Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Irony..............Gotta Love it.........

I'm in my office minding my own business, doing work, you know, like pretending to be typing important documents, but really typing bullshit into my blog while watching porn with the volume down.

So here I am, working/jerking away, when my boss picks up the phone and starts yammering away. He's in the office next to me so usually I can hear pretty much every damn thing.

Irony. It's coming.

He's talking and talking and talking and blah blah blah blah blah....conversation is quick.

He's on the phone with the CFO of NC Soft.

I shit you not.

The dude use to work for my boss back in the day.


Want more? I'll tell ya............but LATER!

Ciao! Wicked "Everyone get's +20 Tsu's, except your mom" Liquids

Friday, June 09, 2006

WazzuP? WhAt yoU WAnt FrOm Me?

Nope, haven't forgotten.

Yup, I've don't have time like I want.

So, take what ya can.

Dig it?


The screenshots below just make me want to come back so I can camp this fool all day long - not to fight, but just to watch him. I am still contemplating starting from scratch, but haven't decided if I wanted to yet - I really don't have much time like I should - but seriously thought about it. I was thinking about starting up an account and pretty much share the living shit out of it with my friends, thereby, if I lose anything, I really won't care because the dude won't have anything valuable on him - I'm not starting up my old account just so I can funnel all the loot to the new guy. Anyone want to join? You can start an account with me for only 5 bucks a month! LOL! Check out my boy - Valakas! (check out the last pic)

Thursday, June 08, 2006