Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Eh?? WTH is this - a ninja in a suit with little white balls over him? LOL - naw - he's got the special suits needed to make CGI work more smoothly - and what exactly is this for??!! Awww you silly silly gamers - it's for the new cinematic coming out for EPISODE 4!!!!!!!!! (Damn NC, you guys sure are rushing all this shit out now, aren't ya?) Posted by Hello

Whoa...that's a hella lot of shit I posted below!

Look below and see some cool ss's of the new areas for Valakas, Fafuron, and Anthras. Also, scroll further down and look for my posts today - especially regarding the B-day - remember, no suggestions and the prizes diminish!!!!!!!!

Vals new spawn spot. Posted by Hello

Total area map for Val. Posted by Hello

Area map for Valakas. Posted by Hello

Faf in his new spawn area. Posted by Hello

Fafurons spawn spot. Posted by Hello

Total area map for Faf. Posted by Hello

Anth in his "special" place lol Posted by Hello

Total map floor. Posted by Hello

His spawn area. Posted by Hello

The B-Day is coming!!!!!!!

The one year birthday/anniversary of my blog is coming up in June!!! Gahhhhh - have I had this thing for THAT long??!! I went back to my old archive pages and it's pretty cool how my blog and posting has evolved over a year's time. It started with Lineage and getting all the new info for us fans once Lineage Center went down. Then LC came back up and I did not feel the need to try to report any of the new stuff. Then LC went down again. Then I got annoyed, removed that stupid fucking link, and never looked back. I do on occassion go look for new stuff, but I never seem to find any - so bleh!

On to cool news: Later on this month will be the one year b-day of this blog and thanks to all you loyal viewers, I've amassed over 40K+ hits, which is pretty damn cool - and thanks to you all that have me linked. So on June 22nd, I am considering having a contest for my blog. I'm currently in the process of thinking about what prizes I could possibly give away -and yes, that plane ticket is still in the back of my head. SO NOW I NEED YOUR HELP - please email me, leave a comment, or leave something in the chat box in regards to what the prizes could be - everything is fair game!!!

If I don't get enough responses, then I'll still have a contest, but with prizes that I'll make up and not all of you may like - plane ticket will be left off the idea list if not enough suggest it. So be creative and think up some cool stuff for me!Posted by Hello

Gamers STINK!

No really, they do. Literally, they STINK. I meant to write this on my blog but completely forgot. A few weeks ago, I went to GameStop, you know, that ever popular chain of gaming stores found throughout most of North America and various parts of Canada. Anyway, it was the weekend and I was actually in the mall looking for something else (yes, I just admitted I was in the fucking mall - don't worry - that'll NEVER happen again, I assure YOU) and I saw GameStop and wanted to check out some of the new games. It was packed with lots of people. I walked in and very quickly noticed an "air" of...of.....of "ugh." I was like, WTF is that smell??!!! Then it HIT me - all these gamers in here and it was THEM!!!!!! Man, I was about ready to pass out; I was in there for less than 30 seconds as I began to turn fucking blue. Jeesh!!! OMG gamers are a stinky bunch of mutherfuckers...I've never seen so many people that are in a severe need over a good shower and some deodorant, in my life. Please, for the love of god, at least brush yer damn teeth. BLAH!!!!!!!!Posted by Hello

Games? Did you say games?

Soooooooooooo welcome back all of you!!! Hope you had a stellar weekend - and for those of you finally on summer vacation, pull out your skating gear, band aids, and insurance cards, cuz it's time to have fun kiddies!

I have a few WoW ss's and YES - I logged onto Lineage, albit briefly. I didn't see anyone that I knew on at the time, so no time for "hello's," but I'm going to try to log on tonight!!! I hear the the double exp and drops are cool, but this is NC we're talking about, so I'm not exactly psyched.

Regarding WoW.....well, um, sigh.....it's beginning to bore me - MUCH quicker than I had anticipated. I did start up a few new characters and having fun with them (priest characters are FUN FUN FUN!). So why the Lineage II pic? muwahahahahahahaha.....no, I don't have a Lin II account, but I'm willing to try anything for shits 'n giggles (except that ROSE game - no way!). So, anyone out there playing Lineage II - what you think? Suxors? Or so-so? There are tons of games - lets play!!!! Ciao, Wickedy WacksPosted by Hello

Sunday, May 29, 2005

He says he can summon UFO's..............

Some dude in Las Vegas claims he can summon UFO's on command saying a prayer. Yah right! So what do the zany newsreporters from Los Angeles do? They go out there and call him out on it. He actually summons a UFO....wtf.....??!! Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Goodbye BITCH!!!

LMAO - quick post - I found this link while taking a look at one of my favorite sites. It's called
GOODBYE BITCH! All you gotta do is put in some info, and like Ad Libs, generates a letter for you to "officially" end any relationships. Make sure and remember to send it once ya make it!!! Alright, beach, here I come. :) Ciao! Wickedy WacksPosted by Hello

Friday, May 27, 2005


Quick post boys and girls - check it - Darth Vader Reads Your Mind!!! It's called the Sith Sense - Darth asks you 20 questions and he reads your mind. I thought of boobies and he responded with breast milk - grrrrr!!! Stupid dark side!!!!!


