Friday, July 29, 2005

Yah, I forgot to by the beach has some perks - at least that's what I heard...

Last post for the day - I've been to the beach every weekend now for, oh, I don't know - 3 months or so and about 2 weeks ago they started to set up these MONSTER size stands on the beach right next to the pier. Little did I know, but they were having surf competitions and beach volleyball competitions - this sunday should be big with the APV competitions. And I know 2 weeks from now, they're having another championship series with the big names from beach volleyball (Kirch Kiray, the 2 hot Olympic chicks - sorry, forgot their names). So, you can guess where I'll be.

Aight dudes, be safe and have a good weekend.

I'll catch up with ya'll laterz!

Peace - Wicked "Bounce, baby, BOUNCE!" Liquids

Last weekend to VOTE!

The polls are off to the right ~~~~> under the links - this is the last weekend to vote so get your votes in for the best captions - the contest ends Sunday night at 9 pm PST and I'll announce the winners with the pics on Tuesday, so vote away!


Simon and I were chatting last night and he had mentioned "Podcasting" some stuff for my blog. I was like, "meh, I dunno." And I don't. Should I podcast? I got a super-hot voice - the problem is, why the fuck would anyone want to hear me bitching for an hour? Hell, I don't want to even hear MYSELF for that long! lol - oooo maybe I can try to do voice interviews of gamers and podcast that!!! Hmmmm.......anyone think that's a cool idea? Well, I spend too much time on this blog as it already is, so if any of you guys want to be the podcasting "Wicked" interviewer and do your own podcast of gamers, lemme know and I'll let you post on here.

Speaking of posting, I think I need to take a short break from blogging so much :P hahahaha! No really, I do - so pay attention - just like Leno and Letterman, when they're out, they have guest hosts, so I'm doing the same, I'm going to have guest bloggers while I'm gone - I just don't know when I'll be gone - I'll keep you all updated!

So, gimme you thoughts on blogging and if you want to be a guest blogger, let me know via email or comments - I only have 1 slot open (actually, I could have like a billion, but I'm being picky)

Ciao! Wicked "Gonna Podcast your Ass" Liquids

haha! Mac vs PC - trust me, Mac will NEVER WIN!

Watch this clip gang - I LOVE it - so funny lol! Yet another Mac vs PC arguement and this guy's a gamer, so he knows what he's talking about:

PC owns your Mac anyday of the week

Is it the 90's yet?

Muwahahaha - my retrospect on the 90's! The only puzzling things I find about the 90's are the New Kids on the Block and the skorts. And MC Hammer. And pump sneakers. WTF is a skort???? Is that the same as a "spork?" And the New Kids??!! All I have to say to that is "......................................." And the Power Rangers? Pffffft - knock off of the Mexican Wrestlers - the wrestlers were around WAY before those dudes. Beany Babies? Like the ones from McDonalds? Yah, I got some - then my little dog Boo-boo got a hold of them and now they are being held up for ransom somewhere underneath a couch. 90210 - future Paris Hilton's waiting to be born. Nirvana - OVER FUCKING RATED - I hated that band and I still do. Twin Peaks - still don't get it. SNES - fuck yah!! Super Nintendo OWNED! I'm missing out on some stuff, I know - but meh :) It's all about the memories and good times! I can't decide if the 80's or the 90's were better. You guys got any thoughts? I remember when the OJ chase was going on - Houston was in the Finals and the television networks went to split screens - game on the right and the white bronco chase on the left - yo OJ, thanks for fucking up my game night you twit. Yah, the 90's were pretty damn cool :)

Ciao! Wicked "I'd hit every girl cast member from Friends" Liquid

Seacrest OUT!!! (I hate this dude)

