Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Hi Guys, I was on YouTube the other day looking at vids and I thought I'd punch in Lineage to see what came up. Lots of people fighting and killing mops, drops, etc, etc, but there was ONE video that totally captivated me.

This guy is clearly playing on his own server - why? Cuz I'd like to know how to summon 12 Death Knights, Barnaka, and a Grim Reaper to be under your command....and you're a DE!

I'm telling you, this shit looked like fun.....trust me....WATCH!

Monday, December 10, 2007

This is a bit tough....

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen of the gaming world....I HAVE RETURNED!

My Lineage account has been reactivated.....and I have no idea what to do. I already hit up a few bosses - Ant Queen owned me - hey, what can I say, I was rusty. But I returned, took the 5% loss, and solo'd her. As I stated, I hit up some bosses, but no screenshots - drops sucked so it don't matter.

I am going to need a little help - like quests.

I'm also playing Warrock - with a newly purchased weapon - the FAMAS. It's a BADASSS wep, that's for damn sure lol!

Ok, more later :)

Ciao! Wicked da Liquids

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Return......

Ok, after reading the boards, looking at a few blogs, I have decided to triumphantly RETURN!!!


The Return of The King!


Read on.......

But I won't be returning now - I'm in the midst of a move, so Firebug, get ready to join me into your little pledge.

My timeframe is most likely that I'll be returning in less than two weeks. Once I reactivate, I'll be going straight to the boards to ask a ton of questions.

Then I'll enter in game. Spend about 30 minutes in FV to reacquaint myself with the hotkeys, then go at it. Straight up Boss Hunting again - which I enjoy!

If memory serves me right, I came back last year about this time, played through the X-Mas event, then left again. So, I'll probably do the same haha!

Get ready folks, a member of the old guard is returning.......


Wicked "You're mom is getting hot 'n heavy fer me" Liquids

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Do ya'll remember......

I wanted to do a little Lineage check like I use to do back in the day - WAY back in the day - although I wasn't one of the original beta testers, I've been around long enough, I guess you can consider me one of the old guard.

So, take a look at the pics....good memories, no? By the way, I've had this blog for quite awhile - want even better memories? You should go through my archives.....some good stuff in there :)

The girl on the left does NOT look happy. I think her boyfriend made her do it.

More later!

I have decided to assemble the most comprehensive.....

list of gaming links for Lineage I users - why? Because I find that I have a tiny bit of time and I hate going to 100 blogs to find one that updates. Therefore, if YOU have a blog that's been updated since September OR have any recommendations, let me know - give me the link in the chat box or leave a link in the comment box below and I'll gladly begin to add ya'll.

Have link suggestions?

Hey guys - help me out - if you have any links you want me to add, hit me up! Link it in the comment box below OR on the chat box to the right!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Ok, I have time for a SUPER quicky post - I've been looking at some blogs - a lot actually, and I'm going to update my links....I've noticed that there ARE quite a few blogs out there, but most do not update. Some actually do!

So enjoy!

Wickedy Whacks!


What's up 'mah brutha's and soulja sistah's?!!!

Yeah...um, enough with that......hehehe....

Here's the rundown - personal and video game professional :P

First up, I was in the Bay Area for most of last week - scored me a nice apartment and I'm SUPER excited. Oh yeah, did I mention I was moving? I'm moving to a place that looks a little bit like this.........

Nice, no?

Ok, here's the video game post....first of all, I don't think anyone that plays Lineage comes here anymore, but that's ok, because I haven't Lineage'd anything at all recently. But what I have done is go to the Lineage boards to see what's up.

Got some questions for ya:

1 - what the hell is a Fiery Embryo
2 - are there enough people on the server for war, or is it pretty much "blah"
3 - do people siege anymore?

I read the boards and I have to admit, there are a few things in game that really interest me and I'm thinking after a year long hiatus, I may return to the Land of 2D - Return of the King.

If I do log back into my account, I'm giving myself a month to figure shit out. Probably even less than that. I really don't mind playing again, but the droll of never ending exp gain is not that appealing to me - I'm kicking some major ass playing Warrock and doing pretty well there (did I MENTION you don't gotta pay?). It really is a fast paced game of boom boom boom. I dunno, we'll have to see. I have a hella hard week coming up - packing, calling, scheduling, etc.

Anyway, I'll post a little more frequently till the end of the week, then I'll be AFK for about a week :P

Hit ya'll up later!


Wicked "Tell yer mom I'm heading up her way" Liquids