I just saw an MPEG that completely blew me away - so much I got SICK. I won't link it here, but I'm sure if you do a quick search you can find it - why the fuck do I gross myself out like this??? And worst of all, I was completely UNEXPECTING it. The clip is titled "Stealing Solution" and there was no picture next to it. So out of curiousity, I click it and watch some dude on the ground with a bandana around his eyes. Not knowing what was happening, I mistakingly watch it further and I notice this dude has his wrists and ankles tied by rope. Then out OF FUCKING NO WHERE, A GUY WALKS UP TO HIM WITH A KNIFE AND FUCKING CUTS OFF HIS HANDS AND FEET. My eyes were SO wide open and I was in shock at seeing that shit, I got up and dry-heaved..............why am I sharing this with you all? Cuz number 1 - this clip is out there and number 2- I couldn't tell if it was fake or not. There was no blood that I could see and his hands were cut off REALLY fast - they weren't chopped off, but more like a butcher trimming some meat - quick and smooth. I know tying off an appendage can slow blood flow, but didn't know it would severe the blood supply altogether. Well fuck, YUCKYYYYYYYY!!!! If anyone finds this clip, I'm just giving you a heads up - and report back to me if you think it's real. Ciao! Wickedy Wack

PS - forgot to mention, the clip had a middle eastern background and I know in some cultures they still practice the "if you steal and get caught, your hands are cut off" thing so clearly this wasn't torture but rather the carrying out of a sentence. Poor bastard.

This Bud's for YOU..................

I can't believe it's Friday and I've forgotten to post till NOW. Oh woe is me! Wut-eva! Anyway, I hope you all have a nice, long weekend! Be safe and get some SUN - I know I am - off to the beach I go tomorrow!!!! Have a nice Memorial Day and have a brew for those who have fought for us - they deserve it.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Tech question for the tech players out there...

I got a tech question here, so any answers or solutions would be greatly appreciated :) I have an ISO file that I want to burn to a DVD (VCD or SVCD). The problem is, the programs I have downloaded do not seem to want to work with me. I have Nero, Cheetah, and 3 more, but none of them are converting the ISO files to the DVD disc and some of the programs are not even reading the disc as recordable, which I know is not correct.

Are there steps to this process that I am missing? Am I suppose to convert the ISO files to another format, THEN burn? Help me out here - this is bugging the HELL out of me.

Peace! Pimp Master Wickedy Wack

Need I say more? :P Posted by Hello


Muwahahahahaha.....let's see, what could be more exciting on Thursday now that Friends is off the air?? CLIPS OF CHICKS FIGHTING, GROSS STUFF, AND OVERALL FUNNY SHIT - that's what! Aight, I know it's been awhile so you will find some clips of stuff I find amusing. I've seen more and more chick fights over the net lately and, well, I LIKE IT - watching guys fight is so typical - you know, talk the smack, talk ever more smack, stare at each other, wah wah - but when chicks fight, that shit is ON. So enjoy!

2 girls fighting then another jumps in!

Some people in Russia are pissed about late paychecks. I wonder why(check out the guy in the back)

German kids trying to do hip-hop (I'm sorry, but I couldn't decide if this video was either cute or super lame. I decided it was both - the cute part comes from the girl trying to rap)

What?? Another girl fight?? :P

LOL - they use to air a part from this clip to show in the commercials - look at the girls reacton!

This one is a bit insane *warning, graphic* I'm sure some of you may have seen this clip but I have just only recently come upon it. Some dude pretends to be in distress so people around him try to help. There's only one problem. He's not in distress. He's a suicide bomber. What are the odds anyone would actually get something like this on tape?

I have more, but apparently it's on my comp at home so I'll look for them later and post :)

Pimp master Wickedy Wacks!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

"I don't know what you heard about me
But a bitch can't get a dollar out of me
No Cadillac, no perms, you can't see
That I'm a motherfucking P-I-M-P"

OMG look who's BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As if you care, right? Bleh - as if I give a fuck as well...muwhahahahahaha - just kidding! So what's up homies? Did I miss much? I think I did. Lots and lots of happened - I THINK.
Aight, as you are well aware of, I've not completed my projects, but they are JUST far enough along, I can start posting regularly, so I hope you all dig the new format. And if you don't........well......go die. No really, go fuck a goat. I don't care. Ahhhhhhh....I've become SOOOOOOO nice.

Also, I got some special shit planned for the blog and for the summer. Like what? Well, I was thinking about running a contest. Yes, a contest. Not like my other little "trivia" things I did, but more difficult questions with some AWESOME prizes. A few things like.....well, Taco Bell Gift Certificates(thank you Lindsey, you're so clever - and yes, it ALL tastes the fucking same), cool anime toys, and even a grand prize of.....A PLANE TICKET TO COME HANG OUT WITH ME IN CALI FOR A WEEK (and with airfare so cheap, this is very do-able). Alas, I have no idea what the prizes are gonna be and when I'm going to do it, but it'll be soon, that's for sure.

