Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Hmmmm.......I could only play a short time last night due to excessive laundry duty (one of the greatest downfalls of being a bachelor - I'm so lazy when it comes to laundry that when I run out of clothes, I go to my "back up storage" which is essentially a back up of boxers, socks, etc, brand new in package tucked away in my closet - rule of thumb - should the emergency supply ever be used, you must buy more to replace, resulting in me having like 120 pairs of boxers, 200 socks, etc.) OOPS! Sorry, got off on a tangent there, didn't I? So yah, anyway I was lucky enough to hit up only 2 bosses yesterday - and as the picture can show, Demon and Dopple, da double D's. Lin Pledge help with Demon and as you can see, Demon's drop was absolutely staggering......his other drop was a res scroll btw \./ Damn, Dopple actually drop me something this time - it was nzell \./  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 29, 2004


This is a shout out to Gideon for his brave attempt and promoting my official event - this guy posts on the NC Boards and then BAM! like a second later, the thing gets locked!!! LOL! But regardless, for his efforts, I give him mad props here and a link to his site - go check him out - good stuff!

In the meantime, let me copy and post what he wrote - and Kyzah's response!

Oh and Kyzah - I KNOW you'll be checking back here and I KNOW you're gonna read for you bring him along........(I is a bad boyz!) muwahhahahaahha!

06/29/04 01:30 PM
EVENT! Reply

We all heard from Cap and Kyzah that do to the "gumball" theory they can't give us any in game events. So how about a different kind of event that would increase the player/support relations. That's right I'm talking about the "WIN A DATE WITH KYZAH" event. In fact there is even someone willing to pay for the meal! I'd love to see this happen, my only question is who will fly me down from Alaska? How about it Kyzah, we can even put an age limit on it for you. For further detail check out laters

-It cant rain all the time.

And Ms. Kyzah's response:

(Community Coordinator)
06/29/04 02:42 PM
Re: EVENT! [re: bigchristoff] Reply

While certainly flattering, I doubt my boyfriend would approve. That said, this isn't a feasible or appropriate event suggestion, so I'm going to go ahead and close this thread now. Thanks!

Come on now guys, don't give up! But wait - before you go any further, for the love of god, don't harrass NC or Kyzah - this is just out of fun. And as for the the hell, I have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER if another girls wants to come along as well - hell, 2 on 1 = fanboys dream! Ciao!

From NC: Just released to the US Test Server

Yo dudes - Kyzah just posted this:

Currently In Testing 6/29: Episode 2

NOTE: This is a list of potential changes for Lineage I. There is the possibility that these items will not be published to the US servers as they are listed here, or that they might not be published at all. The changes listed here are still in testing, and are subject to change or removal from the list.

Test Server can be taken offline at any time unannounced, during the testing process. Frequent resets and offline maintenance occurrences are a necessary part of our testing. Please do not contact Support regarding the Test Server becoming unavailable.

Currently in Testing

The following has been published to the US Test Server on June 29th; these updates include all Episode 2 content:

