Thursday, September 04, 2008

Headache time!

I have a headache. It's not mild, nor is it strong.

It's annoying. It's irritating. It's made me a little upset.


So I've been playing games - mostly Warrock and Condemned 2: Bloodshot. Warrock is fun as usual, but way to many hackers to make it as enjoyable as it use to be. I've also been thinking about going back to Lineage, mostly because that game is not as addictive as it use to be and I have no problem walking away from it. And of course, I even considered going back to WoW, but that's just stupid. I don't find it addictive, but I'd rather not play something that takes so long to get anywhere; there's just no end-game to that mmorpg.

I've also been going out and doing fun stuff, drinking (duh), and etc etc. Ok, maybe I DO need to pick up games or something.......

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I'm about to drop $4 Grand and do up the BMW. I found this fucking awesome Bavarian Autosport shop that works strictly on BMW's and their mechanics are all BMW certified. So far, I'm considering having the following done:

1. New tires - I'll either pick the Generals, Kumho, Pirrelli's, or Eagle FSA's. Cost - $500 to $1,800 (I LOVE YOU TIRERACK.COM haha - had I bought them anywhere else, the cost would have been $1,500 to $2,800)

2. Exterior sensor replaced - Will cost me around $200. From BMW, would have cost me $700

3. Idle Control Valve replaced - will cost around $250. From BMW, would have cost me $1,200

4. Breaks and Rotors - owie, this one is going to be expensive. I want ceramic break pads and cross slotted rotors; I want the R1's with the ceramic pads, so cost on all four will be about $1,000. From BMW, cost would have been around $2,500.

5. Painted calipers - the kit is only around $30. The labor will make this cost me around $200.

6. Simple alignment - $125.

7. Simple oil change - $150.

So overall costs is going to be.....moderately painfull (hey, this could be drinking money, damn it). But I love my car :P

After I get that stuff installed, I'm going to have the car fully removed of all dents and dings. Most likely looking at around $1500 to smoothen the body out. Then after that, a new, fresh coat of mid-night black.

Lastly, illegal, blacked out, limo-tint. Around $150.

Aight, more as I get it done.

Oh, by the way, had I had my own garage, I'd roll up my sleeves and do at least 75% of myself.

But I don't have a garage.



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