Thursday, March 30, 2006

I"m such a fucking asshole......

for not posting. It's completely my fault - here you guys are coming to my blog, yet I fail to post anything. I'm very sorry. Really, I am. I'm so drunk, that I'm sincerely sorry. So, although this post ain't big, please accept it with my apologies. And I'm super fucking suprised I can type this well as drunk as I am. Ok, here we go:

+9 Death Blade. I wish I had one. Actually, I did, but I blew it. Never went +7 - thus my luck, I'm forever +7. If you are cursed with this, title yourself with that - "FOREVER +7" LOL - that would be some funny ass shit.

A mage with a +9 CSOM. I'm still a little puzzled by this. A CSOM? Last time I recalled, csom's don't hit worth a shit - might as well be using popsicle sticks.

Finally, a nice +'d piece of work: a Tsu - I know they're out there - just hella fucking rare!

Ok, I'm seriously fucking wasted. I gotta go. Do something. I dunno.

I will update again soon, I promise.

Ciao! Wicked "...............................(fill in the blank).........." Liquids

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm afraid........ update from my comp at work. Remember last year when I had some hella posting going on? Well since then, my comp has added a billion new programs and processes running at the same time. Everytime I try to dowload a pic, my comp just freezes. This is why as much as I wanted to post at work, I can't - much too risky.

No guys, I have not forgotten about you. And yes, my account ran out this afternoon - at least that's what NC's email said to me.

I still do check Gameabout and I hope to post something later this week, if not sooner.

I noticed also on my counter below that I'm at almost 100K hits. I'm going to have a big party and HUGE news when it hits 100k.

Also, you guys should check out Myah's link to the right - OUR Myah no longer does the her blog, so since her addy was available, someone snatched it right up.

Go look :)

Ciao! Wicked "sigh.........." Liquids

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Friday, March 24, 2006


I took my MySpace link off the posts below - I'm finding myself writing more and more about personal stuff there and I'd prefer you fags not reading that! I know, I'm so fucking mean. Sowweeeeeeeeeee!! So anyway, I'll keep this one with the rude, crude, side of me with the gaming portion. My MySpace is just that.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Go figure.

Ciao! Wicked "I need a shower, cuz I just did your mom" Liquids

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

No Neglect HERE!

That's right! Ya heard me! No neglect here!

Ok, a LITTLE neglect sorry, I been on MySpace a whole lot - haven't forgotten about this blog - its my baby - but you know how it is, you start something and you wanna clean it up a little bit. So yah, I shifted my focus just a little bit to that blog area.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Need to make a few things clear.........

I have a few things I need to clear up - this blog is my gaming blog and I've decided to make it more towards that direction. The personal stuff you see on here is going to disappear FAST and I'll be posting personal stuff exlusively to my myspace blog.

Secondly, I'm from Texas - and the fast food chain known as McDonalds is pronounced as:

MAC-Donalds not MUC-Donalds or MC-Donalds.

It's MAC-Donalds; get it right.

Ciao! Wicked "I got your Big Mac right here" Liquids


Congrats to MuyoIII for FINALLY hitting level 52!!!! He's a single user, non-hacker/botter, pretty much a casual player and finally leveled to DK after I introduced this hellish game to him a few years ago and he's stuck through it thick and thin. And much like me, he's going to eventually cancel his account - LOL!

But regardless, CONGRATS!!

Ciao! Wickedliquids


Can be found HERE!!!


I'm doing up a myspace account and I'll link it here shortly - holla!!!!

You have new Picture Mail!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Thursday, March 16, 2006

This is how you get girls. Paying attention Lineage? THOUGHT SO!

So, wanna know the secret on how to get girls? It's simple - 3 easy steps and you're on your way to the local liquor store to pick up them condoms - unless you have those in your bathroom that have been sitting there for the last 3 years. I would probably not use those.


Sorry, anyway, here are the 3 easy steps.

Read and learn boys 'n girls:

#1 - Lie
#2 - Steal
#3 - Cheat

Tadaa!! Works like magic. Fucking MAGIC I tell you.


Ciao! Wicked "Those 3 steps worked on your mom last night!" Liquids

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Going OLD school! I was looking at my past updates and how much the game has evolved - it saddened me a bit - a lot of old school players are gone or being used by other people -you know, whatever. Anyway, I found an old link and it still works!! I thought this clip was awesome! And funny :)


Short update :)

Hello all :)

Not too much to update - nothing new on the Lineage front and nothing I see from GameAbout. I have errands to do today, so I'll throw this small update out.