?Added new user interfaces.
?Added on/off toggle ability for scrolling through hotkeys with a mouse wheel button.
?Added Lastabad dungeon area; entrance is located outside of Windawood Castle.
?The Oasis, Desert, Wasteland and Gludio areas are under attack by Lastabad forces. These areas have changed in the types, frequency, and difficulty of monster spawn, so please exercise caution when exploring these familiar hunting areas.
?The town of Gludio will now be in ruins, destroyed by the Lastabad army; the adjacent Slime Race is destroyed as well.
?Relocated and removed various NPCs to reflect episode-related changes.
?Updated various NPC texts to reflect episode-related content.
?Added several new Lastabad Army NPCs, who will now participate in player castle sieges. The entire Lastabad Army must be killed in order to retain or gain control of the castle, else the castle ownership will be granted to the Lastabad Army NPCs.
?Increased castle income rates to balance out increased sieging difficulty due to Lastabad influence.
?Added 30% default castle tax rate to cities under Lastabad Army NPC control; mayoral tax rates will be added separately.
?Added several new 밚astabad?items.
?Addition of several new NPC mercenaries to various towns throughout Aden to protect against the Lastabad forces.
?Added the Level 50 Dark Elf Quests.
?Added several 밨are Item/Sub?Quests.
?Addition of quest-related NPCs to the sixth floor of the Mainland Dungeon.
?Addition of quest-related NPCs to Silver Knight Town Caves.
?Added the ability to 밻volve?pets and the associated NPC merchants.
?Added several new pet-related items and the associated NPC merchant.
?Added fixed price for Kennel Master NPCs.
?Added several new 뱑elic?items and the associated NPC merchants.
?Addition of the 100th floor to the Tower of Insolence, corresponding teleport scroll, and Grim Reaper 밷oss?
?Addition of a 밨eaper?to the Tower of Insolence 뱑est?floors.
?Added several new items as possible drops from the 밷oss?monsters in the Tower of Insolence hunting area.
?The Tower of Insolence has been rebalanced. This area has changed in the types of monster spawn, monster behavior, and possible drops, so please exercise caution when exploring familiar Tower of Insolence areas.
?The first floor of the Talking Island Dungeon has been rebalanced. This area has changed in the amount of experience gained from monsters and possible drops, so please exercise caution when exploring familiar Talking Island Dungeon areas.
?Added Arena Deathmatches for Silver Knight Town, Heine, and Windawood.
?Replaced Giran Dog Race with 밄aby Bugbear?Race.
?Added several new high-level morph options.
?Addition of AC and an item bonus to Snow Gloves.
?Addition of new background music for the Dream Island area.
?Increased player maximum weight capacity.
?Added confirmation prompt when adding a bonus stat.
?Added confirmation prompt when deleting bookmarks.
?Corrected an issue with the bookmark window.
?Corrected an issue with the poisoning attack of the Zenith Queen.
?Corrected an issue with the poisoning attack of the Zombie Lord and Zombie Lord of Fear.
?Updated animations for poisoned effects.
?The Merchant NPC Pagoru will now sell an additional type of Magic Dice.
?Global Chat siege announcements will now specify which castle is currently under siege.
?Screenshots on the PC client will now be saved by default to a folder named 밅apture?in your main Lineage folder.
?Moved 뱓eleport home?location for Silver Knight Town.
?Moved restart locations for Mainland Dungeon floors 4, 5, 6 and 7.
?Corrected various map-related issues in Gludio and the Tower of Insolence.
?Corrected a text error with race tickets.
?Corrected a display error when participating in housing auctions.
?Unread housing auction notifications will now open automatically upon restart.
?Corrected an issue with the attack behavior of tamed Wolves.
?Rebalanced attack bonuses for several Dark Elf weapons.
?Rebalanced various attributes for several mid-level and 밷oss?monsters.


?The password option on storage should not be active, and we'll be removing the option shortly; we have no plans to implement storage passwords at this time

Updates on Test?!!

I was checking out Lineage Underground and they got some screenshots from the US Test server today - they have some of the episode 2 stuff on there - you guys should go check it out. So now, I'm debating whether or not I should go make a test server character and go play it or not. Should I wait in suspense or go try it. Yah, I could report the stuff I find here, but it would be somewhat irrelevant due to the fact that I would be able to top out a character to only around level 25 before I could even think about going out and checking the stuff. By that time, the episode could be ready. And do I really want to use up more memory on my harddrive for this? grrrrr.......

Ok, this ain't a Lin what? RAAAWWWWRRRRRRR!!! Posted by Hello

Ya know, I've attended many fights at the Top Drake area - and I'm sure you all have as well. I forget who, but someone yesterday globalled that the top drake fights were getting lame and old way to fast, which many ppls, including myself thought was funny. Well, how about a fight inside TOI? Ya know, I bitch that players have too much money - these guys obviously have WAY too much money \./ Posted by Hello

I joined a new pledge - due to reasons that will eventually come to light :) Posted by Hello

Monday, June 28, 2004

Event Update - Date with Kyzah!

Ok, here's an update with the "Offical Event put on by NC Wickedsoft."
Thus far, there have still been no brave souls to take on the challenge of asking Kyzah out on a date in order to schmooze her and get her to drop more loot. Come on folks, post on the boards and make this dream a reality! I hear she's an absolute hottie - so guys, go do your magic on her - mages, cast something on her, elves, fling that hair of yours back and forth, knights, buff up, and princes....uh....hmmmm....lessee.....yup.......uh.....true target her? I dunno :( Come on soldiers of Aden, you can do it!

And yes, it's true - out of sheer boredom/lunacy, I actually asked Kyzah out on a date. Not kidding. Anyway, here's what she responded with:

Re: Date

From: Kyzah
Received: 06/21/04 02:00 PM
Hello Wickedliquids,

Assuming that you are referring to the new items introduced to the game with the 4/14 publish, yes, these items are properly inserted into the game files as possible rare drops from certain boss monsters; according to our records, a few of these items have indeed dropped on all servers since their publish.

We'll be happy to pass along your request to increase the drop probabilities for these items, but again, please keep in mind that they are intended to be rare to balance out their power and value.

Best of luck!


