Thursday, April 28, 2005

5 Flights through 3 states in 36 hours......

I'm tired. I'm jet-lagged. I'm zombie-fied(is that a word?). I know I said I wasn't going to update much till my projects were done. I'm still not going to - yet. This trip I took was funny, but I'll write about it later. So there you go - I'm still alive. Ciao! Wickedy Wack

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Ok I lied - ONE LAST post then I really gotta go - I saw this and I wanted to pass it along to you all - some MAD MUTHA-FUCKING BAD ASS BREAKING DANCING!! These guys rock!!!
*check out the chick doing her moves - B-Girl Red*

Pimp style break dancing

Ciao! Wickedy Wack!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

hehehehe :)

Snap crackle and pop! Aight - here we go - my homage to all you gamers and friends who have been with me since day one and if not longer - I hope you guys like the links, I hope you get a few laughs, and I'll see you all in..........44 days and 44 nights(I may have left a few people out so sorry if I did)

*Warning: Some vids are funny, some are shocking...NO PORN HERE KIDDIES!!!*

This guy gets ALL the girls....and some guys too I bet..... So hot!

Um...You're Fired : There is NO way in hell this chick still has her job. This is what happen to Melantus - which is why he's not around at NC no mo'!

Gamers UNITE!!! For Paldo, SOL, Vengence - hell, ALL gamers, watch this, crank it up, and go play!!! Compilation of WHUP ASS!

AnthraxOrz: Kid shits while running - LMAO - don't ask me why, but when I saw this, it had Anth written all over it - or at least around it and watch and see!
Amphetamines: Suicide Magic! Much hotter than those gay dudes in Vegas...
Doors: Spongebob Hemp Pants - yo smokey, need I say more?
Fieldsoflove: Slow down!!! For real man, you level to fast and this can happen....
Gideonscross: Busted! I wish my mom was as cool as yours!
Literary Hero: This is how you slap on the pounds - can't gain weight? Try this!
Muyo: Sleeping Nazi - I swear this looks just like Craig, man!!!
Myah: Taco Bell is SO COOL! I'm going to Taco Bell every DAY now!!! (this is over a Beef Gordita by the way)
Plouks: Bored? Then stop doing this! (click in the middle of the page)
StopHeart: This is what you teach a kid - yo man, this is da SHIT!
Tiffy Taffy: Two chicks fighting a guy - knuckle up and git'em!
Popo: My boys! - These guys own and you know it. By the way, I react the same way when I play WoW - you just don't know it :P

44 days and 44 nights...peace out - ciao! Wickedy Wack (don't miss me too much!)

Click click BOOM! And there you go - my freshest level up - I hit level 56 about 20 minutes ago and I have now officially out leveled my dude on Lineage. I solo'd some pretty tough quests in the Eastern Plaguelands and I'm pretty proud of myself. And as for that gibbering ghoul? Owned. Nuff said :) Posted by Hello

Don't I just look like a freaking bad-ass???  Posted by Hello

So I'm fishing and I catch some Deviate Fish and on the description, it only says "Eat me." So I did. And what happen? I ended up doing all KINDS of funky shit - I fell asleep 3 times, then I lost stamina, then I gained intellect, then - my favorite - I was cursed with PARTY TIME!!! I started dancing and clapping and making chicken noises for no apparent reason - which I thought was hilarious :) Posted by Hello

After Vamp, we ran up to check on ZL - this sounds familiar - have I posted this before? Bleh, I dunno - anyway, we string him around and we take 'da geriatric bee-atch to da morgue.  Posted by Hello

Although you can't see him - well, actually yah, you can - me and 1stZero put a hurting on Count Chocula as you can. His drops? A ring!!! Wow....>< but I heard that was better than more recent Vamps. Posted by Hello

LOL - gotta love sports fans....... Posted by Hello

I haven't don't this in awhile...

....but I swear imma post some funny ass links tonight when I get home - I know I've had some pretty funny shit here in the past, but the stuff I found recently is just WAY to funny to not share with the gamers of this world. And I'm going to repost some old stuff too!!! :)

***Oh I forgot to mention, when I do add the links for the funny stuff, imma aim some of them at certain people - not to be cruel but rather I think some of you peeps would appreciate it more than others :P So look for yer name! And remember - all love, all love!

I travel way to much....

....and yet again, the airline industry just pocketed a ton of my money....sigh...I hate flying...and I'm not going up North this time....East I jet lag......fudge..... ><

Anyone remember when the inerface looked like this? I don't - this was well before my time....those spell icons look cool though :) Posted by Hello

New graphical update for the Dark Wizards and the Dark Elves. Looks like the DE's still got back problems....(I think there were initially designed to be these brooding, scary looking guys. I think they ended up just promoting better ergonomics. But that's just me. Meh) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

44 Days and 44 Nights.....

Yah yah, I know I know, it's suppose to be 40 days and 40 nights! So shoot me BLEH!!! I got this little project I'm working on's going to be hard for me to update this blog. No, I'm not quitting the blog - but for 44 days and 44 nights, my little project is going to consume me. What is it? HAHA! Wouldn't YOU like to know. Starting this Thursday, I'll be busy with it. So, a TON less gaming news. To my faithful visitors, I'm sorry - but the links will be kept up and there are tons of other players that are keeping up their blogs.

