Friday, November 24, 2006


Sup ya'll - damn, I checked the date since my last post and DAMNNNN it's been awhile - but it feels like it was yesterday that I posted :P

I've been playing and playing and playing and been getting bored and bored and bored; regardless, I kept hacking away and lo and behold - bam - level! Wasn't even trying; just kind of happened. Granted, it took a year to level, but that's with on and off playing and taking a 3 to 6 month break. And I still leveled....wierd....haha -anyone wanna guess what I added to?

I went underwater because.....ding ding, you guessed it, I was bored - I guess these rings came with the LOA ruleset - I said "rings" cuz I got two. They do something, but not sure.

Found AG - drop = crap.

Didn't know Medusa's dropped these things - I know CHA ammy's are far more rare than STR or INT ammy's - can't get my elf or mages charisma high enough to get any type of extra summon - apparently I need a Mambo-something to get that extra charisma point.

I am NOT a boob man....or AM I??!!!

Rich Iffy. Two kats? Rich Iffy.

After I leveled, I took a bunch of stuff and started trying to overdai and overzell them - nothing major, just a few items that I've had laying around. I took seven bKats and made another +9 and 2 +8's - tried overdaing the 8's and they blew, but I was left with the+9, so I'm happy. I also made a +7 COMR, which are actually fairly common on server now, and a pair of +6 cg's; overall, no complaints because the stuff that I had to blow wasn't worth that all much to me and I'd much rather try to make my own stuff than buy it -mostly cuz I ain't got the monies to buy anything anyway :P

I hope everyone has had a good Thanksgiving break so far!! I just got an email saying my account expired - I may re-up for a month again, but not sure - I maybe play for an hour or two, sometimes longer if I have the time.

Well anyway, I'm going to attempt to watch that movie "Hostel" but I don't think I'll last that long, so I bought a back up movie - MI 3 - take it easy everyone!!!

Ciao! Wicked "Your mom stuffed me - or maybe I stuffed HER!" Liquids

Friday, November 03, 2006

StUPiD AsS HaLLOweeN EvEnt! And more!!!!

What up fools? I'm suppose to do something here.....but I can't a minute.....

A-ha! That's what I was suppose to do - update some shit. Ok, fine, I will - but SHOULD I?

Hey there SoulKing - thanks for the props - aight then I guess I should update......

Ok Mainegra - you got props from me, so lezz update!

Reaper? Halloween event? Whatever! I go check some bosses in TOI and find my own personal Reaper - they made him harder after the LoA update - he's not that bad - mostly reds and a few oj and you got him owned. This particular one dropped nothing - meh!

Ok, so for the pissy-ass event - look, I remember the event 2 years ago - did I get rich? Well, I don't percieve events to "get rich" but rather an opportunity to get stuff that would have taken otherwise, years to get. With the LoA junk now, they have a few cool items that I like a lot - like the rings below. The Paagrio rings add +15 hp, -10 mp, and -1 AC - I was fortunate enough to get two during the event and with both equipped..............

Another cool thing about events is that you get to see a few rare items - and a few people that have them; some of the stuff, there's just no way a bot can get, like the items below:

I think the Ant Wings are a little overpriced, but meh - who am I to talk? Oh yeah...THEY'RE TOO FUCKING HIGH PRICED YOU MORONS!

Went hunting down in the Diad caves to amass the stuff for the Sword of Silence - I'm determined to make one of those - just lack the patience to get the stuff - that shit just DOES not drop - a four-hour hunt dropped 2 fairly rare items to craft the sword; the problem is that IT TOOK FOR FUCKING HOURS -.-

Just a random Event shot :P

One thing I remember about the event 2 years ago was that so many greedy people out there looking for the special mops, no one bothered to check bosses. With that said, when I got home from work, I hauled ass down to MLC to find my boy......and I laid his punk ass OUT, with Styler's help of course!

Hey ElvenAvenger - thanks!! I know, I should update more :(

Ok, so after finding Death Knight, I run out to Ice Queen - she dead too - drops were just as bad....

Event? What event? I don't need no stinking event.....(before I even killed an event mop, I ran down to check on her :P)

Soooooooooooo that's what I been up to. I've got about 24 days left on my account - 24 days to level - can I do it? SHOULD I do it??!! Stay tuned!

And also, Lindsey, if you're out there, hope everything is going well with you!

Rachel - awesome to hear from you again!!

And if I've left anyone out - hit me up and I'll send a shout out.

Thanks for being patient guys - I'll have more soon!

Ciao! Wicked "In-MILF-Mode-24/7" Liquids

Big update coming!

EEEEEP! No posts in so long - not even my annual Halloween Extravaganza!! What's up with that?

Ok, well just chill, imma post something very soon - woot!

ciao! Wickedliquid