Screenshot from some Tournament play. The cool thing about it? Quite simply, the graphics for the armor and weapons - look at the guys menu window - that's some pretty colorfull gear! I wish they would bring this over here, I think Tournaments would be a LOT of fun! Just sign up, grab gear, zell/dai it up, and just have fun messing around :)

Took Wicked down to DVC. I wanted to see if Anthras was up - he wasn't, but he left me a nice little gift :)

I've been bored - that was quick, huh? So I've hunted bosses non-stop - I don't really do much else than that - was doing my daily DK run and found Caspa group. I've figured one thing out about this group - Merkyor and Balthuzar are the only ones worth hitting! (OMG I've shared a secret!) Merk and Balth have always dropped the best on a consistent basis - Sema and Caspa are very much hit and miss, but your odds are better ending Merk or Balth first :)

Ciao! Wicked "I'm so sleepy" Liquids

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Hmmmm, probably not enough coordination HERE, BUT......

What is this? What IS this? WHAT IS THIS???!!

Anyone want to take a wild guess?


K, here I go :)

What the hell do DOTS have to do with Lineage? Well, yer about to find out, so shut the fuck up and lemme do my thing, k? Has to do with COI and detecting out - make sense now? The pic up top pretty much states what you all know - standing on or very close to another character and your in COI, then detectecd out, you move over a cell or so, right? Right. Good, I'm glad you're with me. Read on.

Tactic. Yes, the players in Korea have mindfucked the living HELL out of Lineage, thereby making tactics something to grovel over for in the US servers. See the blue dots? Those guys are in coi - the red dot? That's the target. Warring factions in the Korean servers pulled this little gem out. Take 4 primary players on each corner. Then take 2 players on the opposite sides. Read on.

When the players in COI are detected out while the target player is dead center, something happens. Or doesn't happen. Ya see, as the first part of my post says, normally you would MOVE a cell in any direction if you were close up to a player while in COI and detected out. Not uh. Not in this case.

With the players in the positions above , when detection is cast, the target player is stuck. Can't move. Doesn't switch cells. Oh yah.....can't venz. Fight or die. Don't believe me? Look on.

It works. IF you have the coordination to pull it off.

Ciao! Wicked "Some players in Lineage are TOO fat, TOO lazy, TOO dumb, and TOO gay. And mostly virgins." Liquids

Monday, March 06, 2006

New Episode 5 Bad Guy!

Episode 5 bad guy - with a NEW PET! No no no, the bad guy doesn't have a new pet - a pet for the players! Reminds me a lot of that Spuds McKenzie doggie....omg....did I just spell that out...Spuds McKenzie....that alcoholic doggy.....ugh...go here:

Pictures of my favorite! YOUR MOM!

Ciao! Wicked "made you look" Liquids


Click the pic and make it bigger - was scoping out Ebay for porn and found this - not bad - $200 bucks - I'm broke and can't afford this, but then again, his stuff isn't that all spectacular.

You can check it out here: LinBay and I bet you $100 bucks NC Soft Austin won't do shit but grab a corndog and tickle their assholes with it

Ok, that was a bit harsh.

No it wasn't.


Ciao! Wicked "You really CAN find everything on Ebay. Like your mom" Liquids

Paul Walker IS the new Chuck Norris....

I saw this movie over the weekend. I almost cried. I said ALMOST, you fags! Ok, the movie was good - I really liked it - but what the hell is the fascination for women (and some men) with Paul Walker?

Hello? Anyone? HELLO????

Pfffffffftttttt.....I thought the dogs were better looking that this fool.

Aight, I'm out!

Wicked "I wish I was Paul Walker" Liquids

Saturday, March 04, 2006

What the hell is this crap? Oh yahhhhhhhh...........

Yuppers, that's ME - I'm a biomek "terminator" in the game called Auto Assault! Did anyone else sign up for beta testing? Yah yah yah, it's an NC game - but hell, it's for free, so who am I to bitch?

I took like 1000 screenshots, but only came up with this one :( If you play WoW, then this game will easily play on your comp. With all due respect - and my extreme laziness - I skipped the cinematic on this game cuz I just wanted to fucking play it!

Yah, it's mildly addictive, but not anything like Lineage was. Also....OOPS - one second please - one moment while Wicked changes the TV Channel.

*insert elevator music here*

Ok, sorry, fucking gay-ass Titanic popped up on Showtime and I'm not going through THAT 3 hour hell again.

So yah, you start off by making your character, then going about and designing your car. It's a lot like WoW, but you get a bad ass vehicle to upgrade and make money with. It's not that bad - the driving controls are a bitch to get use to (the 3 rd quest - the one where you fight off 3 other trainee's - here's a hint - when it comes down to that last motherfucker that won't die - use your car as a battering ram and smoosh - yes, I said SMOOSH - him to death).

Ok guys, I'm going to try to get some more screenshots - oh, if you have not signed up for Beta yet, you can - I signed up and was invited to play in less than 24 hours. So go give it a shot. And if you do play - look me up WICKEDLIQUIDS and my truck name is PREDATOR.

Lame huh?

Ciao! Wicked "Get your mom to play with you so I can hit it" Liquids