Unlike other people who quit their blog, then come back, then quit again, then come back again - pffffftttt not my thing and not my style, which is why I said I'm not quitting the blog - you can check often as you like as I'll be writing in snippets here and there, but for a little while, I might be a ghost. Heh heh, I like the sound of that!

So tomorrow, imma post like a mad man. Then imma ghost myself.

ooooo scurry!!! :P Cya then! Wickedy Wack

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Friday, April 15, 2005

Good Gaming...(you guys are gonna love the way I wrote this)

I actually had a good gaming night last night - logged on to both WoW and Lineage.

Lineage: ZQ end, Seer end, Vamp end, ZL end. SS's to come this evening.

WoW: I, like many players, have gotten ganked by Aliance so many times, I can't even begin to count. But before I release my spirit, I always take a quick look around to catch the names of the dumbasses who have so frevently decided to kill me; this resolution came to me as I had decided to seek an ever-relentess pursuit of revenge should our paths ever cross again.

Yesterday, I found one(you guys might like the way I wrote this - this is all true and it happened last night.).

In my slow pursuit for a higher level of honor and recognition in the land of Kalimdor (ok, this writing style that I have chosen for this morning is getting dorky) I began my evening of site seeing in the dark and humid jungle lands of Un'Goro Crater. In these lands one may find the thick skinned raptors and giant, menacing creatures like Devilsaur', Oozing Slimes, Primal Slimes, and other creatures of mad delight. In the case of my excursion, I found a familiar character, a member of that adolescent and juvenile group of heathens found in IronForge - a member of the dreaded Alliance! Oh, but not just ANY member of the Alliance. One member in particular, Serephene. This waste of humanity and derelict of all things "douche" was a being that had permanently been scarred into the flesh of my brain; you see dear reader, this little morsel who, unknowingly, would in short time become one with the fodder and waste of these lands, had on numerous occassions banished me to the graveyards, dispatching me only while in a group, but never having the capability to challenge me alone. One day earlier, the wretched crew of vile and villainous scum was the cause of my visit to the Sacred Spirit. Upon seeing the great spirit, I vowed that the taste of revenge would be far greater than the death that layed before me.

I had found my prey. The hunt began......

Serephene and a cohort, a class of even lower accord known as Paladins, appeared to be on a mission to complete a quest of which required components from ooze creatures. Upon seeing them in the distance, I quickly morphed into my graceful feline form and stealthed, turning invisible as I became one with the mist. Then came a quick summoning of a spell which allowed me to track all human entities in a small radius, centering upon myself. I stalked slowly to the two unwitting humans, each breath coming deeper and each beat of my heart getting faster. I watched in veiled secrecy and came closer and closer to my prey. While they had been fighting the Ooze, which are gelatinous like creatures of a blood red and earthen hues, the two had failed to kill the Ooze quickly enough that it caused itself to duplicate into another and while doing so a wandering Ooze of the same family came to aid that of his kin and began attacking in sequence with the other; now there were two monsters that the Alliance had to overcome.

Little did they know, a third would be upon them shortly.

Before the kill, one must know their enemy well. One most know their weaknesses and their strengths. Or, in determination of revenge, a bloodlust if you will, the rules of engagement cease to exist.

"Blood must be spilt, for today, I return to you 10 times what you have given to me. Today, it shall not be my blood." I quietly said underneath my breath.

I stalked closer, weary of the monsters around me. I waited silently as it became evident that the two Alliance members, level 51 Mage and 43 Paladin, began to appear to have difficulty ridding themselves of the two beasts. I grinned, not a playful grin, but one that would easily be defined as malicious and filled with a sort of sweet malcontent, a deviant, predatory grin. I watched intently as their health and magic began to decline.

Timing was critical. The timing was now.

I ran to my prey while still stealthed and watched as their health and magics deteriorated even further.

Now dear reader, I realize you maybe asking of me "Is this honor?" Alas, it is, but of a different nature. It is called absolution. It is called revenge. I seek honor by seeking revenge.

My onslaught began. No mercy would be given. No quarter would be allowed.

I ran quickly to the Alliance members. As my personal siege began, I prayed to the moon to help me and in return, she shined brightly, then in a fury, released a rain of stars down onto the Paladin. In fright, he ran but I called to the Earth Mother and beneath the earth, deep, heavy roots sprung from the ground and firmly planted him in his place. I then called to the stars and a hail of stars fell from they sky and to the ground; the Paladin shortly followed. Seeing her comrade lifeless and unmoving, the mage quickly cast a barrier shield, preventing any of my magic to harm her. I had not anticipated this as my magic was absorbed.