Aight dudes, imma go gaming a little bit and for those of you who STILL came to my blog to check on it after I specifically said I wasn't going to do any major posting -------->THANK YOU!!!!!
Ciao!! Wickedy Wacks *^.^*
PS - funny stuff is tomorrow - come on now, you really think I would come back to posting and NOT bring the fun shit??!!!!

I was doing an instance run some time ago and I got turned into a little froggy dude, then promptly died. I recall laughing uncontrollably as I could not believe I died as a little froggy - reminded me a lot of back in the day on Lineage when the MR wasn't what it is today and I would get morphed into something random from some pk's....lol......the good 'ol days! :) Posted by Hello

Don't I look PIMP??!!!! Actually, the blimp rides and the windmaster rides are the most boring part of the game - I usually go AFK while I'm waiting around. Posted by Hello

I was in Origammar the awhile back ago and ran into this character. As you can see what he/she decided to name themself - this is SOOOOOO wrong in SOOOOOO many different ways I can't even begin to explain. I mean this is just out right stupidty. Then I chuckled. Then I felt horrible at myself for such poor taste. Then I chuckled again. DEAR GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE GAMERS COULD BE SO CRUEL. After I chuckled, I wanted to do like 1000 hail mary's and take a hot shower. Shit, I don't wanna go to hell. Damn. I don't I said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

This dude is pure evil. EVIL I'M TELLING YOU!!!! And monkey's scare me to begin with. Stupid monkeys. Posted by Hello

I'll start posting..

TONIGHT!!!! Hmmm...what could I ever have to post? It'll be a short post, but nevertheless, it's on it's way!!!

Monday, May 23, 2005


oops, got busy this weekend and broke my promise to start posting yesterday, so for that, sowee :( And I just read my chatbox...lol..hahahahahaha...sigh....how FUN! I'm not deleting those comments cuz...well, I'm too lazy. And since you don't like my blog, whomever is posting, then don't come back. I frankly don't care. (didn't know anyone in Oklahoma KNEW how to work a comp - I just buy my cigarettes there)

But yes, my 44 days is up this Thursday so I'm excited. Bad part? I'm NO WHERE NEAR done with ANY of my projects - but hey, that's ok. I usually take Wednesday's a little bit slower so instead of gaming up and shit, I'll go ahead and start posting on Wednesday - you have my word!!!
Since my projects are not complete, I'll still have to work on them. My Lineage account is still good, so I'll give it a go. WoW is still good and I play that a bit as well. But, I am looking at other games - even considering going console for awhile - have you SEEN the games coming out on console? Way too cool!

And yes Anth, I saw Star Wars - that movie was the SHIT!!! Best movie I've seen in a LONG time.

And yes, I heard a rumor that I downloaded the working print of it using Bit Torrent. IF one were to download this movie, lets say 1 day after it was released (I saw this in the theaters yesterday), the file is an ISO formatted file - anyone know how to split an ISO file? I can't figure it out.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

OMG I'm still alive!!

And NOT only am I STILL alive, there are people that STILL come here to check O.O!!! So, my 44 days is up in about a week and a half and I'm still behind on my projects. The good part though, is that I can space my projects out a little bit more, so this weekend, I hope to start reposting and man, do I have a lot to post. So much in fact, I think that I'll save them and space them out - I'll be too tired to post them all at once.

Thanks for hanging around and I'll try REALLY hard to hit it up this weekend (Sunday). Peace!

Wicked Wack

Friday, May 13, 2005

It's WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a funny story to tell about what happened regarding my comp and adventures, or misadventures, regarding it - but I'll save that for later. Ultimately, in the end, I ended up replacing my AMD 2600 processor for a Sempron 2800, upgraded my motherboard, upgraded my DDR Sdram from 512 to 1 GIG (woot), and coupled with my recently upgraded nVidia FX graphics card = one pretty bad ass system, I must say. All this for a little over $570 bucks. Wanna know what was wrong with my comp? The stupid mutherfucking power supply. $30. After I spent all that money, it boiled down to being a problem with my powersupply. Cya this weekend boys 'n girls. Ciao Wickedy Wacks

Thursday, May 12, 2005

OMG my shit's STILL busted...

...after spending $260 bucks and countless hours replacing the inside of my comp, the shit still won't work. So much for my new blogger....^&$^#%$#$%^&@@#$!!! Maybe I'll get the shit up and running this weekend. We'll see. Cyaz! Wickz

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

My 'puter iz kaputz~~~!!

My comp at home is down. I have no idea why. I mean, it's totally busted. So ^&#@%^#%#$!!!! Sigh.....peace. Wicks

Monday, May 09, 2005

Working on a new

format for the blog. AND I'm still doing project work. So thanks for hanging in there peeps!! Ciao! Wickedy Wacks!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Uh oh...the peanut gallery known as the chat box...

is getting a bit antsy. I told you guys I was working on a project! Sorry it's taken quite a bit of my time and I'm not even half way through. But relax - I think I can manage to start spreading my time out a bit with the projects and I may return this weekend. Oh yah and one more thing - the blogs getting a face lift O.O!!! Cya guys soon! :)