Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Wickedliquid's super big posts before the end of the year!

And for my final pic before I log for the holidays - I may not be the highest level player in game, or have the best armor, or have the best weapon, but shit...real life - +10 arms, shoulders, chest........LMAO...omg, was that not the worst?? If I was macaroni, I'd be the cheesiest! hahaha....so, where's the rest of me? hehehehe, well, due to a specific reason, which has to be kinda confidental at the moment, I can't post - outside of my family, there are probably 4 people in this world that knows why. Here's a hint - 3 letters (F B I) and I'll leave it at that. Hey ya'll, have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year - be safe, and don't drive drunk....ok, drive a little drunk, but damn it, don't hurt anyone - I'd like to see you all back in game next year. Oh oh oh - almost forgot to mention - that ring - it's a mood ring that has "sexy" written all over it that I got at a carwash like 8 months ago for 3 bucks - I thought it was so cool, so I had to have it - and I wasn't suppose to get it wet, but dropped it in the sink. Now it's permanently green. And a little yellow. Some purple. hehehe - What's that suppose to mean? o.o Oh, and Popo, yes babe, I'll try to get back as soon as I can. Be good. Peace. :) Posted by Hello

My new boots :) Tight, no? GBX leather buckle/harness style. Hey Popo, they look familiar? ;-)

PS - For those of you who use to look at my links, I use to have my Textamerica Link, but realized that was not a good idea - for those of you who have seen it, you know what it is. For those of you who have not, well...when I'm in Texas, I'll be taking some real life pics using my camera phone and uploading them to my
Textamerica site. So, if any of you want to know what I'm doing, go there. So what's the site address you ask? hehehehe...not uh - not gonna say - BUT....there is ONE site out there that still has my Textamerica site linked. Whos' site? hehehe - go to my links on the right...you'll find it..... peace :) Posted by Hello

Remember when I got smacked about 3 months ago and some idiot totaled my truck? Well, here' s my NEW baby - big, black, v8, 305 hp, TITAN. She has 168 degree opening doors(suicide doors? pffffft), stock Rockford Fosgate system (5.1 chanel) and just flat out sexy. I had 22 inch chrome dubs on here, but had them swapped out - why? Cuz you guys ever try to pull 4 tons using 22 inch rims and low pro's? Not uh - ain't going to happen - I'd need new tires every 3 months. hehehe - I still love Ford and Chevy, but this sucker just rocks. Posted by Hello

Popo gets a whisper that the UTLIMATE kfc meal is up, hot and ready. So we run our asses over to Fire Valley and promptly have our fill of this roasted bird. We P I M P E D that bird SOOOO fast. Phoenix, of all the bosses, was probably the ONLY one that was never nerfed and she consistently drops from average to very good. Our past experience with her has been average. This time, pretty damn good if you ask me. Personally, I like the original style, spicey KFC - but this one will do just fine :) Posted by Hello

Monday, December 20, 2004

So I'm hopping around do more boss checks and see the Black Knights on the docks on TI. I grab Popo and she finds him town. BOOM BOOM BOOM END. You know what was most suprising about this? I remember seeing players fight Kurtz before, and ARMY of players hacking at him and it would take him forever to end. Well, Popo and I dropped his ass like a pair of cement shoes on a whistle-blowing teamster. Too bad he dropped junk. Posted by Hello

I haven't found this guy in a LONG time!!! So anyway, he spawns on 6 and me and 3 other guys start whacking on him. He ended pretty quick and I wasn't take the main shots from him. The other guys got junk. Come on NC, let him drop the damn sword already! Posted by Hello


That's a lot of posts, no? Ok, I'm going to take a short break here and I'll start reposting again here shortly. Thank you very much for your patience. :)

LOL - Merry Christmas everyone and have a Happy New Year!!! Posted by Hello

While camping Top Drake, we did our best impression of the Rocketts. And yes, I own all your bases. :P Posted by Hello

I found Ice Queen again earlier this evening - all junks, not even a scroll. But unlike before, Popo and I ended her in about 8 seconds. BAM! Posted by Hello

Some of the new mops in action - they are really pretty looking if you ask me - not the same old hues of white, green, grey, or black. I saw the levels on them awhile back ago - they are mid level mops, so along the lines of Ogres - I look forward to hitting them up once the new episode comes out. And those tigers rock! Posted by Hello

Ahhhhh, so you plan on buying some stuff down at the new NPC seller in the Diad Fortress right? Look at the prices and reconsider that option.....lol...unless you're uber rich, then hell, go for it...but I won't be buying anything down there at those prices...hehe Posted by Hello

I was in the Silent Caverns gathering bring stones for Popo's xmas present when I saw a lone zombie off the corner of my screen, so I run over and tag him and he drops a Dark Cloak - I don't hunt SC often enough to get those, but I thought it was a cool drop :) It was fun actually hunting down there - very quiet with no players around so I prety much had the pick of the crop :) Posted by Hello

Popo has this up on her blog - I was one step slower in posting. All junks, nothing special :( Posted by Hello