Damn, did I just get blown off? I wish I had saved a copy of the message I wrote to her, but I didn't. Wah. Should I try again? Someone go to the boards and post a message there and tell Kyzah to come over here and check this site out. And the offer still stands - free dinner on me!

Anyway, I was the first brave soul to venture there - so who's next? You guys, who can take on Mummy Lord, Demon, Cougar, Dragons, Phoenix, yet you cannot ask a girl out? GEESH!!! Come on, get with the program!

***because of the nature of some of my posts and the ability to use four-letter words at will, I will not be asking Lineage to make me an official site.***

Ain't this cool - my rabbit's don't have to be level 48 to talk - and this is what happens when you get two bored DK's - you hunt the wastelands for t-shirts and cops cuz you're too damn lazy to make'em. O.o Posted by Hello

Drops of....stuff...? Top pic - came from the gazillion times I hit up the drakes. Pic from the bottom came from Necro - ghaste sb. Gawd, this was a really really god-awful weekend of drops. LINEAGE PUNK'D ME!!!! And incidentally, I find Ice Queen and I wis Knighspirit to come - she dropped nothing. Zero. Zilch. I didn't even bother with a screenshot of that - as if I needed to waste more memory on my comp for that wankah of a boss. Posted by Hello

So what happens to a level 52+ knight when he gets bored? Go Dark Elf morph of course! And on top of that, go to fire valley. AND on top even that - take 2 bunnies instead of dobs. In this particular screenshot, it took me around 30 minutes to get out of there cuz all I did were circles and everytime I circle around - bam, even more mops. As the middle of the pic shows - bunny level up!!! Level 24 now. Only 6 more to go.......ugh. Posted by Hello

Ya know, just cuz this mama got a lot of junk in her trunk, don't mean she gonna be dropping any of that junk anytime soon. There were 4 of us. Let's see.....50K (yes, it was an n-dai), divided by 4.....then we have to tip the summons.....OMG - I'm freaking rich!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

I only hit up Ifrit a few times this weekend. This is my favorite pose - he's got that "stick'em up" pose from back in the day of the old black and white movies. Yah Iffy, I pimped ya - what you gonna do?? Huh?? Oh, I see, you're gonna drop me shit. Pfffffffffffffftttttt. ***Note - take a look at my bunny - I think saying "Boing Boing" is his way of saying "I just dropped some pellets" in bunny language. Posted by Hello

Here's a shout-out to SarinMa and LordSword - hey, what can I say - I'm a sucker for props ^^) Posted by Hello

Found DoppleBoss again this weekend. With minimal MR, reds held up with her nicely. And in case you want to know what she dropped - 4 mgems. Which was better than last week when she dropped nothing. Posted by Hello

Quote of the day - if not the fucking year. Posted by Hello

Wassup all!

What's up all!!! Hope you guys and gals had a great weekend of hunting and fighting and drinking and smoking and God knows what else all us evil Lineage players do. Several updates over today, so to give fair warning, for those of you who don't like to scroll, tough titties. I gotta do the whole cut, paste, blah blah it takes me a bit. Anyway, Lineage Underground's Cryster did a great update on the new TOI boss - Grim Reaper. You guys should go check it out - spell book Destroy has finally dropped and they're trying to sell it. ****POINT OF NOTE: In Crysters translation, which is correct, the players that attempted to kill Grim Reaper died 2 to 3 times. So unless you guys are willing to pay for a trip to the church - good luck!

Friday, June 25, 2004

WIN A DATE WITH KYZAH EVENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dare someone to suggest this on the boards. Maybe she'll want to shut us up and finally drop some stuff to all players. Hmmmmmm.....we got any takers out there that want to give it a shot? Maybe I can get her to read this and post.

Warning - Official Event sponsored by NC Wickedsoft!

Come on, someone out there do it; there has to be a brave soul out there somewhere!!!! - I dare ya - no, I double-dare ya - no I triple dare ya with sugah!^^!

***If you ask and she says yes, I'll pay for ya'lls dinner. (Pick something nice and upper class - not McDonalds....maybe Chilli's instead...muwahahahahah - I'll even pay for the chips n' salsa!) This is an official "event" put on by me. Pass this event on to other fellow Lineage players - maybe Cap will support it like he did with LC when he use to give a free month of Lin away :)

I tried several times to download the morph list for level 55,60,65 and 70, but it wouldn't work, so sorry :(. Anyway, this is a SS of the new morphs at the dog races - it appears that there are many many many more level 65+'s out there that I thought. O.o Posted by Hello

Da' Weekend !!!

