newbs that still play the game - A sword? Just a sword? Oh please Mr. Wicked's, what does it do? Huh? huh? huh? huh? Anyone? Huh? Huh? Huh?
Well, you see, if you look CLOSELY................................

Oh my, yes boys and girls, it casts Silence. But you ask, "How effective is it?" Well damn! How'd I KNOW you were going to ask this shit? Cuz I DID! I'm too lazy to cut, paste, etc, etc, but I WILL link it - now all you mages out there, you MIGHT want to take a look at the page - it's EXTREMELY effective at level 47 with 51 MR - it missed casting silence ONE TIME. Actually, as the MR increased, along with level, it STILL FUCKING MISSED ONLY ONE DAMN TIME. See? No? Then go to this link and scroll down to the middle of the page:

One Silence for YOU, and one for YOU, and one for YOU, and.........

Monday, November 07, 2005

y'all take care now

After going over my shot records, yea baby! I was up to date on ALL of them so I doesn't has (yes I know that was improper usage there....dorks) to get any shots this time!! *does the white gurl dance*, and getting a prescription for Cipro (the "Traveler's Antibiotic"), heavy duty mesquito repellant (oh yes the mesquitoes there are the size of hawks...), water purifier tablets (along with the many bottles of water I'm taking with me anyway), packing for the past week (gawd....sometimes I hate being a girl although I learned my lesson from the last trip and am underpacking, even though I was without luggage for the first 11 days of my 3 week trip) AND securing my two new roommates (after much interviewing, spending time getting to know them, drawing blood, getting fingerprints, running DNA know the usual stuff you do when you're looking for a roommate), I'll be leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again. :) Actually it'll be about 3 or 4 weeks, so y'all be good, mind your P's and Q's and keep your laces tied you little troublemakers you!! I can hear the shouts of joy now, "We don't have to endure any more posts by the babo!!" Yeah, okay fine, UP YOURS TOO!
Other than that, I'm still trying to figure out what happened Saturday night. It was all good, sort of I guess, but I don't know exactly what happened and am piecing together bits and piece of information from other people that were there....the brain has gone fuzzy when trying to recollect the events of the evening, sort of like that fog that appeared when Harry Potter and Dumbledore were in the pensieve in Slughorn's thoughts. yeah, like that, sort of a fuzzy rememberance between the hours of 1:30a.m. to ...hmmm I woke up around noon and am still not sure how I got home and in my own bed ALONE! aahhh....good times? I'll be investigating this one for a while. My so called dearest friends are feeding me all kinds of bullshit just to irritate me but I highly doubt I: a)danced nearly nude for everyone, b)walked down to the lake in my skivvies and swam to the other side, c)rode one of the horses into town to buy beer at the local Circle C and d)had mad passionate sex with one guy in particular, possibly 3 or 4....yeah unh huh right. Thank you, but no. No matter how much fog there may be upstairs, that I WOULD remember. Therefore I say unto all my more than helpful friends, you can KISS MY ASS! and when I DO find out what happened, hehe.....well you best watch your steps.
Okay peoples, it's gonna be the strangest thing not to be home for Thanksgiving, but it will be interesting to say the least.
Sending much love to you all and may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!! Be thankful for what you have, sometimes it's more than you need.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


I watched SAW II over the weekend - wow, not that bad. I was expecting a bit more gore and the movie delivered appropriately, but it wasn't as good as SAW I - but nevertheless, it was ok, so no major complaints here. BUT - I DID see the trailer for 50-Cent's movie.


That's all. It's so lame, his acting SO bad - it's so bad, even in that 2 minute trailer, my eyes were near bleeding, I tried not to laugh. But I did. REALLY HARD. I think I would have had more fun watching dust gather in my apartment.

So if any of you plan on spending money to watch this worthless trash, please do NOT tell me about it. Because I won't care.


Ciao! Wicked "50-Cent minus a 30-cent discount from K-Mart" Liquids

Kitties and Puppies Monday? Umm..maybe LATER...

I know it's still Sunday, but I have no earthly clue if I'll be able to update during the day - I will be able to during the evening, but during the day, fugetabout it! So, I usually do funny clips - and some of the clips below ARE funny - but not all are. I'll give you a heads up.

First off, this is NSFW (Not Safe For Work). No, it's not gross or sick, but it's a bit disturbing; it's some video caught on CCTV at a checkpoint in Iraq - you'll see some suicide bombers try to take out that hummer. Thank god the hummer got away in time. Punk Ass BITCHES at work - stupid suckers!

Funny! Dogs at their absolute BEST!

Ok, this clip is NSFW - the store is getting robbed so what does the store clerk do? pfffffffftttt - fuck that noise - he takes out all 5 robbers in a few seconds - with a gun!

Glock? Smith & Wesson? Who cares - bring the bodybags!

This clip is not quite NSFW - apparently some REAL shit was found using cctv cameras again. Take a real good look and you all tell me if I'm full of shit or not.

Ghosts - or something that looks like SOMETHING across the screen!!!

Ah, finally - and ya'll think I'd let this shit pass without a SINGLE fight? haha! Girls in a classroom - I thought girls were suppose to made from sugar and spice and everything nice? I had no idea they were made with left hooks too!

Sugar, spice, and a trip to the House of Bitch Slap!