I was roaming around bored and look who I find. LOL - this guy is too funny. He's so super buffed, he kills people from half a screen away - I've even posted about this mop on the boards - he ruins Death Matches - next to the Kurtz's. Anyway, while I was up there, I counted no less than him venzing 12 DIFFERENT people - they would tele in, then tele right back out. It was fun just counting. Anyway, some players got wise and came back to whup his ass. As for me? Bleh, I could care less about him - I don't need another "blessed scroll of curse removal." Posted by Hello

I just felt like showing this screenshot because of the drops - one of my better Fire Valley hunts - 2 nzell, 1 bzell, 1 bkat, 1 tqd. My suggestion to knights who don't have a healer - take a dog!!! Doesn't even have to be evolved and the dogs take such little experience, it doesn't really matter - to me anyway. But with dogs, you got faster kills and they can hold your heavy junk. I walked out with quite a bit on that hunt - I'm sure you guys can remember what happened during my tests from prior to the event - I think it may have been a couple of months ago - but the hunts were REALLY bad - minimal money made for a knight. So, there you have it. Take a damn dog. HELLO??!!! Mages do it with their summons. Elves do it with their summons. Knights and de's should be able to do it too!!! Posted by Hello

I"m doing my normal boss checks and find Ice Queen up. I tele to town because I had no pots - I had like 3 reds - and I find Muzli (sorry Popo, you weren't on :( ) So, I party up and we march down there. I think we ended her in about 10 seconds. And in thank god, those 10 seconds proved to be the richest in our lives............./sarcasm off. Posted by Hello

Popo and I got bored - as we find ourselves being a little bit more everyday I think, so we head up to toi 41 - no power gloves and this scroll was best drop - but it was fun - a change of pace :) Posted by Hello

As the pictures below show how to make the new Kaiser Weapons, here is a map of the crystal caverns where you'll be able to talk to the crafter. Not too difficult, just a short walk.  Posted by Hello

Kaiser Edoryu!!! So now you got a good image of what it's gonna take to make this thing (the claws and bow are below). What I'm most curious about is drop rate. Is it going to be like trying to make a Tsurugi (before event) or like the Sayha's bow? Obviously it's going to take time, but that other stuff...I don't know - I'm willing to guess that some of the items will be relatively easy to obtain, but others will be more difficult - like Griffon feathers - not impossible to obtain, just time consuming. Wind Tears - I've gotten 2 in my entire Lin career. So anyway, those of you eyeing these new weapons, good luck and I hope you can get them!! Posted by Hello

Items needed for the Kaiser Claw. So, you think it's gonna be tough? Posted by Hello

As the pictures shows, the items you're gonna need for the Kaiser Bow.  Posted by Hello

Now this is why I'm going to miss the increased drop "event." Some of you newer players won't remember this, but most of you will, when Fire Valley Ifrits would normally drop like this. To this day, I have never understood the reasoning for the nerfed drops - I've said this before, I really HATED the potion price increase and I still bitch about it. That was an nzell, but the kat was a bkat. I am truly going to miss the end of this so called "event" - it reminds me too much of the old days. And NC wonders why so many players left for WoW - I don't think it had a significant amount to do with players playing on a Mac - it had to do with the fact that the quality of gameplay is truly horrible; and yes, the fact that Mac players were kept on the back burner for so long with game issues didn't make the decision any less difficult for players to leave. Drops like this should be kept permanent. Ruin the economy? Dep has 300 players top - 50 of which are shop accounts. 250 players? Of which a handful ruin the economy due to their greed and selfishness. Hmmm...WoW is sounding better every second. :)Posted by Hello

Yay!!! I'm sure Wae has this up on her site somewhere too - I don't know. Anyway, here are the pics of the new items. Want the details? Then go to Wae's site. But pretty much, you can tell the items are, for example, Heart of the Ice Queen, Tear of Gran Kain, etc, etc - oh, and the various suprise pouches most likely filled with junk. That's right, JUNK - when was the last time you got anything good from a pouch? Bleh....hehehehe Posted by Hello

Why I am posting this, I have no idea. Ok, actually I do. It has to do with my belief that I have a cursed account. As you can see, I hit up the Caspa Group(I hear they originate from South Compton). Well, we all know they drop their gear, the cap and robes. My belief is that everytime I get a piece of clothing, it was actually one of their caps or robes, but when NC sees "wickedliquid" is hitting them, then they immediately revert to ".....xxxxxx dropped you Cloak of Protection," or, "...xxxxxx dropped you gloves." Bah...I've hit them up so many times, I don't even keep up with the stupid counter on the right of my blog anymore. One day NC, one day!!! *shakes fist towards Austin* Posted by Hello

I'm pretty sure Wae has the map above and below on her site, I'm not sure, but I thought I'd post it anyway. Diad Fortress - as you can see, not very complicated. Actually, know what it reminds me of? The Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers where they have that big-ass fight. Ok, wait, they have a big-ass fight every movie, but you know which one I'm talking about, where all the pretty elves show up, but later on get their asses kicked. Wait a minute. Sorry, I veered off topic. Ok ok, anyway, yeah, here's the map of the fortress/city. This is where a lot of the new NPC's will be for crafting purposes and item exchange. Posted by Hello