I haven't officially done my weekly rant, so here it is; for those of you not living in Southern California, you are blessed in the sense that you only have to listen to this idiot 2 times a week on television - for the rest of us, we got this fool EVERY FUCKING's sick - absolutely sick. Before moving out here, I had NO idea he was a DJ at one of the stations - er, morning talkshow host. I've listened to his show about a total of 4 times and I've hated every single one (I no longer listen to his show). This guy got a Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame - and I'm still scratching BOTH my head and my ass trying to figue that one out. Yah yah yah, imma get flamed by the Seacrest lovers - pffffffft....whatever. I can't figure what this guys take is - is he a journalist, tv person-guy, dj, morning talkshow is he? He reminds me a lot of that shit that grows in your refrigerator when you forget about it, then you throw it out, then it mysteriously comes back....IT JUST WON'T FUCKING GO AWAY..........Seacrest OUT??!!! WTF is that? How about Seacrest, IMMA KICK YOU IN YOUR NUTS! Ok, got that out. Someone call me when you figure out what his talent is (FYI - just because someone does something for charity, doesn't mean that individual believes in it - this is LA - the land of selfish promotion and doing charity and slapping your face on the billboard doesn't constitute helping - it's called self promotion - get wise or get out).

Woohoo! More Ep4 stuff - and looks kewl!

Woot! I hope the gif's are working above! Ok, check it - more screens of the new areas coming out - pay attention to the areas - the screens have a few secrets!

The new Island/Area - safety zone.

New dungeons - look at the mops.

See the mop on the right? That's called a "Mad Lizard Demon" I think.

The mops above - the one on the left is a heavy "something' demon and the one on the right with the shield is a mad "something" demon.

Are you happy? Cuz......'s Friday!!! Woohoo!!! Break time!!! I'm going to be super busy today guys, so to make up for what MIGHT be less posting, I'll post all throughout the weekend as well, which I normally don't do! Sooooooooo wake up and smell the crack, cuz I got 2 days of NOTHING to look forward too :)

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Need protection? No problemo - make a taser out of a box camera!

I think it's a combination of TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR FUCKING HANDS and just flat out smarts. Anyway, some guy makes a taser out of a box camera - not that powerful, but JUST enough to fuck with someone: (watch it all the way to the end when he tests it one someone)

Kodak really does have mutiple uses!

Naw! Can't be!!

Someone told me this is how white chicks dance....naw...can't be....LOL! Incidentally, I'm posting lots of mpeg links here - if I have time, I'll slap them all into one post with my hot commentary :)

I'm not giving THEM a buck - ewwwww!

Yo! You bettah' buck, buck, buckle-up!

Oh my, it's been much much too long since I've linked a good fight compilation, right? Actually, that last link I had with the 2 chicks was great - but alas, in our violent society, just ONE fight won't do, now will it? I didn't think so :) Buckle up!

Fight fight fight!

Think you're a true gamer?

Think you're a true gamer? I bet you aren't. Check out this guy: Brice Mellen of Lincoln, Nebraska. Apparently this dude can singly handedly WHOOP your ass in, oh, let's say, Mortal Kombat, Soul Caliber, etc etc. Oh, by the way, if you look at the pic closely, you'll see he's not even staring at the screen. This guy doesn't even have to look at the screen to hand you your ass. Why? BECAUSE HE'S BLIND. Mad props to him - check out the story:

Why YOU suck ass and this guy will prove it to you - Blind Gamer

busy busy busy!

Sorry for the slow updates - been very very busy here - I'll try to hit up some posts at lunch time and I have some Lineage posts I want to try and do this evening.

Peace out! W to the icked - lmao - that sounded stupid hahahaha - guess that only works for SOME people t.t!

Which has the best.....

...CAPTION!!! Muwahahhaahahah - made you look - suckah's!! If you have not voted yet, look to the right of the page underneath the links and vote for your favorite captions! If you need to look at the pictures again, go to my July archives and click it - they'll all come up. You can vote once a day! Looks like Brandon and his crew of glass workers is it? And Pockets crew of...I have no earthly idea, are taking the lead for their respective caption entries - but remember, you never know! So vote vote vote! Oh and yes, which one DOES have the better ass?

Ciao! Wickedy Wacking, er combing my hair :P

Aight, due to popular request....

Woot! The hero's in a half-shell! Yes, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (which I swear one turtle was no WAY a teenager - he had a super husky voice and talked like he was well into his 20's - his turtle-nuts must have dropped when he was 8 or something). Anyway, which was YOUR favorite turtle???!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Well damn it all to hell!

