Wednesday, February 21, 2007

As Borat would say, "Whaaaaaat?"

Contrary to popular belief, no, my little blog here isn't shutting down. I've done a lot of blogposts on Myspace and inadvertently, kindasorta forgot about this one. Not to worry!!

With my new job, gaming has been fairly difficult. WOW is no longer an option to play, Lineage expired, and Warrock is so fucking laggy now, I have nothing to play and no time to play.

I did consider getting an Xbox 360 cuz I heard the WII was ghetto and the PS3 is still way too buggy.

Anyway, enough about me - what are you all up to? Hopefully good! I think I'm going to shy away from my Myspace blogs and start writing here again. Also, I'm updating my links and stuff, so I hope you all dig it :)

Ciao! Mr. Wickedliquids

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well ain't that some shit...

My stupid chat box died - oh well - I will update a little bit at a time :) So check check! :)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Not been so well this past week.....

Hey guys, what's up?

Yeah, I'll freely admit I've been neglecting this blog...AND my myspace - I log on to check messages, but that's about it.

I've had a bad week and next week won't be better till I get a serious issue resolved. Yes, I went to Vegas AGAIN this week and every time I go, I get more and more worn down - this was my 3rd trip in 40 days and I'm done with it.......

Anyway, they upgraded Warrock and it's no longer in Beta - it's live. The cool thing is, is that you can play it for free still. The extra perks, you'll need to get premium pass. It's still buggy and lags worse than before, but it's much more interactive and beautiful nonetheless.

Ok guys, I'm out. I'll hit ya'll up upater :)

Ciao! Wickedliquids