I quickly called to the only other option I had.

Strapped upon my back, silently waiting to be brought out from slumber, was cold, hard, steel, luster from it was gone as spots of rust replaced the skin, made from the salt of blood from previous battles.

The Painbringer, a mace of violent proportions, was now awake and trembling.

I swung at the mage, now casting healing magic as fast as she could. The Painbringer would have none of this.

I swung again and again, unrelenting as each blow secured one step closer to her grave.

Finally, she collapsed in defeat. What's this?? An Ooze was still hitting her!!!! Perchance had I and I alone not secured the kill? This mage, in pure and despicable words, taunted me in her ghostly form as she claimed to be unimpressed with my skill. This was unacceptable. I stealthed again and waited patiently by her corpse, waiting for her reclaim the decaying body next to me.

The Great Spirit resurrected her and bought flesh and blood into her body once again. I waited quitely as her spirit returned to her. When she had completed her regeneration, I attacked again!

She immediately cast her absorption magic and began to run from me with fear. The chase was on! I chased her over hills and swamp, evading each nearby monster. After what felt an eternity, my patience ran out and I entangled her again, binding her feet to the ground so that her aloofness would come to an end. The moon and stars blasted her while my Painbringer screeched as it was pulled from her casing and into the flesh of the mage.

Oh Serephene, I know now what you must have been thinking, "Wickedliquid, how swift thy attack."

And with that final swing, her body lay limp again on the ground.

You may not know me, but I assure you Alliance, you will never forget me.

And this is what you get when you get worried that video games are making you stupid - you write like this to make sure that you have some form of artistic integrity left and your mind has not been numbingly sapped of it's countless hours of higher education. And also when you're bored at work :P Have a good weekend! Ciao! Wickedy Wack

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Someone CLEARLY will not be going back to DisneyLand anytime Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I get an email from my friend Stephanie who had just recently moved to Dallas/Fort Worth (my old stomping grounds). She does some minor photography work for a concert venue in Dallas and Maroon 5, Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello, and some others were in town over a few weeks doing some shows. She sends me this pic of Adam (Maroon 5) and has this funny ass story. She was in the guys dressing room taking pic's for the venue and Adam, who is a skinny, scrawny guy, actually "attempts" to work out because he wants to get big and strong. So he has this thing from an infomercial that he bought that attaches to the door and it's like a rowing machine-type thing. He's rowing away on the ground against the door when the drummer walks in and causes the rowing band to snap back and hurls right into Adam's sternum, promptly breaking it. Everyone thought it was pretty damn funny - so what does Steph do? She takes pics! She ended up sending a few to a couple of friends of hers at Rolling Stone Magazine and they buy them off of her - go check out this weeks issue - page 33 I think - you can see the rest of them there. Her Lenny pics will be in RS later I think. Ciao! Wickedy Wacks Posted by Hello

How funny! I was on a WoW site and looking at skills. There are 2 things I like about WoW - one being the way they honor other icons from around the world and pop/modern day references - like Godzilla, Fraggle Rock (I KNOW you guys know what I'm talking about!), and many many other references. I also like the fishing aspect. So when I was on this site looking at items, I noticed this thing - a simple ring. What does Blizzard call it? They call it the 1 Ring. I'm not kidding. And the irony is that the only way you can get it is by fishing!! That's what Gollum and his buddy were doing when they found the ring in LOTR. Imma get this and go to Blackrock Depths and go destroy it and.....ugh.....this dorkiness must! But I thought that was so cool - so many references to so many things make it fun! Oh, and this thing adds +1 to all stats across the board - and it sells for a TON of gold at AH even though it's only a minor stat increase - hey, who doesn't want the "ONE ring?" Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

After I found ZQ, I decide to go up and check Seer - again, I ran around 3 times before he spawned - I found him just like I found ZQ - I passed by the same area before the game decided to spawn him - I had my MR set on (92% mr) and that mofo STILL hurts. Sorry, but MR does nothing for me against mops - in PvP, I'm sure it helps quite a bit, but with mops, notuh. I've solo'd Seer serveral times before, but I HATE doing that - mostly because his magic attack bites a bit. I usually have several CM scrolls on me, but since I have not been on L in so long, I let the pledge know that he was up - 1stZero and Giclee came on up. You can see the drops - I'm not saying anymore!!! >< Posted by Hello

Yes - believe it or not, I actually found a boss!!! I found her only after making 2 rounds - I don't think she spawns till a server notices another entity is up there, THEN she spawns - the spot where I found her, I had been by 2 times before. Notice what she dropped? Neither do I. That's why there's no drop list pasted on there. Stupid risk vs. reward. That shit can go to hell. Posted by Hello