I just found out that Avril Lavigne is a "Vegan." A VEGAN!!!! WTF man??!! A vegan??!!!!! That completely and absolutely SUXORS!!!!!! Stupid vegans! I prefer chicks that like roast beef, fried catfish, T-Bone steaks, fried chicken, smoked ham, venison, baked turkey - you get the point. VEGAN??!!! Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!! Not acceptable. Avril, you are officially off my "I'd hit it" list.

LMFAO - yah right, who the fuck am I kidding - I'd still hit it.

Ciao! Wickedy Wacks!


Remember the UPS girl that I gave an ice-cream too? Well, she came by today and gave an ice-cream back to me. Of course I think to myself, "Uh-oh, how do I get out of this one?" - typical, sleazy guy thoughts on figuring out how to bail, right? hehehe...ha....hahaha...hahahahahhahaha!
Ok, enough of that!!! So just HOW do I get out of this?? Simple! Duh!


I'm such an asshole - sorry t.t :)

Aha!!! Woot!!

I think I got the GIF's to work, so please read my post below for some more info and pics!!!
(and the link to Gameabout where I got the stuff)


Roaming about Gameabout as usual, trying to hook up my Lin players, I find this stuff!!! Yay!!! Check it: Above map is a new structural layout for Diad Fortress and some of the wire-design/maps for the graphics.

New Mops!

Another drawn map of Diad.

Now, this part, YOU HAVE TO GO CHECK OUT - super super SUPER cool attack sprites from these 2 bosses - they are really sweet looking and pretty damn cool!!! I don't know how to do the gif's yet, but by all means, I'll link it below and you guys check them out! The boss's attack on the left is by far the best - reminds me of Reaper with a bit more attitude - check that thing he's swinging around - scary!!

Episode 4 news and sprites!

Do you want to be a gigalo? Yes? Read on!

You see, Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigilo is one of my favorite movies of all time - I'm sure a ton of you either hate it or think it was a waste of your time - and to you, fuck off. Deuce rocks and if HE can pimp, you KNOW he's doing something right (how could anyone NOT want to go out with a woman with Tourrets, a large black she/man, a chick 3 times your size, or girls that are missing appendages? Pfffft...I'd hit it). Anyway, some scientists (go figure) in London made up a mathematical algorithm to figure out what the best way to score with women - and it's not expensive jewelry and loot, but a good wine and dine combo. Obviously these twits have never been to Los Angeles. Anyway, read on playah's~!

We spent years calculating the best odds to get laid - too bad we didn't spend that money fighting cancer - but hey, getting laid is more important, right?


Is it just me, or do these things look like strangely futuristic gynelogical tools yet to be put in use? LOL - ok I'm messin wit' yah! There are lighsabers!!!! And the original lightsabers from the 1970's Star Wars film are going to be put up for auction!!! OMG OMG OMG (does the pee-pee dance!). Check it out:

Lighsabers are NOT tools for chicks, although the phallic symbol is quite obvious

One more pic I left out from my 80's post.....

OMG Why didn't anyone tell me Punky Brewster was such a fucking HOTTIE???!!!!! Holy shit....she can "Punky" me anytime - LMFAO hahahahah - that was the worst thing I've said all"punky me" hahahhaahah.. ok whew, sorry - yeah, Punky is one hot chica - DAMN girl......................

Is it in YOU?

I was reading Myah and Carrie2's blog and came across an interesting tid-bit about how sex is a great tool for exercise - did you know, and I quote, "Swallowing semen cuts down on plaque and tartar by 77%??!!! I had no earthly CLUE about these things, but apparently girls do!!! Yay for girls!! Of course, upon reading this, my entreupenural blood began to boil and I said to myself, "I need to bottle myself cuz I KNOW my shit can cut plaque and tartar by at least 90%!!!!" Forget Redbull boys and girls - why the fuck would you want wings? Drink Wicked-Ade and become a bonafide PIMP!!! Grow wings or be a PIMP - you make the choice!

Wicked-Ade: Is it in YOU?