As most of you know, I'm doing this at work - and Knightspirit is doing the same ^^. Anyway, I ain't gonna be here this weekend to update - I'll be on game. But check back Monday, cuz I'll probably have a ton of screenshots and more updates from Korean servers (I may update here this weekend if there is something really REALLY interesting or big from them). So, in the meantime, I'll finish out today with maybe a few more posts. If not, have a great weekend and good hunts! Ciao!

Where'd all the pics go??!!

HAHAHA! Where the hell did they go??? In the archives! I realized that with the possibility of NUMEROUS updates a day, a singe days worth of posts could require a significant amount of scrolling (I should work my fingers out more - so lazy). So, instead of archiving this stuff weekly, which could have resulted in HOURS of scrolling, I've changed it to archive daily - if you want to go back and check on stuff, go to the right of the page, it's right below my Caspa Count. Speaking of which, because I am absolutely determined to get a new item from them, I've actually kept up count. I'm a nerd. So? I've actually kept count since the last update when they first introduced all the new items. Anyway, that count will stop once I get a SINGLE item to drop. Hmmmm...I will continue to ask Kyzah out on a date till she makes something drop to me (yah, I actually PM'd her and asked her out on a date if she'd freaking drop me something - go to lineage junkies - I posted her response ^^. We shall see :)

Here's a shout out to Knightspirit giving me props in game ^^! You guys should also check his website as well It's pretty tight. And finally, you can see what Ice Queen drop me. *sigh* Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 24, 2004

I REALLY look forward to the next episode - the Dire Bears look rocking. But I thought they were gonna be in TOI...this one's in the desert....hmmmmm Posted by Hello

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

You CANNOT tell me LITO would NOT rock in the US Servers - I'd love to take on Ken or LoA. Muwahahahahhaha Posted by Hello

WOW!!! That DEATH KNIGHT menu background absolutely rocks!!!! Can that only be done with a Mac? If anyone knows how to do this, email me please - this is sooooo damn cool! Posted by Hello

Whoa....what is this??? Hmmm...maybe something different coming out with the Cross Rancor episode next month.... Posted by Hello

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I dunno why, but I find these screenshots to be the absolute best - bunch of dead peeps laying around. I tried to get a screenshot during the Valakas event, but it never dawned on me. A little bit different than the DI Dragon Event, eh guys? hehehe Posted by Hello

Just a screenshot I picked up from - why? Cuz I haven't seen a dragon in so long I almost forgot what they look like. And Anthras here is taking on a Godzilla pose - he does look like 'Zilla, don't he? Posted by Hello

The DK with bunnies??!!!

I know many of you have seen a lone DK deep in FV hunting with bunnies and have laughed at that DK - SO? look here, I just leveled 2 bunnies to level 23 and it has been extraordinarily difficult. Thus far, they can take a hit or two from fire archers and warriors, but lava golems and astagio's are still one hit to them. Many elves and some mages, I'm sure, use the new pets and can out level a knight with a pet at almost any given day I think. For those of you who have lower level pets, or just flat out gave up, keep trying!!!! Here's why; when these bunnies have full mp (they regen their MP at about 3 mp every 2-3 seconds - very very fast), have you guys seen them cast COC? At level 23, with full mp, they can nearly destroy a fire archer or do significant damage to a fire warrior. With full mp, they average 4 to 12 casts of COC. Yes, I said 12!!! I counted yesterday in which several times, between the two bunnies, they would cast 10 to 12 coc's - I killed a fire warrior in 2 swings O.O! However, their melee attack is just awfull. So, hope that all you bunny users get good mp level ups on your pets.

The BUNNIES OF DOOM!!! hehehe Posted by Hello

Much Appreciated!

Thanks to all the shout outs that players have been giving me via email, chat box, or in game! It's much appreciated and I'll keep posting as much as possible. I did want to make a note; there maybe a few days where there does not seem to be any, or less than normal, updates - I get all my stuff from or When they don't have any new info, then I probably won't either. But, thanks for visiting, please come often and if you have any suggestions or see an update that I missed, email me at, and I'll do my best to get to it. Good Hunting!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Now dang! Wouldn't it be nice for the US Lineage customers to get such a nice quidebook for the new episode release like they did in Korea? Wow, look at this pretty......... Posted by Hello

Tigers Tigers Tigers

Just cruising about the various sites and I come across this at Gameabout. Currently on Korean Test Servers, there is a new pet that has been released Tigers!. From what I understand, they are suppose to be significantly stronger than dobermans. So the only question remains - are they slow like snow tigers?I guess we'll find out in, what? Six months? A year? Never?

Go to the Aden Kennel - not to purchase tigers, but for the AC and attack teeth. You can't buy the tigers from the stores - they'll have to be tamed. Posted by Hello

From what I can tell, the tiger AC and attack teeth are by far the strongest of all the pets.  Posted by Hello