Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Out of shear boredeom, I decided to do some solo TOI lower floors. I loaded up my collie and headed to toi (obviously the "restart" method won't work cuz I had my dog with me) and I ran into this mofo. Haven't seen this boss in quite awhile, so it was fun to be able to hit him up. Plate Mail best (maybe iron skin, but I could care less about that lol ) Posted by Hello

Popo and I have been hitting up FI an awful lot and on our last hunt, we were by the bb-beach and mino area when my screen started to shake. I knew immediatly Greater Minotaur had to be up as I heard his attack was similar to Ancient Giant's animation. He hits at about the same rate as Ancient Giant, but slightly less damage; he ended fairly quick. Posted by Hello

Thank you to Kashkin for the 2 nzell early wedding gift. We appreciate it man!! Posted by Hello

This is an old-school siege pic - anyone recognize any of the names? Posted by Hello


From NC website:

Server Reset 12/1

All US Lineage I servers will be brought down for a maintenance reset on Wednesday, December 1st at 10:00 AM CST. There will be no new content published at that time; however, the Giving Thanks Week event has been extended and is tentatively scheduled to end on Wednesday, January 5th, 2005.

Damn yo - drops are gonna be like they are now? Something fishies going on(did I just write FISHY???!!)

Been hitting FI a lot....

so imma do a post tonight when I get home - a few pics - was able to hit up Great Minator as well. In the meantime, lezz see what I can find :)

Monday, November 29, 2004

Engaged!!! (Not EnRaged, you babo heads :P)

Yup, you saw my title for the last week. I'm engaged! Yay for me! Right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight?!! Good, that's what I thought. So I'm excited, happy, nervous, blah blah blah blah. But it's gonna be hella fun!

So who am I engaged to? POPOBIGS!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG POPO!!!!!!!! OMG OMG POPO!!! (that's me spazzing by the way :P)
OMG OMG POPOBIGS!!!!!! muwahahahahahaha!

So, for all my friends and buddies, even the ones that left the game (if you can still log in) come to my wedding! No presents required!

It's going to be at the Aden Church THIS FRIDAY EVENING at 9:00 pm CST (that's 7:00 PM PST and 10 PM EST).

Again, it's Friday LOL! (sorry, I think I accidentally led ppl to believe it was today - so sorry sorry)

I think it's gonna be a great wedding and a big one at that! I've also invited a few special players - but you're gonna have to come to find out who they are ^^.

^^? lol! I like *^.^* muwahahhahahahaha

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Did the servers just go down?

Cuz I can't log in. My auto-update just stays as-is and won't update - then I get, the "cant' connect" dialog box. I tried going to the boards as well, but Lineage.com cannot be found. Anyone else getting this? My connection is just fine - everything Lin related is down. Maybe Scout set the end of the event incorrectly again and they're doing an unscheduled maintenance today when it was suppose to be tomorrow. Arg...

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Found Caspa group a few times - bzel was best drop so far. Sigh...no gear... I'll never get any gear! wahhhhh...t.t....LOL! Posted by Hello

I find this screenshot so amusing...cuz I'm...

Hands down, the funniest pic of the year for me. Demon is one TOUGH mofo - as you can see, Popo there is on the ground. Why am I laughing? Cuz see that dead dk to the left of her? That would be me, thank you very much. I hate that boss. Of all the bosses, I hate Demon the most. LOL - but still a funny pic! Posted by Hello

LOL - thank you Popo - that was very very sweet! :) Posted by Hello

I found Doppleboss yesterday - bzel best. Yes, I said bezl. O.O!!! I know, right??!!! Posted by Hello

Wha wha sucka is right Popo!!! Good job girl!! Green drake! LOL! Posted by Hello

Thanks Eantax - good luck in college bro - peace! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I'm stuck in California. This is a bit annoying because I won't be able to go home to Texas. So I'll be ALL alone (cry me a river, please!) and watching football and movies and stuff. And tomorrow is another special day for me too! *sniffle*

Anyway, enough of the pity party - I'll update tomorrow for you all who couldn't make it home either. Have a good Thanksgiving everyone. Go home if you can. Wicks

For you Lord of the Rings fans, check it out - in December, they'll be a re-release of Return of the King with 6 minutes of added footage that was removed from the theatrical release. I just saw 2 minutes of it and I can't for the life of me figure out WHY they cut this out....that one Ring Wraith dude talking (look at his mouth) is super creepy! :) Here's the link: http://video.craveonline.com/video/player.php?showVideo=56&statsid=stats_video&pid=1

Posted by Hello

Ummmmm...imma not say anymore - you guys can go look at the link yourself:
Posted by Hello

WoW! Please read below the pic!!!

Got question! I read over the system requirements for World of Warcraft and in regards to graphics card memory - that can't be right!!! 32 mb??!! Does anyone know what the REAL requirements are? Please please please tell me via comment, chat box, or email me at wickedliquids@yahoo.com KK- ty!!!! Posted by Hello

Oh my.................nice....uh.....art you got there....LOL! Posted by Hello

I love this pic. I don't know why. I just do. So classica looking - like Frazetta paintings. Posted by Hello

Old school screenshot of Bapho getting whooped by guards. :) Posted by Hello

Whoa...this must be old! It's from the Werlden/Fire Valley publish, right? Has to be - that's either a Lava Golem or an Astagio. Imma say Astagio. Posted by Hello

O.o! I heard about these, but could never find them on the web - anyone have any good links with some good cosplay pics??  Posted by Hello

You guys remember what a good siege use to look like? sigh............. Posted by Hello

Google search..

I did a Google search for "Lineage" but I went straigt to the "images" tab, not the text search. You guys ever try that? Some really cool pics pop up. Imma post a few of them here. :)

Bah! I left my screenshots....

...at home!!! >< So with that said, I'll update my blog with pics tonight. In the meantime, I'll wander around the net and see if I can come up with something. You guys know how I am - you'll never know what'll end up here, now do ya? muwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

PS- When ya see me in game, take a look at my title :P

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Thanksgiving event starts today...

I just read on the boards there will be a server publish today and that the Thanksgiving event starts today! The only major item of note, for me anyway, is the Great Minotaur is suppose to start spawning now. So, FI anyone?

Monday, November 22, 2004

Yo Cross and LitHero - for you two - and for every other comic book guy - a still from the new FF movie - Dr. Doom. He looks pretty good, no? Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 21, 2004

I spent a VERY little time on DI - I really don't like going there, but I wanted a few b-zells - only one on this trip, but maybe next time! :) Posted by Hello

LOL!!! Popo and I were hunting FV when she yells that. Noooooooooooo...I would NEVER beat you....LOL!! I asked her earlier if she'd come for a quickie to fv to hunt with me. It's all good yo! And the chat to the left? I WAS RIGHT!!! THAT'S 2 SCREENSHOTS!!! Posted by Hello

Me and NightPower head up to TOI 10 to get some quick exp. We were up there for a good while and find this little lady chasing my ass. So we end her and she drops a whopping 6k. Nice eh? Posted by Hello

I'm hunting in FV ALONE and I'm running around doing my thing - Popo has her beagles out for a walk and as I try to cross that little walkway there, you can see how she is attempting to prevent me from hunting - cancel? No. Burn? No. BEAGLES!!!!!!!! See that? Imma "sucka." Popo has the exact same ss up on her blog by the way! lol :P Posted by Hello

We went to the 3rd floor dark elf caves - just to exploring!!! No major drops - just our fair share of ndai's, nzells, brings and badges....but was great fun! Posted by Hello