Myah and Carrie2's instruction on excercise via sex and practicing good hygiene
(go past the mental disorder quizzes - go figure, a mental disorder quiz on a blog made by girls lmao - jk Lindsey and Carrie - you know I love ya!)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005's on my head!

I've had a surgical mask on all day cuz some of the fumes that run in our warehouse can knock a freaking elephant down (ok, no not really, but it get's pretty heavy in there - acetone!). So anyway, I'm walking around checking out some stuff and as I walk back into the office, I slide the mask above onto my forehead and it's been there ever since. I completely forgot about it. As I walk outside and look at my reflection on one of the dark windows, I notice this rather large boobie coming outta my head. Suprised, stupified, then laughing very loudly, I realize it's a surgical mask. I was going to take it off, but I rather like the large, blue, boobie on my forehead, therefore, I'm keeping it there :P

Vote for me! I got onto another "top blog" site, so you guys have to vote for each one everyday!! Cuz you all rock and I love youuuuuuuuuu! I love you all like a fat kid loves cake and porn!!!

Peace Wicked "BoobieDude" Liquid

PS: I forgot to mention, I did slide the mask back down and pretended to be a ninja for the rest of the day but not a very good one; I think I got everyone. Fudge.

It took me an hour to put this....

...montage together, but well worth the time I think. The picture above represents why I've been in this mental "funk" lately - nostalgia!!! The weather out in Cali, when it's cool, reminds me of the early spring, late fall in Texas and I kinda timewarped back to when I was just a naive kid that thought girls were icky (I still kinda do). Do any of the pics look familiar to you? I guarantee, if you look closely, they'll bring back a memory or two. This was before there was so much sex on TV and the movies (Family Guy!) and which is why Family Guy is my favorite show of all time - simply put, Seth McFarland grew up when I grew up and he's got so many references, it makes it funny. Anyway, this was RIGHT before the internet blew up and CGI was something some computer nerd at MIT was jerking off to - that "cool" stuff on the movie screen was still made by using puppets and clay! GI Joe would get their collective asses whooped by the Transformers and Voltron, some English dude was a butler for some has-been baseball player, and little girls picked up swords and strawberries, rather than have a plastic house in Malibu, Guns n Roses was way cool before Axl had plastic surgery, and some dude grew up rich with a ridable train running through his house, while those chicks still stuck in the 50's tried to domesticate the 5 year olds with mini-ovens cuz that's what little girls did. I always did wonder what it would be like to ride a great white dragon through the sky and if Reeses Pieces actually attracted aliens. Way cool if you ask me; definitely NOT BOGUS. Well, before I ramble on and on about the 80's, allow me speak my Mr. Rogers thought of the day: Live life - it's way to short.

Peace. Wicked "Yah, I'd hit it" Liquid

Tomorrow? Maybe the 90's!!! (by this time, I could get it up and got laid!)


Picture this: A mom wants to be cool for her high school son so she has parties and lets the boys do her, all the while she's providing drugs and alcohol to the kids. JEESH!!! What is up with these older women hitting the young boys lately?? You know what they did in Rome back in the day is my current philosophy; Roman soldiers that were caught stealing food were not severely punished for stealing food - they were severely punished for getting caught. Yo, you wanna hit up a 14-17 year old? THEN DON'T FUCKING GET CAUGHT CUZ YOU'RE GONNA GO TO JAIL FOR A VERY VERY LONG TIME. But hey, at least you got some, right? :P

Mom Pleades Guilty to Hosting Sex Parties

Things that make you go "hmmmmmmmm"

Aight, this is a compilation post of some really awkward, stupid, funny, and insane shit! And of course it'll come with my personal thoughts!

First up? Why have 78 of the top scientists in the world been killed in the last 24 months? I'm not shitting you people - I LOVE ghost stories and conspiracy stories, etc - but this shit is legit - these scientists might have been capable of finding antidotes to some of the top biochemical weapons in the world - and now they're all dead:

Scientists Slaughtered

Here's an mpeg of some players from World of Warcraft who have implemented a mod to make it appear your character is naked. And of course the character mods are all girls. SOME people seriously need to get laid.

Need to get laid Warcraft sucka's

Crazy fucking driver INTENTIONALLY trying to run over people! omg!