Ciao! Wicked "Welcome to the jungle" Liquids

Friday, November 04, 2005

Whoops - forgot these 2!

Oops - forgot to add these 2 pics of a game called ExTEEL - I know nothing about it at this time other than I saw the screenshots for it and I think I like it! Reminds me lots of MechWarrior, which I'm sure many of you have played. I'll give you guys a shout out once I find out more about it. Ciao! Wicked "Ex This Mr. Biatchee" Liquids

What? Yah, so? No really, WHAT?

Hi guys - long time no post - I'm a rat-bastard, ain't I? Well phooey on you too! Here we go! Straight from Gameabout: Check out the above pic - nothing special - but look at the mages gear - what are those rings? Anyone? I may have posted something about them, but I can't remember for the life of me what the hell that was zzzzzz..........

The new island - be forewarned - don't plan on doing a whole hell of a lot of hustling there unless your grouped; my guess is that if you're an upper level mage or elf, you'll already own the island. As for knights and dark elves - bah, I'm not even going to get into that! The right pic - remember that spell my brotherhood of mages - hint hint hint!..............

Yes, Raccoons are going to be tameable. I just don't know how.

Herd attack!!! See? This is where a mage with holy walk and an elf can do some great damage - much like the upper level floors of TOI. Who the hell needs a knight or a dark elf?

haha! My favorite pics! Yes boys 'n girls, Valakas, as will most of the other dragons, will definitely be put back into the game. Does anyone else think Meteor Strike looks way better coming from Valakas than mages? And WTF - is that Val casting firewall? hehehe - at least we can expect that shit to finally be fixed right? Go go go!!!

Ciao! Wicked "I'm alive and I'm going to watch Saw II tonight!" Liquids

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I want one.....
I'm thinking about getting a dog that I can take with me wherever I go. These babies love water, snow, they're smart and they're so cute. I love big dogs and these guys like going places with their owner, so .... should I?
I found one for sale and am going to look at it after work. I want a dog that loves water because when I go to the beach, mah pup's coming with me.
Weather's gorgeous. It's Wednesday. Life is copacetic at the moment. Barring complications, I'll be ready for full action soon and CAN'T WAIT! I'm dying of boredom......
Steven Lynch is coming to town. I just secured a couple of tickets. Not many people have heard of him but I think he's freaking funny. Now if Dane Cook would get off his ass and come to Texas, that would sincerely make my year.
Not much news on the front here. Everything's about Tom Delay right now....gah!
The KKK is coming to town on November 8! Everyone bleach your sheets and get out there in support! NOT!! I honestly thought all that was behind us, but to listen to people talk.....damn! I stopped wearing my slave collar a while back. *ehem*
In an open field near Round Rock (a city named for a large anvil shaped limestone rock that sits in Brushy Creek), a 15 year old boy accidentally shot himself with a homemade gun.
And you thought PVC was only used for lawn furniture and plumbing. HA!
Holy cow! Can you imagine driving down the road and BAM! I've had rocks hit the windshield, a buzzard flew right in front of me and I couldn't avoid hitting it and that cracked the windshield, but having something fly right through your windshield....that's just freaking scary.
In a random world of chaos you never know what will happen, so I expect the unexpected and try to be positive. If things go wrong, well pull yourself up and get your ass back in line. I work with a woman that constantly dwells on everything bad that can happen. It's fucking depressing. I put my headphones on just so I don't have to listen to it all day cause if you listen to her, you might as well bite a bullet because no matter what you do you're gonna die. NO! YOU'RE KIDDING??? And all this time, I thought we lived forever. Who's been lying to me?!?!?! I need to rethink things. hmmm....
Now y'all be careful out there.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What??? Me?? A SLACKER??!!

Yah, so what? I'm a slacker - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!! Sigh...yes, actually I have been slacking quite a bit! So, let's start, k?

First up - Lineage! I ran across the post on the boards the other day about the shit-ass excuse for an event - and, well, if you go look, you'll find which post I'm referring to - sheer and utter disappointment. I did log on and try to play some, but camping was at it's best because the dumbfuck programmer at NC doesn't comprehend RANDOM spawn. I mean, hell, they can weasle out the bosses, but they can't even get a fucking EVENT right. SHIT NC!! What the fuck happened to you people. Don't rag on me for bashing NC and saying "there's at least ONE person that doesn't like their events." Well DUH - that ONE person would be ME, thank you very much. This event sucked. Period. Campers and griefers galore. And the fun part? When I logged on and saw the campers, it was the same, small-dick, no life, living at home, never been laid, only pair of boobies they've ever seen came from a free mpeg download from Morpheus, fat-assed, MUTHERFUCKERS. Whew - had to take a breath on that one.

Aight, with that said, let's move on......

Sorry guys - all pups today, no kitties!

Oh, and I successfully passed my motorcycle class (PIMP!) so anyone in SoCal see a dude that can't ride straight or always stalling in first gear on a bike - that would be yours truly! Watch out SoCal - Wicked's got another piece of metal to bash you blind ass drivers!

Yah, I been super busy and I know I keep saying that - what can I say? Work is work. I'll try to hit it up some more tomorrow night.

Ciao! Wicked "GXR or Katana?" Liquids (I'd prefer a Duccatti, but beggars can't be choosers!)