Thank you XCronuSX - I think I got a cool name too ^^ Posted by Hello

I think Muzli misses Popo. LOL...hahahahha Posted by Hello

I hate it when I get into that tent and a I seemingly appear to be stuck when I'm actually not - due to a stupid little chicken guy that needs to go jump into a vat of KFC love - thanks to Fantasy4U for the save! Posted by Hello

Ya know, one day - ONE DAY, Popo's gonna make a good girlfriend for someone - look!!! She's cooking!! She cooked me like 3 million little fishies. Which I ate all at once. Yummy!!! I wonder if she does laundry....... Posted by Hello

I was doing a hunt and took some magic potion which shrunk me and made me into a "toy - druid" which was funny as hell - I was this tiny little dude.  Posted by Hello

Popo and I - don't I look like a freaking thug with my hat???!! Like imma beat you up or something. Which I prolly would. Just for the hell of it. Posted by Hello

A +11 xbow for $100 million. I'd say that's cheap. Posted by Hello

When's the last time you've seen so many new players? >< Posted by Hello

I think I'm going to be sick.....

....You know that button on the top right corner I'm always blathering about? Well, I go and randomly go look at more blogspot blogs and I found one called......I'm not going to say. But it made me sick to my stomach. The morbid fascination that people have with dead, decaying bodies, bodies in turmoil, hurt human beings - at this point, I refuse to go into detail, but I think you get the idea. Why is it I always have a way of finding the grossest shit on the net??!! And I'm not even TRYING. I can't stand scary stuff to begin with and running across this webpage just about made my day (ultra heavy sarcasm with a frown). What the fuck is wrong with people? What the fuck is about dead children that people get their kicks from? There are some SICK motherfuckers in this world. Sigh.....the site also has links to other pages and when I saw one of the links being, I KNEW this was NOT the place for me. You guys want the site address? I won't give you the direct link, but I'll give you the name of the website - you can go look for yourself the rest of the way. By the way, there was a particularly distrurbing pic in which upon viewing this picture, I promptly left the webpage, then left work to buy yet another toothbrush and toothpaste so I could brush my teeth. It's called Ghost Reaper. Good luck. And I hope you didn't have anything to eat.


So I was doing laundry last night and I logged into WoW for a few minutes and hung out with Popo for a bit (I got some great screenshots) and after my laundry, I was suppose to go back to WoW, but alas, I failed to do so - I went Lin instead. Had a great time! I got some cool ss's - I'll post both sets tonight when I get home. Woohoo! Ciao! Wickedy Stickedy Wack

Monday, April 11, 2005

Yah I'm a dork...

so what? When I'm not updating my blog while I'm at work and have nothing else to do, I like to watch Frontline. I can't help it - I'm a world news junkie. I'm absolutely fascinated with what goes on in the world other than the crappy local news (which isn't too bad when you read about the insane shit that some Californians do). So I take my time to watch or listen to reports from Frontline, which is a PBS funded newsprogram; it's a lot like 60 minutes, but instead of several different stories over an hour time, it's all focused on one story. It's suprising all the interesting stuff you can learn. It just so happens I'm fascinated with religion and religious wars - always have been and always will be - more specifically, not Al Queda or Jihad, but rather the Palestinian and Israeli war - I've followed this war since the 7th grade and too this day, even after reading and pouring over the history, I still don't get it. Not completely anyway. So if you got some free time and want to step away from that might numbing bullshit that we call mmorpg's (which I LOVE by the way :P) then check out the link.

Yes I have..

screenshots. Just not at work :P I had a hard nights sleep which culminated in me being late for work by 40 minutes. Oh well. I did try to go to the beach again this weekend but I just do not understand how Californians can go to the beach in freaking 70 degree whether - people had shorts on and I was freezing with a sweater!!!

Lineage news: Logged on, spent 5 nteles, logged off. How exciting!!!
WoW news: I'm level 53 at the moment. Just chugging along.

Interesting note: When you chat in lineage, whether global or wisp, there are the keys you gotta press before hand - you know, the @ and # and %, etc etc. In WoW, it's the " / " key before whatever it is you type. Talk about annoying as hell. I can't my keys mixed up so bad sometimes ><.

I'll be posting all day today so check check check! And Mataro, yes, you're right. How'd you figure it?

The New Paris Hilton Barbie - at a Walmart near you!

Paris Hilton Barbie! Posted by Hello

Bad Duckie!!!

Bad bad duck! Posted by Hello

Child Abuse............

Child Abuse Posted by Hello

Friday, April 08, 2005

I was looking at some blogs and came across this pic of New York's Toy's R Us store.....they had a midnight madness sale for Star Wars stuff. Then I saw "it!" Look below...... Posted by Hello