This clip is great - an older brother scares his 2 little brothers - wait till the end (not long)
Asshole, fucker of a brother!

Girls Fighting (you all KNOW I love this shit lol!)

And finally, Japanese Sharking (I was asked to re-link this) Don't know what sharking is? Look!

Naw, I dun feel like boobies - tummy's instead!

Aight boys and girls - here are some super sexy abs - of both guys and gal's so you can't ever say I wasn't FAIR!!! See the girls abs? Those are hot - a six-pack on a girl is hot, but I personally prefer the smooth tummies - now that's hot. Enjoy!!!

Wicked"Lick-it" ----> LMAO! Get it? Wicked "liquid" is not "lick-it?" oh bah!! Pfffft!


OMG I got brain freeze. And I have writers block - I can't think of anything clever or witty and under normal circumstances, I would just post pictures of boobies if that were to occur, but not even the power of women's mammary glands can help me at the moment, thus the lackluster posting without the biting wit and sarcasm. Should I foray into the intellectual world or stay with the mono-syballic verbage of gamers (zug zug!). Not to worry as I will not speak of politics and religion on my blog - EVER. Politics bore me as it is just a power struggle and I am a firm believer that the only time problems arise with power is when people begin to believe they have any. As for religion - not uh- not touching that with a 10-foot pole.

So what do I write now? LMFAO - boobies, here we come!

Monday, July 25, 2005

My new Quagmire Gif~~~>

You likey? *^.^*


No, we don't have a Pedro here - at least I don't THINK we do - but meh; courtesy of Mr. Napoleon Dynomite himself, here's Pedro - but don't vote for HIM - look at the captions list on the right and vote for your favorite! It's a tight race and this Wednesday I'll give a re-cap of who's winning so vote vote vote!

is the day over yet?

For 99% of you all, it is - so be happy, you mofo's! I got an hour left and I'm trying NOT to fall asleep t.t!!!!!

See ya'll tonight!

Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa - wtf is THAT??

Ya know, digging around in dirt all day, looking at dusty books filled with words no one understands, trying to decipher the pictures on a wall - ahhhhhh the life of an archeologist - they just WISH they could get play like Indiana Jones did. But they don't. And they won't. And they reassembled this thing from 14 fragments....and they have decided it's a phallac symbol and the first ever known dildo. So they CLAIM. It looks like it could be a weapon too. I can just picture it now, "Give me my monies or imma whack you with my stone penis!"


Worlds oldest dildo!

Even MORE ep4 junks!

Dear God, they are seriously cranking out some shit for Episode 4 over at NC, don't ya think? The images don't have any text next to them, so who the hell knows what they're gonna be called or what they even do - I just wish they would have some fun with the stuff, like in World of Warcraft, putting in the "One Ring" to play off of LOTR - bleh - here's the linkxors:(Thanks to Simon of LiveMotion Studios for grabbing the screen - you may find his link off to the right on my link list - check it out!)

Episode 4 junks!

Vampires threaten to impregnate you!!!!

A poor woman in Italy was threated by "Vampires" who swore they would impregnate her with the Anti-Christ unless they gave her monies. Well now, who WOULDN'T be scared of that shit? Crazy mofo Vampires try to impregnate people - what's up with 'DAT??!! Read on playah's:

Vampire gonna git you!!!!!!!!

I'm Jealous...........

The guys that work next to us are so rich, it's sick. Absolutely sick. Everyday, it's as if they have new cars; don't ask me what they do, but it's a guy thing! As far as I know, they own 2 Mercedes S500's and 2 pimped out Range Rovers. Just those 4 cars alone are a quarter million bucks. Then....THEN... their buddy drives up in a CR500 - super clean and super pimp ride. I want one. I need to win the Lotto. I did win $8 from a scratch off, but that's a far cry from a million bucks :(

My Color Commentary for Today: Large People with Tattoos, Stupid Drivers, and the UPS Girl

I didn't have too much going on this past weekend, but I always seem to find something amusing when work starts. Notice I never write about work too much - but everything else? I run out to Walmart cuz I need to buy some junks and I see this group of rather "large" people. I'm not not mean so I'm not going to blather off and call'em the fat-ass-fat-fuckers. Let's just say they are plump and happy. Ok, I'm lying - I'm making fun of them cuz they eached weighed about 400 lbs and were wanna be gangsters. You all KNOW I have issues with wannabee gangsta's.

So anyway they have these tattoos on all of them - one of which was expanded and pushed under the fat of his armpit - therefore, I was unable to make it out. I don't even know what it was! A snake? A duck? A puppy? Personally, it looked like a Taco. Why anyone would want a taco on their arm is beyond me. Then there was the dudes girl - ugh! She had tattoos ALL over her legs. Is that bad? No, not at all - I don't mind tattoos - but yet again, apparently this was prior to that extra "chorizo." For those of you that don't know what that is, it's a rather delicious fried Mexican bread with sugar. Well, she had what appeared to be a crucifix on her leg with Jesus. At least that's what I THOUGHT it was - it was so stretched out it looked like a small, dark baby wrapped around her calf. How lovely.

People need originality when it comes to tattoos - don't know what I mean? Go to Popobig's site and go back a few posts - she's got some pretty sweet ink on her (the little wind-up mouse is great!). I personally don't have any ink done cuz number 1: I'm a pussy and I hate needles and number 2 = same as number 1 (I FREAKING HATE NEEDLES!)

I wanted to share this with you: While driving back from Walmart, I almost got hit again - some dude in a lane that wasn't designated as a turning guessed it.......turned into my lane. So I roll my window down and I scream out, "Hey man, you ok?" The guy rolls his window down and says "Yah, I'm ok." Which I reply "You sure about that? Cuz imma bout to fuck you up" The guy, in a fucking VAN of all things (I HATE VANS - OF ALL KINDS - THEY ARE THE DEVILS VEHICLES - I WISH GOD WOULD SEND ALL BAD PEOPLE AND VANS TO HELL) promptly swerves off into a grocery store parking lot and takes off. Fuckers.

Finally, the UPS girl just hit on me. I was flattered so I gave her an ice cream *^.^*
(Seriously, I gave her a banana flavored ice cream :P )

Ciao! Wicked "Loves yo' Mama" Liquids

Vote for me damn it!~~~~~~------>

Awww -I love you all - well, most of you, but not all of you so that first part of my post is a lie. Most of you are nice, some of you are dicks, and the rest....I think just found my blog while surfing and now you won't leave!! LMAO - just kidding!!! Vote for me damn it!!!!! :P

Peace! Wicked "Loves Peace" Liquid

A little bit of Lineage from the Weekend!

Ahhhh! Finally a drop from DE caves - nzell t.t! Wah, that's not spellbook! So I promptly left cuz I got tired of hunting down there.

Thank you Memnarch lol!

Found Phoenix and called it on pledge chat. DCWalker came up to help and we 2 on 1 her - I tried to get a ss of us taking her on, but she was on me most of the time so I couldn't do that ctrl-p thing. Nothing spectacular for me, but DC got Firewall!!! I'm not a greedy person, so I just let DC have the book to learn for his mage.

Haven't seen one of these guys on Dep like in 6 months!

FINALLY!!! I get Holy Walk after this spot that is shown to me by DCWalker in return cuz I showed him where Dopple Boss spawns - and in turn he wispers me to tell me it's his book. Huh? LMAO!!! NOT!!~~~ hehehe - that only took about 2 days to get - and only like an hour or so worth of hunting before I got it. Shweeet! (the "h" is in that last word on purpose)

No no, I'm not "Wicked Beholder," I'm "Wickedliquid" ya bitch! And since Seer wasn't up, I decided to just hunt. Dress Evasion was best the whole time I was up there.

Thanks Rosanna!

Took my baby mage up to TOI 10 - and got this book! Wow! This weekend I scored two, technically three, AWESOME spellbooks (Holy Walk, Firewall, Great Res) Woohoo!!! I wonder what other books I need - oh yah - Advance Spirit!!!!!!! Holy crap that is an awesome spell!!! If you've never had it cast on you, you should go find someone that has it and check it out - it's totally pimp!